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  1. Yes, but I saw Ferri as Juliet a couple of years ago, and she was totally believable too (take that NYCB). The balcony scene was beautifully done, and when she was left alone after refusing to marry Paris, you could see the emotion in her as she sat still.
  2. Yes, R and J is NOT the ballet to be doing when it's 100 degrees. I don't think it affected the company too much, except, perhaps, some of the men's dancing. I loved the production- and comparing it to ABT- the RB sure knows how to do crowd scenes. I was disappointed that Alina C was injured, but was impressed with Leanne Benjamin. I didn't realize she was so tiny-she looked quite young, and her acting was refreshing. I thought Johann Kobborg was a bit too understated, but the heat and humidity might have wilted him. The poor orchestra probably had to tune constantly thruout due to the weather, and except for a couple of understandable oops, did a wonderful job. Unfortunately, being Philly (and I live there, so I can say this), some treat the occasion as a night out at the ball park. SL on Thursday. with Rojo.
  3. I am going Tuesday and Thursday nights. I live right outside Philly (and about 5 minutes from Mann). I could offer transportation back to 30th St train station for a few attendees- PM me.
  4. Tonight was Diana, and she was glorious. She was the justification for the expensive tickets. I thought Halberg was OK, but there isn't much for him to do. Cornejo, amazong, Reyes OK. I didn't like the truncated and rather muddled scenes, the swan boat (Lohengrin anyone?), the phenomenal amount of costume glitter and overall Disneyland costumes and sets. The panniers on the women in the wedding scene were completey over the top. I prefer tasteful fairy tales a la Rackham.
  5. I am also going to see on Wed night with Vishneva, and I'm hoping the dancing compensates. At least we're combining with a tour etc at Barnard so the trip is not a waste. I'm thinking I shoulda stayed home and gone to the PA Ballet, as they are also doing SB this week.
  6. I have 2 tickets for the Manon dress rehearsal on Monday 6/11 (230-530) and can't go. Interested persons please PM me asap so we can work out mailing logistics.
  7. I agree with Klavier in that I found the soloist in the first concerto a bit too mechanical in the rather strict adherence to the solo piano. I was wondering why all the men came out at the very beginning, never to be heard from again for the first concerto. My husband, a pianist, was planning to close his eyes during these dances, but instead found himself wondering at the incredible musicality of Morris- particularly true in the Sonata.
  8. Official from the "Main Line Times" (Molly trained outside Phila, in the "Main Line"): http://www.zwire.com/site/index.cfm?newsid..._id=43786&rfi=8
  9. Anyone else see the performance on Tues 5/2? After recently reading Jowitt's bio of Robbins, and never having seen it, I was very much looking forward to "Dances at a Gathering". The company was excellent, their joy in dancing evident, very clean. As a work, I thought it overlong, but that was my first impression. One of my favorites- "Stavinsky Violin Concerto" was outstanding. The company seems to take such joy in these performances (unlike, sometimes, a company to the north). I can't pick out anyone in particular- all wonderful.
  10. I was in 3rd row, and didn't notice the tattoo. I thought Wendy's adagio in Symphony in C was beautiful; I would have loved to compare Sylve in same. Nilas Martins seemed to be off, and J Ringer seemed to be "on". I thought the choreography in "Octet" was rather uninspired, but De Luz and Stafford seemed to be having a wonderful time. Comments from someone who attends sporadically, and if lived closer would attend much more.
  11. For a fix, I watched the Lillehammer performance of T & D (Let's face the music and dance...) and the gold wining performance of young Russian skaters who did a less difficult, frivolous rock n' roll number. The judges were blind. Compared to T & D, ice dancing has declined to tricks, sexy looks, boredom. I still wail.
  12. (Wail). Watching the ice dancing compulsories makes me yearn for T and D yet again. Boring, boring. I have to get out my T and D tapes for another fix of incredibly inventive artistry and skating. The rule change did the sport no favor, IMHO.
  13. After the rancor of the beginning of the new season, when PBT decided to use recorded music rather than live to save $- an agreement was reached with the musicians' union. Two of 5 of next season's ballets will be performed with live music. The musicians are donating their services at the gala opening of "Coppelia" tonight. The musicians agreed to withdraw an unfair labor practice claim. Let's hear it for the spirit of cooperation!
  14. I saw them last year in Princeton. It was not what I was expecting, so I was somewhat disappointed. I love contemporary ballet, and at least a few of the pieces were of the more modern than ballet vintage. The dancers are excellent, and athletic, but don't expect pointe shoes for all (or even many) dances, if my experience is similar.
  15. The online link has many more photos- the magazine section had ONLY two. Thanks for the link!
  16. The link: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...5121601734.html
  17. I saw Z--J Fang in Kaleidoscope on Sunday. Both she and Yuriko Kajiya were wonderful together. I loved Kajiya (and everyone else) in Upper Room despite my intense loathing of the "music" of Philip Glass. Her joy in dance was so evident. Irina D was also outstanding. As this marathon of a piece was completed- so was the NYC marathon- and we were met by the exhausted runners packed into Columbus Circle.
  18. I'll be going to the Sat 9pm show (the 7 pm was SO). If anyone else from BT is planning to go, let me know.
  19. I'll be in DC over the weekend- has anyone seen?
  20. We decided to spend our bucks on the Bolsoi rather than ABT this year. However, I am not very familiar with the dancers. For you Bolshoi aficionados, which "Bright Spring" would you recommend?.
  21. Quite an enthusiastic crowd! Many empty seats, but I wonder if the principals get these kinds of ovations back home. Scenes de Ballet- with Alina C, Johan Koborg Loved it. The corps was very tight (spot on), quartet of men excellent, and Alina was just fantastic. So light, seemed happy to be out there, amazing footwork. The costumes were like Cecil Beaton's- altho designed by Andre Beaurepaire. I enjoyed it tremendously. Then 4 pas- Sleeping Beauty Awakening with Jaimie Tapper, F Bnelli. Probably better in context. Dancing was fine, but not a highlight. Die Fledermaus- L Benjamin, I Urlezaga- wonderful. Leanne looked so happy, beautiful dancing. Thais- Mara Galeazzi, David Makhatelli- interesting lifts. There were times I wondered if the danseur could see where the heck he was going. Birthday Offering- Darcey B, Thiago Soares. Despite the fact that Darcey got a roaring ovation, flowers, etc- there really wasn't too much to this. Lots of bouree, an amazing balance at the end (which I think she broke a beat early...). Wish she had been in something more substantial. Then Marguerite and Armand with Sylvie G, M Murru, Anthony Dowell as Armand's father. Guillem's acting is amazing; it was riveting. I was very disappointed that the audience immediately burst into applause at the end. It really required a few moments of contemplative silence. Bottom line: I want more Ashton. Anyone else there?
  22. In the July 4 issue of the New Yorker J Acocella reviewed/opined on the Balanchine festival. One comment, in particular, struck me- she claims that when Martins took over the company's technical level has steadily declined. Now, I don't get to see as much of NYCB as I would like, and don't have the image memory to compare then and now. Comments from the NYCB-omanes?
  23. Saw Romeo and Juliet last night with Ferri and Corella. Magnificent. Sumptous sets, costumes. Ferri was unbelievable- I wasn't sure how much longer she would be dancing, and wanted to see the ultimate Juliet before she retires. I don't think I can see anyone else in this role for quite a while. Corella was wonderful-not quite up to Ferri in the acting ability, but an attentive Romeo. Cornejo (Mercutio) stole the show at times, and got the applause for it. Frederic Franklin was the priest. A special night. Anyone else?
  24. Watching Larry King last night really made me yearn for those Clinton days. Yes, he was a sleaze, and I abandoned NPR during the Starr hearings, but the guy has a brain. Do you think W would have thoughtfully read a book by Styron so he could better understand the abyss of depression? Can we bring back intelligence to this country? sigh
  25. Not a critic, but "I know what I like". First, the corps was excellent. The PA Ballet has gone up a couple of notches in our (me and DD) opinion. We saw the cast with Riolama Lorenzo and Zachary Hench. Both were excellent. The stage at the Academy, not large to begin with, was made even smaller with the pretext of the studio. The backdrop at the end looked more like an ocean- or Lake Superior- than a lake. I did not like the extreme messing with Act III. The Odile pas did not make sense where it was put- there was not a story "flow", and the somewhat over the top Russian/Spanish/can can dances I thought were more for audience than contributed anything to the overall drama. Kevin McKenzie was in the audience (and had better seats than us!). Would love to know what he thought.
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