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  1. We are planning on coming to NYC in July. I checked both ABT and NYCBallet and both are not going to be there then. Can anyone point me in the right direction to see if any other ballet companies will be performing in NYC in July? TIA, Carol
  2. Hi carolm! This is , I know, but I still have to throw my 2 cents in here and elaborate a little on Leigh’s post. I actually chuckled a bit when I read your comments about Jewels in the NYCB forum. As someone who saw the NYCB frequently in the 70’s when the master was still around, and then took a hiatus from the company until 2 years ago, let me say that the first thing I noticed when I started watching them again was how much more cohesive the corps had become. That was one of the things that really put me off the company back in the day. There’s a quote about Balanchine’s corps that I ran across in one of the forums here “24 girls doing 24 different things at 24 different times”. Susan <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I really had no idea that Balanchine was not that bothered about the corps. And here I was criticising the NYCB while all along they were doing just what was expected! And...even though I now know that Mr. B. would approve--I still do not.<s> Carol
  3. carolm - just one final point of information - Balanchine was known to actually like what might be considered an unruly style! I guess I was putting my thoughts in his mouth.<s> Carol
  4. I read two reviews of "Naked"--both panned the ballet by saying that the choreography was the fault, not the dancing. Has anyone seen it? I would love to hear your thoughts. Carol
  5. If you did not like this performances count yourslef lucky that you did not see the Royal do it a few months ago.<s> I take in what you said in your blog but I still go back to my point that not being that familar with the Balanchine style, I thought the Tuesday performence excellent. Is it a case of "ignorance is bliss"? Carol
  6. Watson did make a pretty good impression as Oberon in "The Dream" (which I also saw on my trip). I saw his debut on May 17, and it certainly did not look like a debut. It was assured and I enjoyed it very much. He was also paired that evening with Leanne Benjamin - a fantastic Titania. So the whole thing just sparkled, with huge applause at the end of the pas de deux. We saw him last night as Oberon with Leanne Benjamin. Both of them danced very well. Because of this thread, I took extra care to notice him! Not a hard job, I assure you. He was well worth watching. Carol
  7. I wrote about how disappointed I was with NYCB in another thread. I felt Balanchine would be very disappointed had he seen them dance in an unruly style. Last night we saw Symphony and loved it! Were you there too last night? I would love to hear your opinion. I started a new topic on this subject. Carol
  8. carolm

    The Dream

    We saw The Dream, Three Songs--Two Voices, and Symphony In C. Leanne Benjamin and Edward Watson were the leads with Ciacomo Ciriaci as Puck. The music is wonderful and the dancing was very good. Again, I liked all the dancers very much. Three Songs is another matter.<s> The music is awful. The man sitting next to me called the music "Midsummer Nightmare"! The dancing was fantastic. Tamara Rojo, Zenaida Yanowsky, and Deirdre Chapman were all excellent. I especially liked Chapman. I am not familar with Hendrix's music. Various people have told me that it is more Nigel Kennedy than Hendrix. True? Sylvia, on 18 May wrote a full report of this new Bruce ballet. Symphony In C is my favourite Balanchine ballet. The last time I saw it with the Royal Ballet I was sorely disappointed. But not last night! Again the music is glorious and the dancers were so intuned with the music. Balanchine so likes to use the dancer to emphasise the beat in the music. There was nothing about this performance not to like.
  9. We seem to have seen different performances on the same night at the same place.<s> The first two ballets I had not seen before; the last (Month) I had seen many times. I have never felt that only one person does a role the "correct" way. Each dancer brings their own interpretation to a role. I am sure that each time a dancer dances a role it is different from the time before. I have seen Guillem in Month several times and as far as I remember, she danced it differently each time. And the standard of the dancing was very high on Saturday night especially in Month and Symphonic Variations. Cojocaru was partnered by Bonelli; it was Morera who danced with Kobborg. I do not agree with you that Cojocaru was acting "the star"--I felt all six dancers were equal. I thought all the dancers were excellent and hope to see them again. And of course it is good that there are new dancers coming into view. Carol
  10. Last night we saw three short ballets: Les Biches, Symphonic Variations and A Month in the Country. Les Biches had Leanne Benjamin and Zenaida Yanowsky and they were both in top form. I heard that Leanne was retiring but I cannot imagine why. SV is for 6 dancers and it was fantastic! Alina Cojocaru & Federico Bonelli; Laura Morera & Johan Kobborg; Belinda Hatley & Steven McRae. Morera replaced Jamie Tapper who is on maternity leave and McRae replaced Sadaki who is injured. I think Morera is a wonderful dancer and hope that she keeps be given more meaty parts. The six dancers were so attuned to each other either as partners or as part of various combinations. We were still applauding when the lights came on and they took extra bows. This was the first time I had seen this ballet and I definately would like to see it again. A Month in the Country was with Sylvie Guillem and Massimo Murru danced the tutor. Everyone in the cast were excellent. I do not know whom to highlight. Most of the dancers were new to me. Kolia, the son, was danced by Giacomo Ciriaci. What leaps! Does anyone know anything about him? Vera, Natasha Oughtred, is another find. When she, Guillem and Murru were dancing it iwas magic. For us, the evening kept getting better and better. I do not think I shall forget this "Month" very quickly. Carol
  11. carolm

    Swan Lake

    A "leatherboy fantasy" sounds like the Bourne all male version of SL. We saw it with Adam Cooper when it first opened and loved him in black leather! When I was a child (many years ago now) NYCB used to do a one-act SL. I still do not understand why they do not do a full length production. The music is gorgeous and Petipa's choreography devine. I have not seen any of those full lenght ballets by Balanchine. Do you enjoy seeing them? Carol
  12. We too were at the Monday performance. Your comments about Ballet Imperial and Theme & Variations are exactly my comments. <s> I also agree with you that the Act II Swan Lake was much too short and as it was out of context it made very little sense. Act III, OTOH, was wonderful. I guess it can stand alone because one does not have to know why they are going all out to impress--one just admires. I had never been to the Opera House before and was astounded at how large it is. We had seats in the last row of the orchestra and yet could see the stage quite well. Carol
  13. We saw Jewels on Friday, 27 May. This was a lackluster performance. The chorus needs a lot more rehearsing. They were each dancing to their own beat. It was very messy looking. Emeralds: between the orchestra playing badly and the dancers not caring, it was a very tedious performance. I was so shocked at the whole performance. Are they bored? The one and only time we saw the whole of Jewels was many years ago when NYCB came to London. The Royal Ballet sometimes does Rubies alone. As soon as I knew we were going to NYC I went on line to book.<s> We could not imagine why they were given such raptureous applause. A real disappointment. Carol
  14. carolm

    Swan Lake

    I am not sure which ballet "Rites" or "Symphony in C" "...am going to see every one"? I like both ballets very much. Symphony in C is my one of my favourite Balanchine ballets. The "Three Songs" is that the "New Bruce" we shall be seeing on 7 June? Carol
  15. carolm

    Swan Lake

    [it just makes our versions - take your pick between a Swamp Thing-Purple Phallocentric version or the version done by The Company Least Likely To Do A Good Swan Lake - really look inadequate - because they are. Sigh. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Which companies are you referring to?<s> Having only ever seen the full Swan Lake (done by various companies) in London, I am not familiar with any American version. We have just returned from NYC and saw productions by ABT and NYCB. I pointed out to my husband that NYCB never (?) do 3 act ballets. I wonder why. Is it because Balanchine did none? Carol
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