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  1. Didn't Balanchine make use of that music in his version? I haven't seen it in other productions, though. Good stuff, Doug.
  2. As a choreographer, your ballet's success depends, partly, on the music that you choose. Also, I'm sure, you are aware of the large amounts of $$$ that are spent on finding the "right" piece of music. I'm wondering if you have any suggestions that you might share so that we can save a little dough. Next season is right around the corner! Here are my suggestions: (Contempo/Classical, common & a little obscure) Prokofiev - Classical Symphony (A little too common, but fun) Bach - all Brandendburg Concertos Block - Concerto Grosso #1 & #2 Corelli - Christmas Concerto Tchiakovsky - Variation on a Rococo Theme I'll add more later...got class.
  3. Ahhhh...yes. That's right! It would be interesting to see the original choreography regarding the pas.
  4. Hello all! Does anyone know where to find music for Franz's variation from Coppelia Act III? It would be the version found in Baryshnikov's performance of Coppelia pas de deux at Wolf Trap. I've gone crazy looking for that music, and I'm certain that it's right under my nose! Thanks in Advance!
  5. Solor, Thanks for the info. I found the CD and purchased it online. The variation is the correct version. Interestingly, there is a Paquita with a few variations that aren't found in my version. Score! Thanks!
  6. MakarovaFan Off the top of my head, I've listened to recordings by: Royal Opera House Kirov Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal Unfortunately, they're very similar with the same problem.
  7. I've been browsing this forum all morning, and I love it! There's a lot of wonderful information being shared here. There are tons of fantastic recordings of Sleeping Beauty available, yet I haven't found a recording that has the correct arrangement of Aurora's variation in Act III. The introduction to her variation is missing and there are some repeated phrases that aren't part of the choreography. Question: Is there a recording out there that is "true" to the choreography? Thanks, Michael
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