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  1. I always felt a special sort of "connection" with Fayette because his hometown school is the school where I took classes when I first started ballet, as I also live in Ridgefield. I've moved on to a pre-pro school, and that school hasn't been the same since the original director passed away, but still, it feels special to have started in the school where an NYCB principal started.
  2. Who all will be retiring at the end of the season? Besides Jock and Boal, of course.
  3. Oh, I see. A "super" which is also known as a supernumary and children's roles with ABT are walkon roles open to the public. However, my teacher sends students from her school to childrens auditions for ABT's Raymonda, Coppelia, etc.
  4. CArbro, might I ask, was the Poli with the sickled foot sickling during the last part of the dance, the pique arabesque right 2x, left 2x, repeat, pique, tour jete, step, curtsy, run? That part is the hardest and we are always getting yelled at for it in STamford.
  5. Everyone has mentioned Fritz, but can anyone comment on the other children's roles? Perhaps Marie and the Prince, or the Party Scene of Polichinelles?
  6. Jock Soto just danced 3 performances in George Balanchine's The Nutcracker in Stamford and reportedly this was the final performances of his career. He was great as the Cavalier. The other performances were danced by Damian Woetzel, accompanied by Alexandra Ansanelli.
  7. Um, Just to tell you, The Nutcracker Prince runs up and holds out the crown, then whisks just a frontal piece of the Nut costume off and throws it onto the floor, where it is whisked off by the stage manager. Yes, if the SPF is like a centimeter off, she can fall off the plate to slide!! During Nut, Marie's bed is spun by a bedboy on the stage it doesnt fly (and yes, the bedboy is usually the old Prince as there's no other part for him) and the montage in the movie is just Marie creeping to find her Nutcracker, falling asleep in the living room, and her mother covering her with a shawl. The clock does not actually howl. On a side note: Ever wondered what it is like to accidentally trip Mother Ginger? The 8 of us accidentally pushed too far back on the skirt and made Bill Otto wobble(he was Mother Ginger in the movie) and it was like his first wobble in 30 years!
  8. I was a bit confused by the whole thing. It had some little mice, soldiers, Prince, Marie, Sugarplum, and Cavalier danceing to the Candy Cane music? It didn't make sense.
  9. Oh, one more thing. How do you get directly to the parade lineup?
  10. Does anyone know which excerpt is being performed? (I bet that it;s the canes like in 2002, and a small piece of the pas de deux) I have always wanted there to be a mother ginger float, so the polichinelles could have a starring moment (I love being a polichinelle, my blue dress is so pretty) and not let the older candy canes have all the fun. Plus, for anyone who saw the 1993 movie, if Bill Otto was Mother Ginger, I bet it would be the best float!
  11. I went with some friends last night, we saw Sinfonnieta, Henry VIII and a new work by Trey McIntire that's name slips my mind. The Henry VIII was especially well danced by Xiomara Reyes as Anne Boleyn, and everyone loved Misty Copeland as the masked girl, lightly taunting the three masked men. Sinfonietta was also very dood, with SAscha Radetsky and Julie Kent standing out.
  12. Oh, I saw Kaitlyn Gilliland dance in the nutcracker I perform in, she was the Arabian dancer, and it was really pretty. A lot of my friends want to dance that role, and we all thought it was amazing how she could contort legs that long into those weird Arabian moves.
  13. Well, I know that it was said that this is his last performing year, so they'd better decide quickly shouldn't they? As an aside, I believe he is coming to Stamford for one last round of Nuts again this year, he and Darci have always done one weekend of Plum and Cavalier because it is Balanchine's nutcracker.
  14. I had to reply... I too know much about Anastasia. She and her three sisters had a brother, Alexei. Alexei was a hemophiliac as a result of Tsarina Alexandras relation to Queen Victoria of England. Rasputin, was called Father Grigory by the imperial family, and he was able to comfort Alexei when he was in pain. He had predicted to the tsarina that when he died, she would lose her son and crown in 6 months. This eerie prediction came true. She lost her crown, and the whole family was executed, though ANastasia's story persists.
  15. Um, I have performed in Balanchine's Nutcracker and probably will this year, and I have danced the role of a girl polichinelle. I like others just love the blue dresses and the striped silky capri like bloomers, the peach boy polichinelle outfits aren't as cute. I thought all candy canes wore the white pink-and-green striped outfits with bells?
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