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  1. I'm ITA with you. I have never done it but I have heard it on a few occaisions. I too think it's very upsetting to the artist(s). But, the paying audience has the expectation and the right to see a competent and professional performance. If the artist is not ready or able - for whatever reason, (ill etc.) he/she should not be performing. However, casting (and *frequent casting*) is an administrative judgement call. I remember when MacMillan's "Isadora" had its first performances and the one I attended didn't go over very well. As for the Royal Opera, I remember a production of "Les Comtes d'Hoffmann" that evoked much of what you mentioned above in the fantasy sequence, and it was booed. Years ago at the Met, I remember soprano Renata Scotto was boo'd at the curtain call and she gave the audience the "Bronx Cheer" in return and left stage right. At the Mariinsky and the Bolshoi certain factions may whistle, and that goes for the opera and the ballet.
  2. Duato's "R & J" is danced by the Mikhailovsky. I saw it in winter 2012 and it's in two acts. It's essentially modern dance. Juliet and all the ladies are off pointe in slippers. In the bedroom pdd, the lovers are barefoot. As I recall, the lovers' pdds are wrestling matches and they each start in orbit. IMO that's problematic because contrary to the narrative they have nowhere to go. His version depends heavily on group dances, is sparing on character and dramatic development, with reflex, and at times jarring visual illustration of Prokofiev's score. The Mik's audience loves it, as they do his version of "Sleeping Beauty." Consequently it's been retained in the rep since his departure to Berlin.
  3. The productions I've seen IRL are: Lavrovsky, Grigorovich, Duato, MacMillan, Ashton, Cranko, Tomasson and Martins.
  4. I know the article didn't state that "... he has cameras in private areas like dressing rooms." I didn't infer that, and neither did the subject or the author of the piece. What Makhar is stating is that his voice can 'boom' in on the intercom. This could be disruptive to artists and coaches. Some people thrive under micromanagers; others don't.
  5. What? There's a fine line between self-preservation and paranoia. The Bolshoi never fails to amaze.
  6. Bravo Hugo Marchand! Congratulations to POB's newest Etoile !
  7. Please see attached NEA appropriations proposal. Let's do what we can to get involved and contact our government officials. https://www.arts.gov/sites/default/files/nea-fy2017-appropriations-request.pdf
  8. Fortunately, there will be another NYCB broadcast on PBS this Friday. Brace yourselves: "Symphony in C!"
  9. Thank you Natalia and Cubanmiamiboy for your reports !
  10. Mary Tyler Moore will be sorely missed. She was truly a pioneer. I recall that it was Natalya Bessmertnova who danced Juliet in this Bolshoi bicentennial telecast of "Romeo & Juliet." She was unforgettable. Thank you "rg" for posting this historic and priceless pic of Tyler-Moore and Ulanova.
  11. It has just been announced that star of television, stage and film, actress Mary Tyler Moore has passed away. RIP MTM . http://www.cnn.com/2017/01/25/entertainment/mary-tyler-moore-death/index.html
  12. She will be sorely missed. Martha Swope, RIP.
  13. Q: What other decrees will the Bishop try to implement re the "occult" "Swan Lake," "Giselle," "The Sleeping Beauty," and other works in the Russian & Western canon of ballet and opera? A: Stay tuned.
  14. Indeed. For me, he was the Master of the Scrim. He was the source of beautiful creations and designs for the ballet in general and the Royal Ballet in particular. I would like to think that there are designers who have been influenced by him, and young ones coming up today who will be inspired by his life and legacy. There won't be another one like him; he will be sorely missed. Peter Farmer, RIP .
  15. The overwhelming grief must have been too much for her to deal with. This is very, very sad news. Debbie Reynolds and her daughter Carrie Fisher will both be sorely missed. RIP Debbie Reynolds .
  16. Death seems to be on a rampage as 2016 comes to a close. Actress Carrie Fisher, the daughter of actress Debbie Reynolds has just passed away. Earlier this week, it seemed she might improve from a heart scare en route from Europe back to the U.S. Of course, she will always be remembered as Princess Leia in the original "Star Wars" films. Carrie, RIP .
  17. Best of 2016: Alexei Ratmansky's reconstruction of the 1895 production of "Swan Lake" for Ballett Zurich, La Scala Ballet, Ballet Zurich's Junior Ballet & La Scala Academy, along with their pedagogues and coaches for their work on this project. The "Best Swansdown Award" goes to Jerome Kaplan for his costumes and designs based on the 1895 originals for the same production. The " 'Pardon My French' Award" from Madame Brigitte Lefevre to Benjamin Millepied for his parting comments re the Paris Opera Ballet, and the quality of the students and faculty of Paris Academy under the direction of Elisabeth Platel. Aurelie Dupont was appointed Artistic Director of the Paris Opera Ballet. Paris Opera Ballet's "Giselle" marathon at Le Garnier, May 27 - June 13. NYCB The 40th Anniversary celebration and Gala of Washington Ballet at Kennedy Center. The promotions of Taylor Stanley to Principal Dancer at NYCB, and Francesca Hayward to Principal Dancer at the Royal Ballet. Miami City Ballet Principal Dancer, Simone Mesmer's Titania and MCB's aquatic-themed new production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream; and her debut in the title role of "Giselle." Uliana Lopatkina Victoria Tereshkina Alessandra Ferri's return to Juliet vs. Herman Cornejo's Romeo at the Met this past June. David Hallberg's return to the stage as Franz in the Australian Ballet's production of "Coppelia," after two years of absence to recover from injury. Stella Abrerra's long overdue ABT debut as Aurora in Ratmansky's "The Sleeping Beauty," her Paris debut in the role at the Opera Bastille in September with Alexander Hammoudi, and her Lise in "La Fille Mal Gardee" at the Met last Spring. The little bundles of joy born to Bolshoi ballerinas: Principal Dancer, Evgenia Obraztsova, Leading Soloist Maria Vinogradova, wife of Ivan Vasiliev, and corps de ballet member, Alevtina Rudina, wife of Semyon Chudin, and at the Mariinsky, Principal Dancer Daria Pavlenko and her husband, 1st Soloist Alexander Sergeev, welcomed their second child. "Best Salvage Operation Award" goes to Principal Dancer, Ekaterina Kondaurova and 1st Soloist Anastasia Kolegova for saving the Mariinsky Ballet's "Raymonda" engagement at Kennedy Center, Feb. 23 - 28, 2016. The Mariinsky Ballet's revival of Prokofiev's "The Stone Flower," with the stellar opening night cast of Ekaterina Osmolkina as Katerina, Andrei Ermakov as Danila, Konstantin Zverev as Severin, and Victoria Tereshkina as the Mistress of the Copper Mountain. World Ballet Day 2016 - Best Company Class: The Royal Ballet; Best Rehearsals - Royal Ballet A.D. Kevin O'Hare coaching Yasmine Nahgdi & Matthew Ball in the Act 3 "Sleeping Beauty" pas de deux and Natalia Osipova's rehearsal of "Anastasia;" and the National Ballet of Canada, Houston Ballet & School, and Australian Ballet segments. Vladimir Shklyarov & wife, 2nd Soloist Maria Shirikina for relocating to Munich - with option to return and appear at the Mariinsky, every now and then when the repertoire and schedule allows. Yuri Smekalov's revival (after Rotislav Zakharov) of "The Bronze Horseman" for the Mariinsky Ballet during their annual International Ballet Festival. Nadezhda Batoeva's overdue debut as Aurora in "The Sleeping Beauty" at the Mariinsky. "Most Improved Reviews Honorable Mention" blue ribbon goes to Hanna Weibye. "Best Review Title of the Year" Award: It's a tie for the Gold Medal - Leigh Wichtel for "Too Many Cooks Making the Same Broth," and Ilona Llangraf for *"B.S." *(Ms. Llangraf spelled out the word for her review of "COW," by Swedish choregrapher, Alexander Ekman for Dresden Semperoper Ballet). The "Oh Mein Gott - Drop The Mic Award" goes to the rank and file of the Berlin Staatsballett for their protest response to the dual A.D. appointment of Sasha Waltz and Johannes Ohman with this statement: "Unfortunately, the appointment has to be compared to an appointment of a tennis trainer as a football coach, or an art museum director as an orchestra director." Longtime Mariinsky coryphee, Svetlana Ivanova's extremely rare appearance this year in the 11th Waltz of "Chopiniana," during the Mariinsky Ballet's Fokine Evening, in the Sping and opening night of the current season. Ballet Master, Boris Akimov's 50th Anniversary Season of Creative Work Gala" on March 31 at the Bolshoi Theatre. Mariinsky Principal, Kimin Kim's first Benois de la Danse award for his Solor in Nureyev's production of "La Bayadere," with POB. The "It Could Go Either Way" Category: Jacopo Tissi left La Scala and joined the Bolshoi Ballet. Ralph Fiennes in the title role of Rupert Gould's production of "Richard III" vs. Vanessa Redgrave's Queen Margaret at London's Almeida Theatre; the Chicago Cubs won the World Series; the numerous tributes, productions, programmes and memorials marking the 400th anniversary of the life and death of William Shakespeare, the best of which took place at the Royal Shakespeare Company's HQ in Stratford-on-Avon & the Folger Library & Museum in Washington DC. (Back to Topic) Worst of 2016: "Next Time, Read The Red Carpet Comp. Package Fine Print" Award: From France's state auditors, Cours Des Comptes to Garnier & POB's management for its 9/16/16 published report revealing expenses run up during Benji Millepied's tenure as POB A.D. These included but were not limited to: 24/7 limo service, meals at high priced Michelin starred restaurants, and taxi cab tabs that totaled +€100,000. "My Checkbook Is Closed" Award - from recent longtime Munich Bayerisches Staatsballett primary donor Irene Lejeune to new A.D., Igor Zelensky, for his plans for and remarks in the German media about the Munich company. This also resulted in the mass exodus of 27 dancers, among whom were Principals Lucia Lacarra and her husband Marlon Dino. This segues to the next bullet point. "We Need A Full-time A.D. Award:" Presented to Laurent Hilaire, from Moscow's Stanislavsky Ballet. Hilaire was hired as the new A.D. replacing Zelensky, and before him, for a record brief period, former Bolshoi premier danseur noble, Andrei Uvarov. "The Official Reason is 'Sciatica' Award:" To Mauro Bigonzetti for his unexpected resignation announcement as A.D. of La Scala at the start of the 2016-2017 season. The "Stick To Opera Award" goes to opera producer, Dmitri Tchierniakov for Paris Opera Ballet's new production of "The Nutcracker." "The Worst 'Hard Nut' Imitation Award" goes to the stagers Sidi Larvi Cherkaoui's, Eduoud Lock's and Arthur Pita for the same production. "Best Soviet Cosmonaut Suits & '50s Prêt-à-Porter Award" goes to Elena Zaitseva for the same production. The "Co-Presidency Award" goes to Julie Kent & Victor Barbee for their appointments as A.D. and Asst. A.D. of Washington Ballet respectively. Natalia Osipova & Sergei Polunin for the "Natalia Osipova & Guests" project at Sadlers Wells Theatre and the Edinburgh International Festival. Cue Mussorgsky's "Baba Yaga" music: Ex-convict, Pavel Dmitrichenko gets a Bolshoi Theatre pass to take company class and "possibly" resume his career there. General Director Vladimir Urin & A.D. Makhar Vaziev for giving Dmitrichenko the Bolshoi Theatre pass and for entertaining the thought of re-hiring him in the first place. World Ballet Day's worsts: Facebook's coverage of this year's event, and the entire San Francisco Ballet and Bolshoi segments. The perennial Alastair Macaulay, New York Times, Yuri Fateyev & Maestro Valery Gergiev The Washington Post for publishing a piece on 5/3/16 titled, "Why Does The Misty Copeland Barbie Doll Look So...White?" Cue Kermit: "It's Not Easy Bein' Green" Award goes to Ekaterina Chebykina who was cast as the Mistress of the Copper Mountain in the Mariinsky revival of Prokofiev's "The Stone Flower." The libretto and Grigorovich's choreography calls for a lizard/woman. That's phylum - chordata, super classification - tetrapoda, sub-classification - reptilian, order - squamata. This wasn't the image nor the effect that was given, but rather that of an amphibian. The "Trois-Fois-Deux" Award goes to ABT A.D. Kevin Mackenzie for casting three couples in the leading roles for Acts 1 - 3 in one performance of Ashton's "Sylvia" at the Met. Oxana Skorik's opening night rendition of "Raymonda" at Kennedy Center during the Mariinsky's February engagement. The passing of: Yvette Chauviré, Jay Fishman, Nancy Meehan, Judith Cruickshank, Raymond Stults, Violette Verdy, Anna Laerkesen, Murray Lewis; from the entertainment world - Gene Wilder, Patti Duke-Astin, Charmian Carr, Florence Henderson, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Michele Morgan, and day after her daughter Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds; from the sports world - Muhammad Ali, from the pop/rock/alternative music world - David Bowie, Prince, George Michael, Pete Burns, Lou Cohen, the loss of the Alexandrov Ensemble Choir & Orchestra (also known as the Red Army Chorus), their new director of just a few months, Valery Khalilov and philanthropist Elizaveta Glinka in a plane crash over the Black Sea on Christmas Day; from the classical music world - Sir Neville Marriner; from the theatre world - James Nederlander; from the fashion world - Sonia Rykiel; and John Glenn. The retirement of: Genesia Rosato, Benjamin Pech, Elisha Willis, Gudrun Bojesen & Carlos Acosta. Liam Scarlett's full length "Frankenstein" for the Royal Ballet & to be co-produced with San Francisco Ballet. Yuri Possukhov's Vyacheslav Samodurov's full length "Ondine" for the Bolshoi Ballet.
  18. It's just been announced that George Michael has passed away. He was a beautiful person with a beautiful voice and he will be missed. RIP George ! http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-15925376
  19. She appeared in more than 60 films, *notably "Gigi" with former ballerina Leslie Caron, was noted for her nine marriages; and was once, one of the most glamorous women in old Hollywood. She was one of the pioneers of "famous for being famous," and she did it in an era without social media or reality TV. The last of the Gabor sisters, Zsa Zsa has passed away at the age of 99. http://www.latimes.com/local/obituaries/la-me-zsa-zsa-gabor-20161218-story.html "I'm a great housekeeper dahlink: Whenever I leave a man, I always keep his house." RIP Zsa Zsa.
  20. Star of television and stage, Florence Henderson, best known as Mrs. Brady on "The Brady Bunch" has passed away. Florence Henderson, RIP. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/25/arts/television/florence-henderson-brady-bunch-dies.html?_r=0
  21. IM very HO, I believe this fiasco is best summarized by three words found within this NYT 'hit' piece: "...ethically dubious decision."
  22. Happy Halloween Bolshoi: Pasha is back in action. http://www.mk.ru/culture/2016/10/30/dmitrichenko-otsidevshiy-za-kislotnoe-napadenie-vernulsya-v-bolshoy-teatr.html
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