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    I am a student and lifelong ballet fan. I love researching the history of ballet. I'm also very interested in the craft of pointe shoe making.
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  1. YES! I do believe it was Baranova as the ostrich, now that I think about it. Now, I wonder who the hippo was? Riabouchinska, perhaps? Thanks for the information, RG, and Mel!
  2. I'm having trouble finding information on this ballet (Dance of the Hours, or Danza delle Ore). I'm pretty sure it was preformed in the 30s or 40s. The music is the same as that of Amilcare Poncelli's opera La Gioconda. You probably know it as the ballet danced by animated ostriches, hippos, elephants and crocodiles in Disney's Fantasia (my all- time favorite Disney movie!). Also, I read an obituary of a famous Russian ballerina a few years back (1998?) that said her movements were portrayed by the hioop in Fantasia. If anyone has any info on the choreography, when and where was preformed
  3. I LOVE Harlequinade! I would really like to attend... but unfortunately I live too far away, and it would require a whole trip... Oh, and I agree with Liebs- Ringer as Columbine would be amazing!
  4. To clarify this: What I meant by "firey" dancers with no emotion (I know it soulds like an oxmyoron) is how some dancers are fast and furious technique- wise (firey) but seem to convey no emotion with their dancing. What I mean by this would be those dancers who are "technique- machines" that bring nothing to their role besides technique.
  5. I'm sorry if I implied that I wanted to trash dancers for sport. That wasn't what I meant at all! Of course, no matter how much you love ballet, there are going to be dancers you like more than others, and thought a discussion of what people don't like in a dancer would make a good topic. Since you said to keep it general, I tend not to like dancers whose style would be considered "firey." :angry: I also don't like it when a dancer has virtuoso technique, yet dances with no drama or emotion at all (which usualy incluses those "firey" dancers...) What you said about Park was interesting
  6. Who is your least favorite dancer, and why do you not like them (if there is a reason at all!) Come on, I know you all have one... heehee Marie- Adelaide!
  7. I've noticed that dancers trained in the Russian method tend to have a different body type than those who are not. In contrast to other methods, which tend to produce dancers with bodies that look like straight up-and-down "sticks," the Vaganova method generally produces dancers with a large ribcage and a small waist. Their legs are also more "curvaceous" (if you could ever say that about ballet dancers!) I'm assuming the ribcage difference is because dancers trained in other methods are not told to extend the torso and protrude the ribs. But what can explain the legs? What does the Vagan
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