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  1. ignacio_20

    Ferri & Bocca

    I saw them together in Taming of the Shrew. They were so funny and lovely in that piece. Then I saw them in Giselle and after the lights were on right after the first act, I don't think I saw a single person that wasn't in tears around me. Same thing with the second act. There was magic in the Metropolitan Opera House that night. I never got to see them live in Romeo and Juliet, just saw them in that movie Ballet and even though it's just a video, I could still feel so much passion going on in there. Too bad I won't be able to see them on June 2nd, I wish I were in NYC!!! I mean, that p
  2. I'd go for the black gown from the Merry Widow section of Vienna Waltzes
  3. So many of them!!! In no particular order: - Opening for Serenade - Russian dance from Swan Lake - Snake variation from La Bayadere - Raymonda. A lot of it. The Pas classique always makes me cry - The Schubert pieces from Duatos's Without Words, specially Du bist die Ruh - Lots of Prokofiev's R&J. Everytime I listen to it I find a part that I didn't remember was there and love it and I could go on forever!
  4. At least the 1998 version (144 pages) is a souvenir book. Lots of nice pictures, bios of principal dancers, a bit on some ballet plots, advertisement, that sort of thing.
  5. You caught me there! I was out of the country for a while (came back this year)so I'm not completely familiar with the company's activities. I do know though that they hadn't gone abroad for a while, at least as a whole. The company was very happy with the tour and also with the fact that they were dancing to live music here in Lima...something that hadn't been possible in a very long time. I'm not quite sure of what's coming next. I think some company members are scheduled to perform in Trujillo, Peru and then in Colombia (I read this in their program), but I'll ask around to get some m
  6. Don Q and La Sylphide were done by a local company: Ballet Municipal de Lima. We have two companies here in Lima: Ballet Municipal and Ballet Nacional. I haven't seen BN for a while now, but I got to see BM three times this year. They did La Bayadere in April and then Don Q and La Sylphide in July. In case you're interested, their website is Ballet Municipal de Lima Don Q was a treat. The dancing was good, and it was done to live music. The company went on tour to Ecuador earlier this year, with Don Q, and afterwards they did 2 more performances in Lima, this time with the Orquesta
  7. My favorite is the Ferri/Eagling version of McMillan's, although the POB "making of" Nureyev's R&J is a quite interesting one. Giselle05, I totally agree with you: a Ferri/Bocca would be wonderful! I have that Weisman's documentary "Ballet", which has the balcony and bedroom scenes with those two and everytime I watch it I wish I had the whole thing on tape!
  8. Aaaaaggghhhh! I wish I had been there!!! I saw her Giselle earlier this year in DC and loved it, her characterization was so incredibly rich and detailed. Same with her Juliet...I went to see R&J with McKerrow/Stiefel some time ago at the Met, with a friend that had never seen a full-length (she used to go only to NYCB). She was totally hooked after that, and I watched almost the entire performance through tears. By the time Romeo finds Juliet at the graveyard, I was really sobbing. I'm so thankful I got to see McKerrow in those two roles... I'll miss her.
  9. Please keep my account active. Thank you! Patricia
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