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  1. I took his class as an amateur (I was in law school at the time). I will remember his wry sense of humor and his excellent corrections and interest in me, even though it was clear I was not going to be a dancer. May he rest in peace. My condolences to his family.
  2. She is listed as a soloist on the Boston Ballet web page http://www.bostonballet.org/company/dancers/dancers.html
  3. I did have a pleasant stay at the Regency Hyatt on Union Square and another stay at the Fairmont where I got an amazingly reasonable rate for my room by clicking on a variety of "discounts" for San Francisco and then putting a code right into the Fairmont's web page. The Fairmont is near the top of Nob Hill so you defnitely would not want to walk up there...I bought a muni pass and enjoyed taking the Cable Car back to the hotel from Union Square and my other walking sojourns. And I agree---you do want to have a ride in a cab after the performance. After my daughter was settled in San Francisco I'd stay at her apartment in the Mission/Noe Valley; she had a car so we'd drive back there at night despite its convenience to the BART.
  4. Thanks for posting this Mme Hermine. I've had a bit of illness in recent years and, for me, this is inspirational.
  5. Thanks for posting the youtubes cubanboymiami! It would be fantastic to see the Magic Flute. I will let you know what I see when I come back.
  6. I am going to be in Havana the week of April 14...cubanboymiami, I wondered if you knew what the National Ballet will be dancing that week. My visit will include a watching the National Ballet perform as well as a visit to the National Ballet School. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have this opportunity.
  7. What an amazing gift to us all. Thank you for making me aware of the download.
  8. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It is being released tomorrow and I just ordered it.
  9. Thanks for sharing and posting this.
  10. As a native New Yorker, I also grew up with WQXR. I hope that its new version will continue the wide selection of classical music.
  11. Hi. Several times in this discussion, it has been said that soloist and principal level contracts must be renewed. Or at least that is what I understood was being said; perhaps I am mistaken. In any event, I went to the AGMA website, which provides the basic NYC Ballet contract right on line, and I must admit that I do not find wording to that effect. The basic renewal provision is as follows: "8. REENGAGEMENT EMPLOYER will notify Dancer(s) whom the EMPLOYER does not plan to re-engage for the following season in writing no later than February 28, however EMPLOYER will use best efforts to notify such Dancer(s) by February 1............" This paragraph is not limited to corps dancers and therefore would apply to all dancers. Is it that perhaps some individual solo and principal dancers have put automatic renewal clauses into their contracts? As well the company size is to be maintained at least 85 dancers under this contract; apprentices have limited performances and cost much less than Corps dancers. Technically apprentices are not supposed to replace Corps members. But what an economical way to do it and how on earth would anyone be able to figure out if that is what is happening? I say this not so much based on any information about NYC Ballet, but because I have noticed that there are some other companies that seem to be firing Corps and hiring many more apprentices this year than they did last year.
  12. The third round has been posted and is being danced as I post the names from the website: Saturday, June 27, 8:00pm Round III PAQUITA (in order of performance) Allison Garcia Suero, Dominican Republic Douglas Horne, USA* Hayeryn Kim, Korea* Yeo Reum Lee, Korea* Simona Marsibilio, Italy Marco Pagetti, Italy* Jia Zhang, China* Young Jae Jung, Korea* Amber Neumann, USA* John Mark Giragosian, USA* Diana Catalina Gomez Gonzalez, Colombia* Andres Felipe Figueroa, Colombia Juliana Guilherme Leonel, Brazil* Ricardo Santos, Brazil* Olga Malinovskaya, Russia* Artjom Maksakov, Estonia* Young Jung Rhee, Korea* Ki Wan Kim, Korea* *Competing Dancer
  13. Hi I am bumping this to the top in the hope that someone will be able to help. My daughter, who is a professional level ballet dancer, will be spending 10 weeks this summer in Shanghai as part of an internship at her university.The program expects her to perform in China, but they do not understand what is involved in terms of taking class and keeping in shape. She will need to find a place to take regular ballet and possibly jazz or modern classes. Would anyone in this forum be able to direct me to the names and web pages of any dance schools in Shanghai? Or if they do not have web pages, perhaps to the names and addresses. I have only found one school so far, largely because they have an English web page and that is the Shanghai Etoile Ballet School. They seem to be fine but since the map they offer is in Chinese, I cannot figure out whether she would be able to get there from her student housing so I was hoping to find some other places as well. Thank you so much for your time. Renata
  14. When I first started working at Hurok Concerts in New York, Miss Anderson was still traveling and doing "A Lincoln Portrait." I was right out of college and doing the travel arrangements for the solo artists. I remember her well because she was always kind and gentle. After she would travel to a performance, she would take the time to call me to tell me that the arrangements had worked out and how lovely people had been. She saw the better side of people. Miss Anderson will always be in my heart as a great artist who was also a gracious person.
  15. Margo, thanks so much for writing your reviews. They do make me feel as if I was sitting next to you watching.
  16. Like Jane, I learned alot about ballet from his column in Dance and Dancers; I always followed his reviews in the NY Times. I am sorry to learn of his passing. It is a loss to dance.
  17. Thank you Marga for sharing your experience. I felt as though I was watching with you.
  18. I wonder if anyone saw Balanchine's ballet Sheherezade that he created for the Ravel Festival in 1975? Could you tell me about it if you remember it? Thanks so much.
  19. Thanks for your suggestion. I will keep an eye out for this book. Renata
  20. My heart goes out to her family and friends. Life's path is uncertain and she is in my prayers. May she be at peace.
  21. I don't have any idea why he would not be on the web page, but he has his own page, which includes contact information for him at www.josephphillips.net
  22. Thank you 4mrdncr and artist for sharing your feelings as you watch ballet. Many years ago, I was seated by myself in the orchestra of the NYS Theater at Lincoln Center for a performance of ABT. Just before the lights went completely down, Rudolf Nureyev sat down next to me. I can’t tell you what ABT did that evening, but I can tell you what Nureyev was wearing!!! I tried to steal furtive glances at him to see his reactions to the performance without being too obvious….he kept an even pleasant look and left pretty much before the house lights went on. He repeated the same thing for the next act as well. I was well behaved and did not ask for an autograph, although at the end, I did say [in Russian] that I was an admirer of his. He politely thanked me and smiled at me. But I never will know what he thought of the ballet that day.
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