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  1. Does anyone know anything about this dancer? Anyone seen him perform? I'm curious.... Thanks.
  2. Does anyone know their dates during the fall at City Center? Thanks.
  3. The performance was lovely enough. Vishneva is very beautiful and I found her movements pleasing. I just wasn't moved by her. The same, but to a lesser degree, Malakhov, although I love him as a dancer. Vishnever didn't seem to change much of her expressions and her smile was the same for Paris, Tybalt, and Romeo. I also thought she "danced through" most of the choreography. The choreography really calls for a more earthy, natural acting approach. And I thought both Malakhov and Vishneva were "dancing out" to the audience and hardly looking at each other. Vishneva seemed to get more into in the bedroom pas but her style just didn't seem right. Again , Malakhov is one of my favorites, even if he's not my favorite Romeo. Nothing has come close to the partnership Ferri and Bocca displayed at his last Romeo on 5/31. 7 curtain calls and I'm still trying to recover from it. They danced "as one" the entire evening and even their solos were to each other. It transcended the dance. They set the bar for this production, IMHO. Corella and Reyes were simply lovely in the afternoon performance. This will develop into something through the years, I think. Corella was just fantastic and Reyes was so natural. The sword fight between Romeo and Tybalt was the most passionate I've seen. It was so real, even Gennadi Saveliev looked surprised. I liked both Herman Cornejo and de Luz in those roles. De Luz was a bit more animated and "jester-like", kind of like how Boggs used to be. I found both dancers very enjoyable.
  4. I did a search for the Joan Collins Nutcracker and came up with two titles, which seem to be two different movies?: Nutcracker Nutcracker Sweets (the sequel, perhaps?) The scary thing here is that this is real. What an absolute hoot! This is just too good to be believed. I don't think Blockbuster carries it and the video lists for $70, I think. Too much for me, but boy would be this make for decliciously guilty viewing! Love the Rocky Horror suggestion.
  5. Oh my! Reading all these had me in stiches! The Joan Collins Nutcracker sounds just wonderfully awful. Is that video available? It sounds hilarious.
  6. Who else is commentating besides Hamilton? Flemming? I love her. Anyone else?
  7. Wow. Thanks for posting this. The web site is quite comprehensive. This is exactly what I wanted.
  8. Where can I find the exact TV airing schedule? I went to the official Olympics website for Salt Lake City but couldn't seem to find the TV airing times, just the schedule in terms of tickets. I wonder if NBC's web site would have the info. I want to set my VCR. Thanks.
  9. Susie, I'm sorry, but I only see a phone number for Lisa. Do you know her e-mail address so I can contact her? Thanks.
  10. Thanks for posting. I'm very interested in MacMillan. Do you know if this will be open to the public or we can buy tickets for the presentations when it happens? Is this going to like a festival? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for posting! I wish I could have been there but I guess I'll just have to read about it.... ;) I'm glad he got such a good ovation. He really deserves it. I think Mukhamedov was one of the greatest dancers of our time and I'm sad to see him go although I realize it's that time. I'm disappointed to read how the Royal told him they didn't schedule him. For such an artist, that seems cruel. I thought Viviana Durante was supposed to perform at the gala as well. Did she? I don't remember reading that she did... Thanks again for everyone posting about this.
  12. Did anyone see his performance on 9/30? I'm really curious about how it went.
  13. I too am sad to hear about Picone's leaving. I thought he danced the best I've seen him this year and had a smash season. His Albrecht was definitely the best I've seen, I was very moved. I'd like to second the comments that have been made about posting rumors.... none of us knows what really happens except the ones directly involved. A lot of us hear things, but we really should be careful posting "juicy" gossip because it seems like fun. We don't know the true circumstances, motivations, and all the other factors that present a "true, full" picture of the situation. Summing up what I'm sure was a sensitive situation in a juicy gossip sentence doesn't do any of the artists justice and doesn't present the full story. I haven't heard where Picone will go, but I hope it's somewhere where I can continue to see the level of dancing I saw from him this year. [ 06-30-2001: Message edited by: alexandra ]
  14. I 100% agree with Terry. I saw Onegin 2 nights in a row and did not consider it lightweight in the least (not those pas de desux's-- they're dangerous!). It quite simply is one of the best ballets I have ever seen, period, IMO. Each act is so complete: dramatically engaging and compelling, yet the dancing never stops. And the story even continues in front of the curtain as the scenary is being changed. To put in a nutshell, I think it's a masterpiece and a work of genius. I know several folks in the audience that were just blown away by it. I met one woman that saw the first night and found herself at the box office the next morning @ 10am to go last night. Julie Kent and Robert Hill were sublime. There's so much I loved about this production that I'll have to write more later. I've been humming the music all weekend and can't get certain images out of mind from the ballet. It truly was a treat and it's about time that ABT did it! I'd also like to say something for the story ballets. Sometimes people seem to get lost in just the technical aspects and seem to not give the story ballets as much respect. I think that dance is such an amazing medium that can include breathtaking abstract ballets and compelling three-act story ballets. When either is done well, that is a great night at the ballet.
  15. Wow! I can only repeat what so many others have said, I am so envious! Sounds like it was a ballet-lovers' dream. I couldn't help wondering where Irek Mukhemedov was.... is he injured or not performing much with the RB anymore? I would have thought that since he was brought over by Dowell and was one his brigtest stars that he would have been there.... Just curious if anyone knows the inside scoop!
  16. I have the RB Manon and really like it. De Grieux was created on Anthony Dowell so you'd be seeing one of the originators in the role. I believe Manon was created on Antoinette Sibley? But she was injured and Jennifer Penny had to fill in? I may be wrong, but this is what my fuzzy brain remembers. I really recommend this version. The RB Mayerling is one of my favorite ballet videos. PERIOD. I really liked the camera work and find it's particularly effective here. The camera closes up on the dancers and their acting is almost as remarkable as their dancing, down to the corp members. It's a fascinating drama. Of course, Irek Mukhamedov and Viviana Durante are in amazing form. And you'll see a young, brunette, Sarah Wildor. I have several friends that I showed this to who became interested in the RB as a result. Very few ballet men, IMO, can pull off the Crown Prince role, and Mukhamdov does it spendidly. Apparently, MacMillan had redone the ballet for him. It shows. It would be a great addition to your library. Other videos that are good are some of the "Greatest Hits" from the RB that feature a young Alessandra Ferri in Romeo & Juliet as well as Nureyev/Fontaine pas de deux's. Also good are the Baryshnikov Don Q, any of the Balanchine Library videos, and the RB Bayadere (featuring a fabulous 19-year old Darcey Bussell as a Gamzatti that almost steals the show and a wonderful Asylmuratova who makes sure she doesn't). [ 05-09-2001: Message edited by: Siren ]
  17. It's the one with the model Carmen Kass in a red bathing suit (and snorkel gear, I think).
  18. Vogue does a nice piece on her as an ingenue. There's a picture of her as Gamzatti with Ethan Stiefel-- her leg looks great and she has a very "Gamzatti", imperious look. Also, there's Michelle Wiles directly behind in her in the photo. It's just half a page, but very nice to see Vogue pay attention to an up-and-comer.
  19. Did anyone go last night? I'm curious about how the performance went....
  20. Wow, these have been some interesting posts. And a lot of fun to read! This definitely qualifies under "anything goes"...
  21. Wow, these have been some interesting posts. And a lot of fun to read! This definitely qualifies under "anything goes"...
  22. The final line, like Mr. Vilar's sponsorship?! That really took me aback. What is that about? I'm guessing Vilar sponsored Crisps' trip to review and perhaps disagreed with the production and so encouraged the review..... BUT, I want to know more. Very intriguing, indeed.
  23. I agree about the NYCB ads, I liked them much better when they actually featured dance positions! The new ones just remind me of Calvin Klein commercials. And I especially don't like the image of the young women in them; the women seem so inviting and lacking in personality-- it's pretty jarring when you see how fearless and strong they are on stage!
  24. I love it, Thelma and Louise on point! Great! Also, the Nuryeve version: all Giselle variations are taken out and replaced with Albrecht versions... Albrecht gets the bouquet during the village festival.
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