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  1. Thank you so much for providing the link to that lovely article about Tracy. I missed the article and was thrilled to have the chance to read it.
  2. I think I can provide some helpful answers Helene. The Swan on the cover is Alison Roper. The pair frolicking around the tree are Karl Vakilli and Yuka Iino. Iino is also the Odette near the lake with the Swan corps. And Gavin Larson and Artur Sultanov are the Who Cares? couple. Looks like an exciting season. But don't forget, there are still upcoming shows this season at the Newmark Theatre. (May 13-28) And I am looking forward to the always interesting dance talk on Monday, May 9th.
  3. I think that Artur Sultanov is about 6'4", because he towers over even the taller female dancers. I'd guess Gavin is about 5'4" ??? Maybe a little taller. She has such long legs and she is so thin that it is hard to tell. I did see the Nutcracker and I enjoyed it as much as any Nut. They are all pretty much designed to intrigue and excite children. And this one fit the bill. My girls loved it and haved talked about pretty much nothing since. And, I was just noticing, that Kathi Martuza has joined Miss Roper in the ranks of Dance Magazine's 25 to Watch. For a small company I think that it is quite impressive to boast of two such accomplished and recognized dancers. Did anyone catch Miss Martuza as Marzipan? World class. I was sorry I missed Roper as Dew Drop after reading Bob Hicks' review. Sounded dynamite! Cheerio all ballet lovers.
  4. Did anyone else attend the Oregon Ballet Theatre Nutcracker Gala at NIKE last Saturday night? The event was fabulous--held at the Tiger Woods Center and attended by patrons from CA, AZ, ME and MA to mention a few. A sold out party with lovely dancing by the School of Oregon Ballet Theatre (now under the direction of Damara Bennett--a classy women that I had the priviledge of chatting with during the event) and decorated with the most beautiful of OBT's principal dancers, including last month's Black Swan Yuka Iino and longtime OBT dancer Anne Mueller. Anyone else? Comments? Don't miss the next event.
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