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    I saw the Cojocaru/Kobburg cast on Friday. I'd never seen this ballet before but I honestly think that (in my limited experience) this is the best thing I've seen the Royal Ballet do. The corps were very together, and I loved Cojocaru in this role. The Royal are supposed to be famous for their clean, defined style, but I felt that this was the first time I'd really seen that in action. I was worried because I was so looking forward to seeing this that it might not live up to my expectations but it did, and more!
  2. beckster


    I'm going to see this in ... three hours time! Cojocaru/Kobburg cast. I've never seen this ballet and I have wanted to for ages, so I am very excited!
  3. Well you know, I could only see 50% of the stage, so maybe I didn't get a good impression of the variations because I didn't see the whole thing. It's sometimes very hard to watch a ballet when you're at the same time trying to concentrate on maximising your view! I really didn't like the fairy godmother though.
  4. I went to see this on the spur of the moment yesterday. I went to the saturday matinee and I stood in the lower slips so didn't see everything. I liked Ashton's choreography of the corps fairies - the V-arm positions made it different and interesting. But generally I wasn't that impressed. It was as though it couldn't be sure whether it was a pantomime or a ballet and ended up being poor attempts at either. Jaimie Tapper was in the lead role, and I liked her - she's so pretty and lively! But she injured herself at the end of the second act so they brought Alina Cojocaru on for the third a
  5. I read Middlesex by Jeffery Eugenides not long ago. I really enjoyed it - I thought it was better than the Virgin Suicides. I doubly enjoyed it because of my interest in genetics, but the story of the family was a great read in itself. It is definitely not a kids book, though!
  6. I disliked "Life of Pi". It was very nicely written but I hated the ending so much that I put it back on the shelf in disgust and I will never read it again. I'll say no more in case people haven't read it yet. I am having a charity-shop random read at the moment. I keep buying rubbishy whodunnits and crime thrillers for less than £1, reading them, and then giving them back. I'm waiting for "Lady and the Unicorn" by Tracey Chevalier to come out in paperback. I highly recommend one of her books - "Girl with a Pearl Earring" which has just been made into a film with Colin Firth. I have se
  7. Last night I saw the Royal Ballet perform La Bayadere. Nikiya was performed by Tamara Rojo, Solor by Carlos Acosta, and Gamzatti by Marianela Nunez. I really really enjoyed this ballet. I’ve never seen it before, and parts of it were quite breathtaking. I was sitting right at the back of the amphitheatre as usual (cheapskate). I wish I had made notes at the time, as I’m going to find it hard to remember everything I thought! So, off we go to some weird Indian land where salwar kameez and tutus are worn in equal number. I’ve seen Tamara Rojo before several times, and I do like her. She
  8. I buy tickets when I can afford them, and I pick things I want to see. So that means that I recently bought a ticket for La Bayadere (Royal Ballet), which is on this week, and two tickets for performances after Christmas. I am also trying to organise my friends to go and see Nutcracker! (Matthew Bourne) and if our previous outings have been anything to go by, we will end up booking tickets the day before!
  9. When I go to the ballet I just go in whatever I'm wearing - which is usually jeans, t-shirt and trainers. I don't do it on principle - I just tend to go straight from work and that's what I wear there. I think people look more ridiculous if they are in an evening gown or something. Anyway, people should be there to see the ballet, not to see what other people are wearing.
  10. I'm going on the last night (13th) where I think it will be Nunez, Acosta and Rojo. I am really looking forward to it - especially the kingdom of the shades which my teacher told me all about. I really like a good corps de ballet scene. Incidentally, what is the correct way to pronounce the ballet. Is it "bey-a-dare" or "bye-a-dare" or something else?!
  11. I think it's because of Ballet Alert that ... I started dancing and I'm still dancing now. If I hadn't met people like Xena and skippy in real life, I would never have kept going. And I never would have met them in the first place without this site.
  12. I love story ballets. Going back to the mime/dancing thing, I used to dislike Coppelia because I felt shortchanged by the fact that the main story finishes long before the dancing does. In fact the story is just lame. Then someone explained to me that the "extra" dancing usually adds to the story and the characters, like in Swan lake the variations aren't just for show, but are to represent (for example) that Odile is flirting with the prince. I really like the traditions of ballet, and I think they are best represented by the story ballets. Would you count Apollo as a story ballet? Beca
  13. I think this is a very interesting point. I am finding that the ballets I have enjoyed are those where the dancing is technically very well executed. Musicality is very important to me too. I am not bothered so much about characterisation although I do recognise that a ballet wouldn't be the same without a degree of acting. I would far rather see a corps de ballet who are all exactly together and on the beat, than a Juliet who is acting beautifully but dancing sloppily. I find choreography very important too - so far I have loved the choreography of some things (RB's Swan Lake and Raymond
  14. I've spoken about this before on the adult board. For the past four years I've been doing a PhD which required total absorption in my work. After a few months I found it difficult to stop thinking about my work outside of the lab. In addition, I wasn't getting much exercise. Ballet (once I worked out that was what I wanted to do ... the idea came from the enjoyment I got from the few ballet exercises we did when I was a teenager doing rhythmic gym) solved my problems. When non-ballet people ask me why I do it, I say it's like yoga with brains. It requires such a degree of concentration a
  15. My standard diet at university was pasta and sauce. The sauce is made from economy tinned tomatos, mashed up and cooked with some garlic and dried oregano - total cost per meal less than 50p. The sauce is actually pretty tasty and I still eat it a lot - but now I can afford nice tinned tomatos and add other veg, which probably doubles the price! I could never understand people who lived on Pot Noodles or similar, when making pasta was cheaper, healthier and tasted about a million times nicer. More washing-up though. Oh the squalor of the houses though. The worst one I lived in had slugs,
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