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  1. Did anybody see either of the performances on saturday? I unfortunately could not attend.
  2. Darci's Chaconne is the stuff dreams are made of. She took my breath away.
  3. I don't think it's too bad Amy Aldridge is performing only once. We've seen far too little of Janie Taylor this past year. If anything, we should be upset that Taylor isn't getting to do all the Tarantellas, as well as not doing any "Man I Love"s in Who Cares. I also feel that many of the guest artists who have performed thus far have failed to live up to the standards of New York City Ballet's current roster. I would have loved to see a Borree/Hubbe Sonatine or a Weese/Woetzel Ballo. I think it was maybe a nice idea to bring in all these guest artists, however, I feel that the best way
  4. I believe that Kay Mazzo was the original girl in Mauve, Allegra Kent was the original girl in yellow, and Sally was in blue. Sorry. I also recall that the last time the company performed Dances, Jennie Ringer performed the girl in yellow, but still did the second pas de deux, i think that's where you're confused Leigh.
  5. I would love to see Albert Evens in a Fourth Movement Brahms or the lead male in Ballo. I was wonderful to finally see him on the stage again... Abbie Stafford too.
  6. What do you mean? It was a decent performance last night. City Ballet looked quite under-rehearsed and there were many slip ups. jennie ringer, however, was beautiful as always. The shock of the evening was that the audience didn't storm the pit last night, for the orchestra was the worst i have ever heard it. There were times when i actually coverded my ears: Puss and Boots; aurora's variation, and garland waltz, just to name some horrid renditions of tschaikovsky's music. I really wish that they would bring in guest horn players instead of dancers at this point. However, michael, i d
  7. Bethy, I think that you mean Polonaising, not pas de basqueing. Act III of Sleeping Beauty beings with a polonaise. How was puss and boots? I'm sorry i missed the performace and I would love to know how it went. Thanks
  8. Perhaps i am. Is it konstatin on the Great Pas de Deux video doing Black Swan, or is it Igor? I could be a bit confused.
  9. Witchel, thanks for your advice, i will try to not be offensive. I'm very passionate about ballet and the dance world. I'm not looking for a fight, just offering opinions from a group of people who know ALOT about ballet technique, performance, and NYCB. Plus, i really like meunier.
  10. Wow, i had no clue that Zelensky was so young! My earlier question was pertained to the ballet world, not dancing for oneself, but dancing for others.
  11. The best female dancer in ABT seems to have gone amissing from ABT's MET season casting. Watching Meunier dance is so inspiring and awe-bringing. Escpecially with so many technically hard ballets this season, with their Balanchine rep... Why would they cast the 30 years-past-her-prime Ananiashvili to "knuckle" across the stage in ABT's dreadful version of Tschaikovsky Piano Concerto 2 above Monique. She left NYCB to dance more, but it seems that she isn't doing a principal part once. Any insight?
  12. I'm not sure if anybody will agree with me, but don't you think there is a certain point where a dancer just needs to turn in his shoes? How old is he anyway? like 45?
  13. I do enjoy Maria's Swan Lake, her acting skills seem to only really come out in this part. However, contrary to the popular belief, a high arabesque is no ballet, nor is it dancing. In addition, City Ballet audiences have tended to have a more refined taste; i feel that people who clap for the arabesque might feel more at home when the MET is turned into SHAY Stadium for ABT's SPring season. One of the reasons that i love NYCB so much is that they dance with their bodies, not just flaunt them into tasteless bravura. I do agree that the arabesque is amazing physically, but it makes her neit
  14. Saturday night, at a performance of Donizetti and Scotch, i distinctly saw half the orchestra reading, doing crosswords, or chatting it up with the musician next to him/or her. DOING THE CROSSWORD! Should this be allowed? Or maybe they should be studying their music, which they so often fail to play correctly, unless they're under Quinn's baton?
  15. Come on.... Where's the Nicolaj Hubbe? If anybody does the best Rubies in City, it's him.
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