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  1. Are they better shot/directed than the 3D Giselle was? I would not want to recommend sight unseen again....
  2. Yes, it is. It's always a limiting factor when determining who you're dancing with. There's a pas de deux in Balanchine's "Bourree Fantasque" for a short man and a very tall woman (originally Jerome Robbins and Diana Adams), but you can't count on that kind of role always being available. Simkin is also a very strong and able dance actor, so that somewhat offsets the height issue. Also, the average height of professional dancers has been increasing since Nureyev and Baryshnikov. Simkin would have had an easier time regarding his height 30 years ago.
  3. I am glad you have been doing it and love when there are video links. I've always felt Limon was the modern dance direction ballet companies should head in.
  4. I suspect the huge number of 4th ring seats was part of some mission to bring art to all of us...not just the wealthy patrons.
  5. It is curious how impressive the venue seems from the top ring, as opposed to how small and intimate it seems from the orchestra. I know they are trying to solve financial equations, but truly, most people I know in the top ring will simply stop going, not upgrade. It is nice that the subscriptions offer deals, but that appeals to lower ring style thinking... The top ring audience's financial situation usually does not allow for the appeal of "spend more to save more".
  6. Does no one want to see Wheeldon's Alice or are we just hoping Royal Ballet or Canada tours it?
  7. I saw the Friday evening performance from the nosebleeds (and this show was truly sold out was it not? I saw people in seats who could not have seen much of the dancing). The Carmen? Count me with those who thought the choreography was not top shelf. I liked the percussion in the sc ore but thought it was over-miked or at least over amplified. The stage design was very sticking but then the choreography never quite fulfilled that early promise. I need to read Maya's autobiography... I suspect she was very collaborative in the PDF choreography... Is there any discussion of this? What a tr
  8. What I don't understand is why they don't try just closing the third ring... That price level is such that those people could choose between spending a little more or joining the 4th ring....
  9. I would too like to see ABT do theater ballet ( dramatic work)...it seems close to its soul and one reason why Ratmansky is a good fit... Would it not be possible to do one act theatrical sketches again? Is it so much easier to raise money for big full evening works? Is there no way to frame an evening of one acts that would appeal to the large donors?
  10. If it is satellite delivered, did it play at different times across the US? I'm also curious how admission prices varied across the country... It was $12 for the Matinee here not far from Hartford.
  11. Which reminds me, why is it Osipova who is dancing? Isn't she with the Bolshoi not the Mariinski? (I'm happy it is Osipova, but still wondering... if it was to bring in a big star to anchor the movie, why did they not bring in another major star to play Albrecht?)
  12. I have lots of unkind things to say about the framing, but let's give credit where credit is apparently due... Cutting the feet off seems to have been a talent of the projectionist not the person behond the camera. And thank you Sandik, I had never thought of the hair letting as therapeutic before...
  13. Please: Ratmansky choreograph Firebird for Osipova. Consider the Seo/Bolle R&J request seconded...
  14. I noticed a satellite reference in the credits... Was this a live broadcast at some point in its history?
  15. I figure in ten years he'll really be something... But just now he is a little vacant... Lovely line and technique, but not enough for a drama... And. This IS Giselle after all.
  16. We had no focus problem... I wonder, were we not in an IMAX but simple 3d? It wasn't a huge theater. The house was about the same, maybe 16 people, 9 of whom I brought.... Extreme close-ups kill large theater acting... Big mistake. I can't understand why any cinematographer would choose to shoot jumps from above the eye level of the dancer, that she flew at all is a credit to Osipova. I did like her mad scene though... Particularly her way of picking up frantic speed on her way to collapse...very effective. I didn't see the attraction for Sarfaanov.. Overly clean line, too immature in t
  17. Interestingly we did not seem to have any distortion issues... Though a couple of times we just lost the edge of a foot. 3D could have used so well in the corps dances... But there the director prefered to use an extreme wide shot.... We could have so easily understood Hilarion's dizzying drowning if we were immersed in 3d, but the obvious use for 3D was ignored... So strange.
  18. I had such hopes for this... And the dancing was good... The mother did a superb job of the pantomime... But... I'd like to hear from the others who frame dance on this forum... Is it possible? Could they have a near perfect score of missing the shot at almost every opportunity? Well... I don't understand; Giselle is like a series of storyboards,,, it's basically a live graphic novel... It's over a hundred years old and there are many other director's choices to study. The Het Nationale does the framing beautifully. All I can say for this production is that the mystery of how Gisell
  19. I don't know if it's is any help, but there is now a Facebook page where one can show support for the dancers: Friends of the Joffrey Ballet dancers... Friends of the Joffrey Dancers
  20. His work sometimes to me seems to be the successor of Massine's....
  21. I have always liked the way the camera saw Petit's choreography here:
  22. Seems like something the Iranian National Ballet would have an interest in doing... I see in Wikipedia that they did Serenade...but no mention of this.
  23. I'm going, here in Connecticut with as many students as I can talk into going... So many of my students have never seen a major company perform... I hope this works for them!
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