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  1. I saw it! I just found this board so I am a little late on everything. I am not experts like yall but I really enjoyed it. There were a few parts that bored me though. Everyone had sung praises of the pa de duex through the window, but to me it wasn't that great. The mother was great though but I am not sure it was Mr. Broomhead, I keep thinking it was Claudio Munoz.
  2. What happened to Clara Cravey? She is not on their web site anymore so I was wondering if she quit? Also Claudio? What happened to him?
  3. I saw them both dance right before they went and wow!!!!! They are both totally gorgeous! Thanks for posting information on them (well the picture)
  4. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your insight on everything. It is really nice to hear about Houston (hehe well thats because I am like in love with the company).
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