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  1. Dancers in the finals (3rd round): Juniors Telmo Higino Gomes Moreira, Portugal Whitney Jensen, USA Xiao Dong Ma, China Osiel Vladimir Gouneu Martinez, Cuba Youn Sik Kim, Korea Fumi kaneko, Japan Dmitrij Zagrebin, Russia Eun Won Lee, Korea Seniors Doszhan Tabyldy, Kazakhstan Yi Huang, China Sang Eun Lee, Korea Jeon Il Yoon, Korea Yudai Fukuoka, Japan Christina Terentiev, Moldova Seo Hye Han, Korea Yu Zheng, China Rodrigo Almarales Gonzales, Cuba Jialing Shi, China Junlong Huang, China Na Eun Kim, Korea The finals are taking place on July 26 and 27. Good luck to everyone.
  2. Oh, now I remeber seeing coincidentally Roberto Bolle in a German magazin doing an ad for another watch than Rolex (was it Festina)? Hmm, ballet dancers seem to be good watch models
  3. I've seen Sylvie Guillem and and Mr. Bejard doing an ad for Rolex. (I'm not completely sure about it)
  4. Hello! Does anybody know anything about the annual competition taking place in Paris? When does it take place? Any other information? in advance
  5. Thank you so much for the reports and fast information ! Congratulation to everybody taking part in this competition and especially to the winners Ivan Vasiliev and Zherlin Ndudi
  6. My dream is dancing the main person of Béjarts Bolero! (The one dancing on the podest/table) Just gorgeous!
  7. Maybe I missed something, but it seems somehow strange, that Romoli is not listed as an etoile on the website of POB. I'm not sure, but I can remember that almost immediatly after changes of the "roster" they appeared on the website. Here is the site: Dancers of the POB
  8. Daniil

    Margot Fonteyn!

    Well, I think Nureyev was an unique person and character! Personally for me it is obvious, that Nureyev was the most important male dancer in the 20th century! I have read his biography and watched everything I could get. Maybe I didn't point out right what I wanted to say. Of course Nureyev was on stage "Like an animal" I didn't see him live, but I can imagine. He will be all my life in my mind as an idol. Technically he was also very far for his time (especially his landings and balance). But nowadays these things are mostly requirements for being a porfessional dancer. These things Nureyev was the first to master them and that made him a pioneer. "Well, Danill, you have a bit of growing up to do When I saw my first ballet I didn't know an arabesque from a glissade" Sorry atm, but I didn't understand your post. Why do I have to grow up? I come from ballet family, so I lifed my whole life with ballet. And you can be sure, that I know what an arabesque is About the overacting problem: I think it was just normal to act to such a degree in old times. I find overacting not so good, since then all your role becomes not believable for the audience (I've seen dancer cry onstange and that was too much for me). As a viewer you become suspicious, when something is overdone. Maybe it's just me :rolleyes: ...
  9. Daniil

    Margot Fonteyn!

    Well, sorry if I disagree with most of you, BUT you seem all to be influenced and not objective, as I think. "Good Old Days..." seem to be your motto. Everything in our world is improving and so is ballet! When I watch Fonteyn, Vladimirov, or even Nureyev I think "Oh my god...". [Edit] To clarify things: technically they can not be compared to the new generations of dancers. But for their time they were pioneers and made things onstange no one else could do. Also I find some of their acting too much. I personally think that the acting in the ballet and interpretation has to be in the middle. Too much is bad and too less is also bad. To find the middle is the most different thing a dancer can achieve. About the technique. I can not understand why everybody laments upon good technique and bad acting. Of course there are cases where this is a fact. Good technique does not mean subsequentaly bad acting and interpretation!!! I think the Interpretation in the old Videos is just so visible, because there is nothing else to see! (Ok I exaggerate ) And now, you can tore me in pieces
  10. Thank's alot for your rewiews. About the endless lift of Johan Kobborg. I've heard from a friend, who was there, that Alina Cojocaru shrugged, when he didn't let her down. Is it true ?
  11. Thanks a lot ! I will surely take a look at some dvds, which are not available here in europe
  12. Well, I googled a bit and found this little text from http://www.danceinfo.fi/... (sadly on finnish) Well, to sum it up: Arman Krigorian - Armenia, 1st Prize Senior Varna 2004 Cao Shuci - China, 3rd Prize Junior Varna Dastan Chinybayev - Khazakhstan, 3rd Prize Senior Varna 2004 Yana Salenko - Ukraina, 3rd Prize Senior Varna 2004 Melissa Hough - USA Jackson 2002 ? Caitlin Valentine and of course me, Daniil Simkin - Germany, 1st Preize Junior Varna 2004 Well, as you can think I am looking forward to it
  13. Sorry, but in this case I can't agree with you. Indeed Contemporary comapnies are cheaper to run, and are smaller, but my opinion is that 99% of all modern pieces need to have a classical ballet education. E.g. Kylian, Forsythe, Duato... The bad thing about modern ballet is that al lot of "non professionals" or "demagogues" make it hard to the good ones to get the money and attentions they deserve... In modern ballet there are just no specific rules as in the classical ballet. In general I think it is just easier to go and watch a modern ballet than a classical one, if you're not a vivid ballet goer. Of course now we could argue that most men don't like all these "hidden" things in art like metaphors, hidden messages, small different things which change a message completely. Probably most men like to get a message straight, without any complication. (Thats why most of them like blockbusters ) This is of course a cliché, but maybe there are some true things about it... offtopic Well, I am :rolleyes:
  14. Well, in the moment I'm making my Abitur in Germany (it's like a high school degree). The "main" courses of my abitur are English and Art. And what do you think? I'm the only only boy in the main Art course between 25 girls... At least for my generation and area (17) it tells you everything...
  15. Of course the Sleeping Beauty in the original soviet version!!! Look at how many variations she has just in the first act...
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