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  1. This is a terrific thread! I loved reading others' replies about Patricia McBride and Villella in The Nutcracker. I only saw it once as a young teenager but loved it and thought about it for years afterwards. I had the chance to see McBride dance only once in Jewels. Also loved that. So, she was the first ballerina that I really noticed and found breathtaking. I was a rabid Nureyev fan in the 60's and 70's but I was also one who did not "get" Fonteyn. I am grateful for this website for showing me that others felt the same way. I saw them dance together twice, and I always felt that I wanted to see him dance with someone else but never had the chance to see that in a live performance. Thankfully for videos and DVD's, I have seen several of his performances, some very brief, with other ballerinas, and the pairing that impressed me most was Alla Sizova. Her technique, especially her ballon (am I using the right word?), or buoyancy, was amazing. I would have loved to have seen her in person, or even a longer performance on DVD. Now that I'm able to get to NYC more often I enjoyed Nina Ananinashvili. I saw her farewell performance at the Met and am sorry I won't see her again. For sheer all around technique and acting ability, she was superb. Now I'm looking forward to seeing more of Gillian Murphy. Even though her acting ability is sometimes lacking, I enjoy her athleticism and the power of her movement.
  2. It's December again, and I turned to the Kennedy Center website with hope (but not too much expectation) that a dancer might be one of the honorees. No luck. Then I thought to myself: if I had the power or privilege, which dancer, choreographer, teacher or any other talent connected with the ballet world would I nominate to receive this honor? Since I am a only a fan and do not have the education or insight to come up with names, I'd like to ask the membership of balletalert. Who would be your choice to receive this honor this year? Try not to come up with a name who has already been chosen.
  3. Nora

    Vishneva's Swan Lake

    drb, Where did you find this? I can't locate it.
  4. Nora

    Vishneva's Swan Lake

    I'll be there too. I'm sure we'll be comparing notes on this board. I have never seen her before and won't prejudge. I'm just happy that I will be seeing one of the major talents of this time. I guess that this is part of the "judgment" that I'm looking for. Because my attendance at the ballet has been so limited in the past few years, I'm not sure what I've bought a ticket for. I assume that any dancer that I see at ABT is superb, but is this one actually one of the "major talents of this time"? Obviously some people who have posted have been disappointed. I am certainly thrilled to be able to sit in the Metropolitan Opera House and see any performance by ABT, but while there is part of me that just wants to be transported by an ethereal swan, there's another part of me that can be very critical about technique and interpretation in comparing her to some incredible ballerinas I've seen over the past thirty years. I can't wait to read what other people say about this performance. Anyone else out there seeing Vishneva in Swan Lake? If so, why did you buy your ticket?
  5. Nora

    Vishneva's Swan Lake

    There are at least two reasons for optimism: Last year, prior to going on as Odile she gave J. M. Carreno a large RED kiss on his cheek for good luck, but timing was too late, as they had no time to completely clean it off before their entrance. Which broke them up, laughing, and they rather messed up the Black swan PdD. Obviously that won't happen again. Also, her partner is to be Marcelo Gomes. They showed an immense rapport last week in Manon: he gave her Hurculean support, as she was still weakened by bronchitis. He could well be the partner she needs in Swan Lake (he has been for every other ballerina he's danced with!). Yes! Thank you, drb, for that reminder! I have loved everything that Gomes has done. Also, I have the DVD of Murphy's Swan Lake, and one of the best things on it is Gomes. When I saw that performance in person two years ago (?) he absolutely blew me away. He reminded me of the kind of manliness that Carreno alway exudes in his performances. Such clean lines and athletic grace. Well, I will just sit back and enjoy the ride. My friend tells me that we just need to keep on looking for the next astounding Swan. It's an obsession we have, but it's a very exciting one.
  6. I am traveling to NYC next week, and a friend and I have tickets to see Vishneva in Swan Lake. I try to get to NYC every spring to see ABT but missed last year due to ill health. Two years ago, my friend and I saw her in Giselle, and we were very impressed, especially by the use of her arms and hands which, for us at least, was a new dimension that she brought to the part. My friend is an Ananiashvili fan, but I insisted on seeing Vishneva in Swan Lake this year. If I lived in NYC, I'd spend my entire nest egg going to the ballet, but now I have to pick and choose. My friend and I have been collecting Swan Lakes over the years. We both love Makarova the best with Ananiashvili a close second. This time, though, with Vishneva I'm hoping to see something different or extra as I saw with her Giselle. Has anyone seen her in this part? What should I look for? Will I be happy with my choice?
  7. Miliosr's account of Kisselgoff's review that chastised Fonteyn for substituting walking for dancing reminds me of how Fonteyn characterized her performances at the end of her career. She said something like, "I don't so much dance as I appear." I guess she might have been "miscast" in a lot of ballets by then!!
  8. Nora

    Monique Meunier

    Someone asked on the ABT thread about Monique Meunier, but no one has answered. Since I was unable to get to NYC for the City Center performances, this was the first time that I heard that she is not on the roster at ABT. I've only seen her on the stage twice, but loved her both times. I'm planning to try to get to NYC for the Met season in the spring. I was hoping to see her. Does anyone know where she is performing? Or if she's still a member of ABT? I thought perhaps if I asked on this forum that the question might be more visible.
  9. Thanks to everyone for your help. I love Malakhov and thought I would see him this summer at ABT. Unfortunately, I hit one of his canceled performances due to appendicitis. At this point, I suppose I must treasure those moments when I saw him at his height. I would love to see him in Spectre, though. Also, this summer I saw Vishneva for the first time ever. She danced Giselle, and it was the most breathtaking and revelatory performance of Giselle I had ever seen. I have nothing of her on DVD. And, hmmmm, as far as the other "great" dancers go, thanks for the input. I thought something had gotten by me and I hadn't read enough postings on balletalert. Thanks again.
  10. Thanks, Juliet. I will go back to the site. It's one I've never visited before. I looked up the title on amazon.com, and even though they sell it, I couldn't get any more information.
  11. Has anyone seen this video? Can you tell me anything about it? I have a gift card to spend on Suncoast and it's one of three ballet videos in the whole site. The only dancers on the performances that I recognize are Vladimir Malakhov and Diana Vishneva. I'd appreciate some guidance. If it's not worth buying, I'll save my gift card for Christmas shopping! Thanks!
  12. This is why I love this forum. Where else can I hear intelligent conversation by people who know who Lynn Fontanne was? By the way, Lunt and Fontanne made one movie, The Guardsman, and hated the process so much that they went back to the Great White Way and refused to repeat the experience no matter how much money people tried to throw at them. Not that they didn't like the green stuff. Fontanne's explanation? "We can be bought; we can not be bored." For that alone, she deserved an award. Here's to artists who still prefer live performance.
  13. I did indeed buy a DVD of Spartacus and was thrilled by the performances of both Liepa and Vasiliev. Thanks again for all your input. Whatever did we do before videotape and DVD???
  14. I have two DVD's that I love! One is Nureyev's Don Quixote with Lucette Aldous and the Australian Ballet. It is a romp! It was made in 1972 or thereabouts when he was still dancing well. It's well directed and has been remastered so the color is beautiful. It also contains a documentary on the making of the film in an airplane hangar! The other is Makarova and Anthony Dowell in Swan Lake. Both of them are wonderful, terrific dancing and acting. I love her Odette/Odile better than any I've seen on stage or video. I could make a long list, but those are my two favorites.
  15. I'll only be in NYC for one weekend this spring, and I already have my ticket for the Repertory II on May 29. I always attend with a dear friend who lives in NYC. I'm at her mercy for the ballet tickets, and she always wants to see the story ballets. Her credo in life is one can never be too rich nor see too many Swan Lakes. So, I was pleased when she agreed to see the Repertory II with Balanchine ballets I've never seen -- Mozartiana and Ballet Imperial. Also, I will break my neck to see Ananiashvili or Carreno in anything. I discovered recently with a little flutter of the heart that Nina A. is over 40 now so I have to take every opportunity to soak in her performances now. I've seen Theme and Variations several times before, and I've always enjoyed it. The best performance I ever saw was with Murphy and Stiefel. I thought they were better together than I ever saw them with other people. How do you think Wiles and Halberg will be? I'm also looking forward to seeing Bocca since he is talking about retiring.
  16. If you live in Baltimore, it's at the Charles Theater downtown. Five shows today and tomorrow! :grinning:
  17. I saw Murphy's Swan last summer, and I was very impressed. She is growing every time I see her. If the choice were Murphy and Carreno, I would be shouting at you to get that ticket. I've never seen Dvorovenko, so of the choices there, I would go for Murphy. Whatever you see, you have to report back what you chose and how you liked it.
  18. Mel, I am definitely paying attention. As a former theater teacher, I know all about upstage and downstage. What I am curious about is the RAD #6. Now, as a non-dancer, I have figured out thus far that different schools of dance have different vocabularies, but do they also have different ways of expressing the geography of the stage? That's what I'm guessing. Please, keep on instructing!
  19. Thank you, everyone, for the information. When I saw the excerpt from Sheherazade on CAS, I really enjoyed it. The description said the choreography was by Fokine, but I have never seen the ballet nor have I heard any discussion of it. Why don't we see it?
  20. The one I couldn't think of is Ekaterina. That makes Maris, Ilse, Andris, and Ekaterina. Is Maris father to the other three? Thanks so much.
  21. So that leaves another woman. She was very young looking. Another sister? I'm sorry I can't remember her name. If I haven't taped over it, I'll have another look at the tape. Are they Russian?
  22. Over the past couple of weeks, I have seen on video or on the Classic Arts Showcase, by my count, at least three different dancers with the surname Liepa. Who are all these people? One was a male dancer in a tape I bought with Nina Ananiashvili. He also showed up on CAS with a woman of the same name whose name I can't remember. Then there was a different woman on CAS doing Sheherazade. My head is spinning. Who are they and how are they related? Does anyone know?
  23. Nora

    Yuri Soloviev

    I've been searching amazon.com for Glories of the Russian Ballet, Glory of the Russian Ballet, and any variation I could find, but there's nothing. Are you sure of the title of that video?
  24. I live in Baltimore, and though I wish I could go to every available performance at the Kennedy Center in DC, time and money don't afford me that pleasure. However, a group of friends and I just decided that we would spend New Year's Eve at a performance of Swan Lake by the Kirov!!!! I didn't think they would say yes when I suggested it, but they did. It should be one of my best New Year's Eves ever.
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