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  1. In interviews Ms Van Patten tells the story of being selected for Juliet by John Neumeier at age 15. Imagine carrying a 3-act ballet at the Royal Danish at 15? Despite her emotional performances, there's some steel in this girl.
  2. Nice cover story on Sarah at Dance Magazine.
  3. I'd recommend the Inn at the Opera. Its across the street from the Opera house, not too pricey and has a good breakfast. It reminds me of the Hotel Opera in Copenhagen: same location, price & breakfast!
  4. I'll vote for the SFB women: Vanessa Zahorian and Sarah Van Patten are both gorgeous. Most other SFB dancers are merely beautiful.
  5. I have to put my two cents in for the Martin brothers, Ruben (at SFB) and Moises (in Amsterdam). The joke in the audience when Moises Martin and Sarah Van Patten did Robbins' Afternoon of a Faun a few years ago, was that it looked like a moving Abercrombie and Fitch photo. They really didn't have to move!
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