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  1. to Kirov for dancing! O my gosh. After 4 months of no live ballet, I was dying for my fix. It does make an evening at the ballet that much more treasured, remembered, and special. I did attend the July 5 performance. Then had to run up NYC and only just recovered. O The Dancing! The rest of you who attended July 5 covered the evening well. That small slip in the beginning actually *sounded* much worse that a small slip, pointe shoe lost contact and ballerina fell flat on her side. Having done this before in skating, I spent the next five minutes amazed that she could pick right
  2. Wait a minute here! Must, must, must put in 50 votes for Manuel Legris! My sister and I saw him fly around the Paris Opera in Coppelia. Ahhhhhh! Stunning! Such a nice bonus that my boyfriend looks quite much like Manuel!! http://www.manuel-legris.com/index2.html
  3. Sooo...HOW was it? I'm dying to know, because it looks like I'll get my first chance to see PA Ballet at the Sunday matinee. Line-up for the matinee is Julie Diana, James Ady, and Alexei Borovik. I vaguely recognize Julie Diana's name. Does anyone here have unique insight on these dancers? It's either PA Ballet or the Dali Special exhibition down the street... ~Lazer Canary
  4. Quiggin - awesome post. Can scarely believe that it was only last week that I saw Fejoo dance *another* marvelous "Giselle". She was superb. Made up for a very bad "Giselle" that I saw in the Fall at Kennedy Center. I loved driving around all over those insane SF hills, seeing light pole flags on virtually every street corner proudly advertising the SF Ballet's season with the unbelieveably sensual and amazing Lorena Fejoo as the poster child. IMHO, thought the Princess Bathilde did the best job I've seen in years of being highborn and snooty. Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed the
  5. Wow. I just read everyone's comments. Very insightful. I attended the performance on Jan. 19. Had a seat in the Orchestra far back. Really hadn't intended to splurge on this, but chalk it up to an insufferably bad day in the office. IMHO, audience was more of an opera audience. I chose this over Cinderella, because I had always wanted to see bits of Russian opera that are rarely played over here. I suspect that is also why other patrons were in attendance. I also wanted to see the Russians dance Balanchine. What a funny turn of the coin, to shun him then welcome him. Of cours
  6. I chanced by a magazine shop carrying the common and the rare. Of course anything with dancers on the cover always catches my eye. If you have not seen the Nov/Dec 2004 issue of "Russian Life", it features Svetlana Zakharova and Sergei Filin beautifully in mid-jump, lovely legs extended straight down through the toe points. What a fabulously lovely pairing. She is dress in the costume for the Pharoah's Daughter. I made a photocopy for my office wall to show people what beauty and lines really means! The article is about "Behind the Bolshoi: Backstage at the great ballet company".
  7. <earnest question> Could the Jason Hartley fans explain what it is about Jason Hartley's dancing that they like so much? I have seen him dance on a number of occasions, and the dancing has never left an impression on me. I just feel dead neutral. So, you see, I was quite surprised to see this thread.
  8. Well! I am very glad to see that Morgann Rose received note by the papers. I sent an enthusiastic email to WSB when I saw her dance in 7 x 7 as a studio member. She magnetically draws the eye. In fact, she reminded me very much of Katita Waldo of SFB. They have dramatically different lines, but there's something about that stage quality. Overall, I was so absolutely proud to see our very own in-town ballet company dancing a real classic for the first time. This comment will temper my next picky statements. The acting of the company overall was very good. The port de bras of the
  9. I saw Rasta Thomas as Albrecht in "Giselle" with the WSB last Wednesday. Quite frankly, Mr. Thomas is superb. He deserves every inch of what he strives to achieve with his dance career. :rolleyes: Acting = 5 stars from coy to panic to grief and agony Solos = Flying high with an unbelieveably delivered Act II Partnering = excellent (as an ice dancer, I can't begin to say enough of how important good partnering means!) One of these days, maybe we'll get lucky to see Mr. Thomas partnering Morgann Rose. I am *so* glad that to see that she has been pro
  10. Thank you, Alexandra. The former is unlikely , but the latter recommendation sounds vaguely familiar and may just be the very thing! ~Giselle
  11. Would you happen to know of this book? I bought Ballet in Moscow Today by Helene Bellew at a used bookstore earlier this year. It was published by the New York Graphic Society, but there is no information provided on the copyright date. Usually, one may pick up a clue when the author signs the Preface but not in this instance. I am curious about the date of publication, because I would like to know more about the context in which this author is writing. It is probably around the 1960's, and the Western author seems to write as if she spent a season watching the Company perform...in
  12. And mine, too! I had heard about Rasta Thomas. Wasn't sure if size of the ego and the quality of the dancing would pair up. Can't wait to see Washington Ballet dance "Giselle" now. Originally, I thought I would wait until ABT danced same said ballet in the Spring, mostly because I had never seen ABT live. I grew up spoiled with joy by ABT on television, and then opted to seen other companies who did not get the same kind of exposure. Thanks for starting the inquiry about Mr. Thomas!
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