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    Alina Somova

    But that's just it, it's not a question of "skewing" casting if anything the casting has been skewed in favour of the 40-something veteran Lopatkina. Somova is the youngest principal at the Mariinksy, and let's not forget incredible dancers like Obratsova are still only first soloists and yet she's been given precendence in all castint not only in London but at home too over Somova. The Mariinsky have done as much as they can to bury Somova within the rep. She's only performing four times and only twice in full lengths, and one of those is buried in the matinee. A great dancer will dominate
  2. He rose to soloist at ABT where he spent five years at that level, then switched to NYCB as a soloist spending two years abouts as a soloist before finally being promoted to principal. He's probably have been promoted to principal far quicker had he not been only three feet tall, or thereabouts.
  3. Simon G

    Alina Somova

    I think that uncertainty comes more from being unable to predict whether she'll make it through to the end of a performance without completely screwing up, mildly screwing up and how many nails she's going to hammer into Petipa's coffin this time around. Though in one area of artistry Somova excels above all others, Le Ballet de Funky Chicken. What's a Petipa ballerina? If you're talking about a classical ballerina, good turnout, good use of feet, restrained extension in the classical form - then on all those levels Somova is a non starter. Somova has no line, that's part of her problem
  4. I know. But if it is proven beyond all reasonable doubt that the Artistic Head of an arts organisation, a public servant of an organisation with strong links to the Danish Royal family and funded mainly by taxpayer's money has been sharing/forcing cocaine upon his employees, who in some cases may be teenagers, does anyone here think that he'll keep his job? If the parties all come forward and it be proven, it will be news, it will be investigated by the police who may very well decide to press charges given how high profile the case is. I mean we can debate the whole gossip vs legitimate n
  5. Well, I reckon those jobs are in jeopardy anyway, if it did indeed take place the anonymous cat is out of the bag. Since the report makes anonymous third party allegations it is gossip, not news. If those dancers have legitimate grievances then it's highly unlikely Hubbe would keep his job - those are serious allegations, so those dancers have to decide whether or not they want to exercise that kind of power, or even if they want to complain. After all this is third party gossip, they may have had a high old time, if it happened. And what were the motives for the third parties who decided to
  6. Dirac The real reason for this is because Murdoch was part of the central Illuminati Cabal establishing a New World Order, but he broke away from his brethren wanting total world domination of the media and looked close to achieving this. So the other Leaders of the Illuminati, sensing one of their own was about to destroy the balance of power by becoming greater than any of them, engineered his downfall along with the Masons, the Bilderberg Group, the Lucis Society, UN, Rothschilds, the Vatican and coven of Baphomet.
  7. I'm not dismissing the claims. I said they may very well be true. And yes anonymous sources are used in reports, tabloid journalism, studies and areas of medical privacy. But what we're talking about here is people wanting a full proceedural report and investigation which could lead to criminal charges, sackings and the destruction of people's reputation. So if you do want a legally legitimate investigation the "anonymous" and indeed "anonymous reporting on alleged actions by anonymous" won't do. It certainly wouldn't stand up in a court of law, unless Hubbe was to say it was all true and giv
  8. Hubbe and the dancers pay tax too, which also funds the Ballet. How they spend their money is none of your business. And do you truly believe that the way all public service officials, civil servants, armed forces, doctors etc use their wages for wholly wholesome things? Our taxes also bailed out massive merchant banks when they screwed up with our money and those dudes are some of the biggest drug abusers out there. And do you truly think that drugs didn't exist within the RDB before Hubbe?
  9. Actually, no. What's being alleged is a third party anonymously saying that anonymous dancers did lines of coke with the AD. For you this is an obvious power trip, for me, personally, I don't believe that's the way it went down if it did indeed go down. I think it also muddies the waters to bring in sexual harassment, this is a completely different kettle of fish altogether.
  10. Actually that's not what I think at all. I don't think there should be an investigation because I don't think that doing drugs is that big of a deal and I have absolutely no problem with dancers or anyone else doing drugs - unlike the cabal here who think a full lynch mob/roasting/witch hunt is in order. Especially not in dance companies where believe me it's rife. I actually object to the moral umbrage expressed here which equates coke with a Gelsey Kirkland style horror fest. My point is that those poor little darlings who snorted coke (allegedly) with Hubbe did so of their own free will. N
  11. This is really starting to do my head in. Firstly Watergate, the bugging of a political opponent I can absolutely believe. Indeed at the moment in the UK the News International/Murdoch scandal, I can believe, Elvis living in Nevada and working in a roadside diner - I can believe. The Loch Ness monster going into business with Hugh Heffner to make an interspecies pay to view adult cable channel - I could believe. This infantile allegation, now that I can't believe. A man with an international reputation, calling subordinates into his office, chopping up lines of cocaine and sitting there watch
  12. You say they deserve to remain anonymous, fine, perhaps, but by the same token what they say cannot absolutely cannot be taken as anything approaching truth, the stakes are too high. If what they claim to have happened did indeed take place as they say, then they're as good as sacked anyway. Do you seriously seriously believe that Hubbe would take four employees into his office, juniors, cut up lines of cocaine and coerce them into snorting in front of him while he watched? Hubbe may be many things but a total moron isn't one of them. The situation described is one so idiotic, far-fetched and
  13. Yes, and it turned up anonymous reports of cocaine use, which Jacobsen squelched and now refuses to investigate further. It’s possible he’s trying to protect his dancers because he believes they’re innocent, but everyone knows that the way to do that is to authorize a full investigation. (And Hubbe’s being clean at the time the news broke hardly proves the allegations are untrue). He’s acting like he thinks they’re guilty. Commissioning a study and then dismissing its findings as “unfounded” speaks for itself. If rules do prevent Jacobsen from taking action, his statement, which sounds ill
  14. I think people need to get out of their Gelsey Kirkland/Dancing On My Grave mindset. The kind of Amy Winehouse-esque addiction is rare, very rare and has nothing to do with the profession of dance and everything about personal choice. A Kirkland or Bissell would probably have found their way to addiction whether they were a dancer, doctor, PR guru or landscape gardener. I also think it's highly convenient that this "report" was commissioned and the totally anecdotal vague findings published to coincide with Hubbe's tenure and the growing claque against him, as if drug use in the RDB didn't ex
  15. I agree with Leonid, this has all the hallmarks of a muck-spreading exercise to discredit and "Shame" and oust a maverick artistic director whose methods offend the old guard. Nevermind the fact Hubbe has revitalised RDB, they wanted it to be revitalised in a way that they "approved" of. To take Hubbe's statement about cocaine use in NY out of context is specious and meaningless, cocaine is massive business, he could just have easily said that anyone within certain industries anywhere in the world has done cocaine. It's estimated that over 80% of bank notes in circulation in London have trace
  16. How terrible. But you seem to have recovered quite nicely and up to your old form. So that's something to be thankful for?
  17. I think the giveaway is that it's the Style Section. Which is about product placement, designers book space in publications for adverts on the proviso that their brand is mentioned/shown x number of times. Dvorovenko was just helping them fill their quota.
  18. GBF, A good question and one which Monica Mason is most qualified to answer, as you've just summed up the Royal Ballet's artistic policy pretty succinctly.
  19. Exactly, he did the majority of his training at Perm, then won a Prix de Lausanne Scholarship to finish his training at the RBS. Like you said why they didn't snap him up for the company is anyone's guess. He was the same year as Sergei Polunin, so possibly Mason felt two Russian trained dancers was too much, but how can you have too much of a good thing? Muntagirov is actually far more versatile than Polunin, he's taller too so can pretty much partner any ballerina within the company and also there's just something unnusual about him he has a slightly bizarre presence, if that makes sense? Bu
  20. Vadim Muntagirov? He is tall and had received very good reviews from the British critics and bloggers. Vadim Muntagirov is potentially brilliant. He's six foot one, with the turning capability of a short virtuoso dancer, incredible line and jump. He's forged a hugely successful partnership at ENB with Daria Klimentova a 40 year old ballerina and with her has become an exceedingly good actor. He's a very rare combination of danseur noble physique, with huge technical ability. It's synonymous of Monica Mason's bizarre hiring policy that she didn't snap him up for the Royal Ballet, though I
  21. Indeed, but it does make me wonder what would happen to the Cunningham rep if they were to follow the NYCB model of keeping the company doors open long past the death of the founder. That's an easy one to answer, look to the remnants of the Martha Graham Company. That's where they'd be in five years tops.
  22. Surely it's better than "mid"? But seriously, folks, I agree the smell can be pretty repellent. Even when I did smoke I found smoking rooms unbearable, the stench from a day old ash tray was vile and I'm more aware now of the stink from clothes. But there are times when I catch a whiff of smoke and am instantly taken back to nostalgie de la boue. Can I also just clarify, yes I agree that Nanarina had every right to express her concern and distaste for Gillot and Dupont, where it and the conversation became a bit odd and why I took umbrage was the notion of role models, the intense criticis
  23. That all sounds very neat. Except that legal liberty is enforceable by law and a part of statute, practical liberty doesn't actually exist and is personal to the individual's moral code and sensibilities and hold no water in terms of the real world, unless of course they become an illegal act. I’m not sure I understand all of what you’re saying, but it's intriguing. What do you mean when you say that what I've described as practical liberty doesn't exist? I’m talking about whether smokers are free to smoke in certain public places or non-smokers are free to enjoy them as they wish to, with
  24. That all sounds very neat. Except that legal liberty is enforceable by law and a part of statute, practical liberty doesn't actually exist and is personal to the individual's moral code and sensibilities and hold no water in terms of the real world, unless of course they become an illegal act. And just as a smokers freedom ends at the point of your nose, so does yours at the point of the smokers as he exhales.
  25. But what if they're a role model?
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