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  1. Saw an interview this morning with Elijah Wood. he said that there is talk of The Hobbit being made into a movie. Of course he will not be a part as with the Return of the King Frodo is no more.
  2. My daughter trained with a former principle dancer from St. Petersburg for 2 years. She had to work very hard to please this teacher - often being yelled at and ending up in tears. After making a studio change because we relocated she is having to "correct" the very things that Kirovboy wrote about in his post. Her new instructor is also Russian but seems to be much more open to what is needed to succeed here in the US.
  3. Oh my goodness! I've enjoyed reading these experiences! Funny that I was laughing out loud at some of them when it absolutely makes me CRAZY when it happens to me! Last month at a performance all of the sudden a man two rows in front of me started yelling at another man to BE QUIET! The second mans wife was heard to say to the first man "He can't help it. He has a problem." Man 1 replied "He is GOING to have a problem if he doesn't SHUT UP!" Wife informs him that "my husband has Torretts Syndrome." Irrate Man practically screamed "THE TORRETTS SEATS ARE IN THE BACK!!!" Well, needless to say all of us around this little group were horrified! I actually thought that Irrate Man was going to punch man 2! After the intermission I noticed that crazy, screaming, Irrate Man didn't return to his seat. Everyone was happy. I agree that Nut performances can get a pretty noisy but it is a perfect ballet for little ones to enjoy and they can't really be expected to behave as adults should. If not for all the little voices ooohhhing and awwwing in the audience far fewer tickets would be sold and probably far fewer little dancers would be born. Maybe I can think of this thread the next time I'm sitting in my seat, with a 3 year old kicking it from behind, and I'll just smile.
  4. I noticed in the current Better Homes and Gardens magazine that there is a large promotion for Barbie's Swan Lake. If you are the lucky winner of the writing contest entitled "I Want to be a Ballerina" (this is intended for adults who can express "how you loved imagining you were a ballerina as a child) you could win "a 3-day, 2 night trip for three to a US city of your choice to attend a major US ballet company performance and more!" The next two pages tell you how to "spotlight your daughter's charm and star power with a magical Barbie Movie Premiere Party, celebrating the release of Barbie of Swan Lake". Hmmm...that Barbie of Swan Lake dinnerware is tempting!
  5. I read on another site that Volochkova has been reinstated at the Bolshoi! Could this be true or is it a rumor?
  6. The Title is I, Maya Plisetskaya. I can't remember when it came out. I ordered it this summer from Half.com or amazon.com along with the video.
  7. After reading the book I ordered the Kultur's video "Plisetskaya Dances". I really liked connecting what I read with seeing her dance. I agree that in places the book is a tough read but it is a real insite into the dancer's personality.
  8. Wonderful book. A great look at history through the eyes of this wonderful dancer. I recommend it!
  9. I just finished reading I, Maya Plisetskaya. How interesting to read her biography. I loved this book and just ordered a video documentary about her life.
  10. Ahhh the pleasure I got when I met with my dancing daughter in the looby during intermission at ABT's Giselle last year. (She sat in the $75 seat, I in the $45) Tears in her eyes as she said passionately "that, mother, is the most fabulous thing I have ever seen". Best $120 (plus parking!)I had spent in a long while.
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