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  1. Ballet Austin has finally begun to update the company roster on the website. Inga Loujerenko is gone, and Beth Terwilliger has been promoted from Ballet Austin II. They've hired a new male dancer, Orlando Canova, but so far there is no information on him. I'm not sure who he's replacing.
  2. Her name is no longer listed on dancers roster on the NYCB website.
  3. OMG, thanks so much for posting, amitava! Can't wait for New American Talent, it should be exciting. Also, thank you for your beautiful photographs. I can't tell you how grateful I (and many others like me I'm sure) am for your work. Thanks for sharing!
  4. purely ballet, did you get to see Ady/Ochoa? If so, how did they compare to Julie and Zach? I am curious, and now kicking myself for not making time to see all three casts!!!
  5. I was in town apartment hunting (what a nightmare) and I saw the Friday evening performance, with Ochoa and Ady in the leads. They made a beautiful couple, such youthful faces! Ochoa endeared us to her playful, smart Juliet. You could really feel her grow and mature through the performance. Ady felt like a real Romeo, young and feverish, but robust. The supporting cast shined, particularly Mercutio (I can't remember who danced this role!) and Meredith Rainey as Tybalt. His death scene was powerful, and when Lady Capulet (Tara Keating) straddled his dead body, you could feel the audience
  6. Ballet Austin is selling an entire performance of The Nutcracker: See the auction here.
  7. No problem, I had to pass this gem on to other dance fans!
  8. A 72-photo gallery of Light in performance. You can get a good sense of the production from these photos.
  9. I just discovered this photographer's gallery - it's fantastic!! InSight Photography's Dance Gallery
  10. Thanks for the heads up! I love it when companies put performance photos up on their sites, it's such a treat.
  11. I just returned from my second viewing of Mr. Mills' new ballet, "Light/ The Holocaust & Humanity Project" I walked into the theater Friday night with trepidation. A ballet about the Holocaust? It seemed to me like a mine field of a subject, humanly impossible to get through without falling victim to cliched or offensive traps. It could so easily have been slightly off, so easily have been so wrong. Instead, Light has left me breathless. My dear Ballet Austin, for once, did everything right. You literally could feel the tender loving care injected into every single minute detail
  12. I'm very likely moving to Philly this fall. I'm very excited to see PA Ballet perform these works. I trained at the Rock when I was younger, and several of my classmates are now in the company. It'll be awesome to see them "all grown up."
  13. None of Aisling Hill Connor. Rats!
  14. Has anyone seen the new Nutcracker production? I attended last weekend, and I was generally impressed with the production. Stephen Mills has a great sense of the theatrical possibilities latent in the holiday favorite. The party scene is adorable and engaging, and the action is very clearly presented. Clara, Fritz, and the rest of the children were appropriately mannered and polished. Drosselmeyer was played as a young-ish playboy who has his eyes on the maid. In a Freudian twist, the authority figures all reappeared in Clara's dream: Dross and the Maid come back as Snow King and Queen,
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