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  1. I have to admit, for certain ballets, I will seek out the casting and go specifically for the dancers, not necessarily the ballet. And when I get there and there's either a slip in the program or the announcement comes on, my stomach does do a bit of a flip. The whole experience has definitely opened my eyes to dancers though, that I may not have seen before and how interpretations vary from person to person. I try not to look anymore at casting and just go and see what happens, after all, even the same dancer never gives the same exact performance!
  2. HBR has an interview with Mark Morris. It's actually a very funny interview. When I first saw the cover I was shocked they were interviewing a choreographer! there is a link for the article http://www.hbsp.harvard.edu/products/hbr/o...t01/R0109C.html I apologize if it's already been posted on the links board.
  3. I have to say, I agree with dancers. If I took a job and all of the sudden the job description changed, I wouldn't be too happy either. Maybe they should incorporate a "Diamond Project" type of a deal. 2 weeks of contemporary pieces, it would be a good trial run to see if the audience in fact is there. To just change it though seems a bit drastic.
  4. I admit I like the no-brainer films mentioned. The images I always find the worst are actually found on the news. In the U.S. sensational journalism is extreme. One image from the Sept 11 day is the footage of people in the streets of foreign lands celebrating. I found that harder to watch than what I saw from my window. What was done was in some ways "political" and I hope that there aren't any ballets done on it. In 50 years from now (if they can wait that long) this will be a movie but until then we'll have our tv's to watch.
  5. I opted not to get my Nutcracker tickets this year and decided to make donations instead. I think this attack came at the absolute worst time for America with the economy already on the brink, our President predicting a long war and the stock market reeling, the last thing on many people's minds is seemingly already over priced tickets. I was shocked at some of the shows that closed, mostly because they were the tickets that were affordable. Has there been much of an impact outside of the States?
  6. I think "the show must go on". I watched "To Be or Not to Be" last night with Carole Lombard. It was one of the funniest movies dealing with a theater company during WWII. In relation to what's happening now. I don't know if art has a role except to continue on as usual. I know for myself, when things happen in my life, I find comfort in the seat at a ballet. If the unfortunate thing of war comes about, it will have a financial impact on everything, including the arts. I for one though, am now really looking forward to ABT's "La Fille"!
  7. I like Carla Korbes, but with Martins you never know, he loves a dancer for a season or two and then you're not sure what to make of it (or they get injured). Speaking of is Ansanelli back? "restraint of style" sorry, what does that mean? I may be misinterpreting, but I always Margaret Tracey had a nice daredevilness about her. I'll never forget seeing her do Tarantella and just going for it all. And tying up all loose tangents of mine. Peter Hansen was a prince I adored, did he retire?
  8. oh, sorry. I thought we were supposed to respond with ballets and how they are performed now. I always thought that you'll never get the same performance twice anyway and that the steps evolve in a new way everytime someone knew dances them but that overall the meaning (for lack of a better word) doesn't change.
  9. When the same mistakes are made over and over. And of course, when nobody pays to see it anymore! With regard to Wheeldon, I wonder if it's not so much his making mistakes but possibly they hyped him too soon? I suppose it all depends on who is judging whether it's a mistake or not too.
  10. Has anyone heard or can anyone confirm that Margaret Tracey and Peter Boal are retiring from New York City Ballet? Thanks.
  11. Seeing as the Internet is relatively young, have you found that you have learned more about ballet and how has it affected you when you go to a performance, or has it? I have this site as my start up page when I log on to the internet! I've found I make a note to try and watch some of the dancers pointed out on the boards, I go to some performances that I may not have gone to before and overall helped my understanding of ballet. And the company's websites are informative too.
  12. I'd add Larissa Lezhnina, Tina LeBlanc, Darcey Bussell, Wendy Whelan, Elizabeth Loscavio and Julie Kent. I've never seen the book, did they list many dancers?
  13. but Janie Taylor is featured in Elle magazine's 25 who's who.
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