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  1. Hard question. It's difficult in this day and age as there are no truely great director to create for the great dancer. I will offer up Altynai Asylmuratova, Sylvie Guilluem, Kyra Nichols, and Nina Ananiashvili. At one time I would have added Darci Kistler but she has been injured too often to go down as one of the all-time greats. In the future, maybe Darcey Bussell or Viviana Durante. Bussell would do better to join a different company. Think of what she could do with the ABT rep. I'd love her at NYCB. But I don't think she'll reach her absolute best at the Royal, especially with the company's current woes.
  2. I read it in the latest issue of Ballet Review. There's an article on Giselle by Irina Kolpakova. She said that Van Hamel got tired of doing to role. Kolpakova told her that at the Kirov, it was always done by a lead dancer. I was always a bit bored by the ballet (mostly Act 1) but after reading that article and one that was in the ABT Stagebill last season, I've decided to go see it this spring. The question is, who would you see it with? Jaffe, Ananiashvili, Kent, McKerrow or Ferri?
  3. It irks me that all those "Great Performances" and "Dance in America" shows aren't available. Nonsuch bought the rights from PBS and is slowly issuing some of them out. In addition, they've taken parts out, such as Rubies from Jewels and Allegro Brilliant. I heard that the Balanchine Foundation didn't think they were up to snuff. In addition, I desperately covet ABT in San Francisco. Now it's only available on laser disc. Also Don Q with Baryshnikov and Cynthia Harvey. And Theme and Variations with Baryshnikov and Kirkland.
  4. Since I was born too late, I'd like to see Balanchine's Don Q, Roma, Metamorphisis, Seven Deadly Sins, Jones Beach, Cotillion, Waltz Acadamy, or Electronics. I know the Balanchine Foundation was searching for film of Seven Deadly Sins but I think they were unsuccessful. Of ballets that probably could be put on is Meditation. Farrell owns it. I thought Igor Zelensky would be very good in the male part but don't know of a ballerina right now that could do the female part without me wishing it was Farrell. What about Hungarian Dances? At the time, it wasn't considered to be good but with no Balanchine around to make new ballets I think it would do much better. I'd love to see Robbins' Age of Anxiety or In the Night (or is Into the Night?). Sticking in the NYCB rep, I'd also like to see Estatic Orange and Black and White again. Or Capricio Italian. Plus the Tudor and Ashton ballets they did in the 50's.
  5. Evidently, she hated playing the part, feeling that it was a solist part and she wanted to do lead roles.
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