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  1. Miss Gage was extremely generous in so many ways. Her financial support allowed ABTII and JoffreyII to train hundreds of young dancers, and she gave such warmth, kindness, and encouragement to all. She will be missed. From the New York Times: Gage Bush Englund, Ballet Mistress and Dancer, Dies at 77
  2. The following was part of the death notice in today's Washington Post: Although I knew her only slightly, I had great respect for her. What a terrible loss.
  3. Here's a story from the New York Times with this quote: Sounds like a lockout to me.
  4. Here is an update. -------------------- Dance teacher to serve 6 years -------------------- Howard man convicted in second sex abuse case; Time added to Macedo's sentence; Third case involving an ex-student is pending By Lisa Goldberg Sun Staff August 14, 2004 A former Ellicott City dance teacher convicted this spring of molesting a young student was sentenced yesterday to six years in prison -- in addition to the six years he is serving for the sexual assault of another student. Jose Anibal Macedo stood quietly as Howard Circuit Judge James B. Dudley imposed consecutive and concurre
  5. If you don't mind a few-minutes walk, parking at the Watergate is only $10.
  6. If you can possibly make it tonight, run, don't walk, to get tickets for Batsheva at the Eisenhower. Last night's performance was inspirational. You will see excellent, contemporary modern choreography; extremely strong dancers, any one of whom can hold the audience breathless; works full of comedy, drama, and eccentricities; and great music (although it is often too loud). One of my favorites was an audience participation piece that is just brilliant. You can see this great performance for only $19 in the balcony--perfect view. Don't miss it!
  7. Fishko's piece is excellent. I especially liked the articulate, insightful comments of the dancers. And she's right when she says that the film should be seen on the big screen--if it's still playing in your city, don't wait for the DVD. On a personal note, I loved seeing friends and former colleagues on the big screen! It was also quite emotional for me to see characters and events that really existed portrayed (relatively) accurately. Despite its shortcomings, I really enjoyed the film.
  8. Here in the Washington, DC, area, it is showing at one theater in the city, one in the Maryland suburbs, and one in the Virginia suburbs. Not great, but it sounds better than some of your reports from other areas.
  9. Dance teacher gets 6 years in sexual abuse Assault of young student occurred over two years By Lisa Goldberg Sun Staff October 21, 2003 An Ellicott City ballet teacher convicted of sexually abusing a young student during two years of private lessons was sentenced yesterday to six years in prison. Hobbled by injuries from a serious accident that forced the postponement of his sentencing Thursday, Jose Anibal Macedo stared at the trial table as Howard Circuit Judge Dennis M. Sweeney imposed a 20-year sentence with all but six years suspended.... Complete article available here: http://ww
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