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  1. http://www.balletflorida.com/index.cfm?fus...pages.HOME& Apparently they are on the verge on folding; a friend of mine who is affiliated with the company has asked me to post this here; I hope this is the right forum - feel free to move if not. Hopefully they can accumulate sufficient funds to keep dancing!
  2. Her head is too big?! Really? Wow... she's such a beautiful dancer... I never would have thought to judge the size of her head.
  3. Was anyone else thoroughly surprised to learn Nilas Martins and Ask LaCour are half brothers? I read that in a recent article and was floored I'd never heard this before.
  4. Kate Lennard said: This made me wonder, perhaps her exposure was an inside job? What a great gig for publicity for the BNP if so! This is a very interesting thread. As a prof. dancer myself, I know it really is best to be seen and not heard. That sounds old-fashioned, but it's true! Anyone in the public eye is likely to be scrutinized, and I think it will be hard for some audience members to sit back and enjoy Ms. Clarke's dancing after this incident; people will now be biased against her. Talk about career suicide. This is where she should have utilized her right to remain silent.
  5. Erica Cornejo has some of the most mind-blowing batterie I've been fortunate enough to see!!
  6. Another City Ballet pair: Laura and Elyse Flagg.
  7. I have a feeling the screaming teenage girls are students at the summer intensive...
  8. No problem! I was just curious where she could be performing in Oklahoma, because I'm sure I would have heard something at some point! I live in Texas, within good driving distance of OKC.
  9. Really? She's guesting in Oklahoma? Interesting. With whom?
  10. Just bumping to see if there was any word on who was accepted. :shrug:
  11. This is just a guess, but I didn't care for how she appeared to hop from one foot to the other; I am used to seeing more punctuated air time, if that makes sense. Both legs together in the air for a longer amount of time. :yes:
  12. Just wondering, did anyone go? How was it? I am anxious to see reviews! :yes:
  13. All I have to say is WHOA. I've never seen a dancer do 7 consecutive turns during fouettes.
  14. Thanks for the info everyone! I didn't *think* I had ever heard of any Thomas's owning NYCB, so I knew I'd find the answer! Thanks again
  15. I was watching the TV Guide Channel a few minutes ago, and they had a little "tidbit" at the top of the screen about Richard Thomas and his new movie that will be on tv on Friday. They said that he had classically trained parents who at one time owned New York City Ballet. I had never heard of these people, and was wondering if anyone could fill me in. Thanks!
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