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  1. I agreed. act I has too much going on on a small stage. I had hard time to find out the 2 main characters. 2nd act was mesmerizing , music and choreographic wise. Waston and Stager in the martinee performance did not have chemistry. And act iii, female dancers did not do well. I had to stay for the evening performance to be satisfied.
  2. Just came back from the Sun Martinee. Wow, the kids did not show any sign of exhaustion after 3 shows. They really brought down the house and audience returned back with stand ovations. Some moments I was thinking sitting in a Cirque du Soleil performance. This is my 1st time at OCPAC. The stage might be the same size as Berkeley stage, however the stage is quiet! To me the technique of osipova and vasiliev are brilliant except lacking the arm expression of Osipova. I preferred the character of Don Quixote by Kirov dancer which to me had a dreamy nature, out of the world feeling. T
  3. I saw both Friday and Sunday performances. Alina is no disappointment. She might not be techniquely perfect, she is good at moving audience, her portrait of Kitri is more like a naughty girl. My favorite is Diana! Every pose she is trying for perfection, not compromising the character in the mean while! She is a street wise Kitri! After the performance, I got signature from her, she is sooo warm in person, exquisite and beautiful.
  4. what a jinx of fate! I exchanged ticket to avoid Sat Somova's cast posted on Ardani website to see Fri Vishneva, the lastest cast change just posted on Cal revealed that Somova was moved to Friday! Dont follow me, Somova! Thank god, I have bought Sun Martinee which somehow having Vishneva. What is wrong with this time, all the big changes, 1st no show for Loptkina, then all shuffling around for the Weekend casts. Kirov, though I love you so much, still can not tolerate the outrageous changes of the last minute! No more change please!
  5. Dear Ballet lovers, I have one extra ticket for sale for Oct 18 (Sat) Evening performance Don Quixote. The seat is B123 central Mezzanine. Please contact qichen3vt@yahoo.com if you are interested. Price is $90 + shipping. Thanks for forum coordinators allowing me to post this message. Sophie
  6. Helene, Stern grove is close to Golden state park, a popular place for free concerts in summer. There are tables for picnic and you can sit on the lawn to enjoy the show. The place is not very big so you could have a good view even at farthest corner. They have a website for the concert schedule: http://www.sterngrove.org/ This fall's Kirov tour at Berkerley should be more attractive!
  7. Thanks Helene for the review. I saw the same performance and was fully swept by it. Your review brings back those delightful and precious moments... I have been waiting for positive review after the play...
  8. I saw the R&J this opening night at Zellerbach. Even though I think it is a fantastic performance, looks to me it is kind of waste of talents for the group members. It might be a showoff for the choreographer. corps de ballet seems to be kind of organic prop to me.. I was sitting at left tier 1 row, which was by the side of Orchastra, it was so close to the stage and you can even have the eye contact with dancers. Even though a small portion of the stage was blocked, I was glad that most of the major events occurred at my side of the stage. Maria is a great dramatic actress, I felt h
  9. Thanks Millamant for your reply. I am glad to go for the 1st row of right tier instead of the last row in Orchestra. I loved the R& J music also and got tickets for next year SF symphony performance. Helene, sorry that I was meaning the Nov.3 performance. I also bought the Raymoda for Nov 7 that might be the cause of confusion. I have been to Berkerly twice for ballet but both time sitting far far away. This time I bought 2nd level tickets. Wish to live closer and be able to afford better seats and see different performances.
  10. Thanks Natasha and Helene! I think with your advice, I will enjoy and understand more about the performance. And I will remember your word to keep an open mind...After watching "the afternoon of a faun", I was ready to accept anything for ballet!
  11. Just bought ticket to see Nov 7 Romeo & Juliet by Alexandova @ Berkeley. I was trying to figure out which seat is best, one is the last row of Orchestra and one is 1 row of upper left tier.. the box office guy was not helping too much at all giving advice, then I chose the upper tier for an hovering view of the stage, but at the risk not seeing all the stage, wish I made the right decision! Natalia, I have watched Romeo & Juliet by Stuggart, videos by Ulanova and Royal Ballet. Which version Bolshoi will play this time? And what are the scenes one should definitely wake up and be pre
  12. Looks to me the stars on tour are mostly those not in their peak time. I am wondering they must keep their A-list principals in Bolshoi own season performance. Correct me if I am wrong...
  13. Just found Bolshoi will come to Berkeley again this Nov. Two programs: Romeo & Juliet; Raymonda.
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