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  1. I read that Deanna was doing some guest teaching in a Menlo Park NJ dance studio too.
  2. Oberon: "I cannot think of any ballet that has literally been performed only once". I think Mighty Martins is keeping his word on Land of Nod. Happy Turkey Day!
  3. How does the platform move about the stage? Is there a very flat little boy under there? So far my favorite entrance is by LaFosse with Meg's Magic Carpet Ride ala Land of Nod.
  4. Parade Lineup Parade Homepage Does anyone know what NYCB and SAB are doing this year? Which principals/soloists? I suspect they'll be back on the Angelina Ballerina float. Its suppose to rain and snow there on Thursday: WeatherChannel . Maybe there's time to convert the wall Tom Gold missed into an overhang. See this link for more on Tom's 2003 performance.
  5. I'll take a stab at what the AD might say. How about this, 'Next time, I'll give you more notice!'
  6. If you've been out of the loop on lil' Nilas' career, here's an old article on that topic. Gobelle
  7. Playbill On Alexandra A. FYI - She spoke briefly to playbill/times about her departure.
  8. I agree. Good Luck (once again) to Mr. Boal in Seattle.
  9. Yes., I did notice that the publish year was 2002 and yet I'd never seen or heard oof it before now.
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