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  1. Yipeee! My daughter and I just returned from Paris yesterday and we had good luck! We went to line up Friday night at Opera Garnier for same day tickets (Cinderella) and ended up in the 8th row center. I went to the window at 3 pm and I asked where I should start the line for the 6:45 ticket waiting. The woman at the window had just received 2 orchestra tickets and she sold them to us right on the spot. I felt like Cinderella myself!!!! Fabulous, fabulous. Thanks to previous responders I knew the procedure and I am sure it helped.
  2. This topic is from so long ago that I wonder if the procedure is the same. As I read the posts above it seems that if I want to get standby tickets (Opera Garnier) I should: 1. Try lining up early morning for the 11 AM window opening ...and/or 2. Try lining up 4:30 or 5:00 for a 6:45 PM window opening ...and.... The chances are better with option #2 Is that correct? And do they require cash? Thanks!
  3. My daughter and I were also fortunate to see Sat night's production...WOW!! We loved Larissa's dancing, the set, and the costumes. The careening carriage got our attention and it was fun to see such a smooth recovery. A magical evening. We really miss Pollyanna, however! She was the "replacement" in our hearts for Jennifer, the dancer that we connected with the most. It is funny how we all have our favorites. One more thing..I was shocked and pleased to see so many young people in the audience on a Sat night. No doubt most of them are taking advantage of the $15 student rush. I was very encouraged for the future.
  4. Jackie Cronsburg is retiring from BWNE anad MYB, closing her schools, and merging them with Boston Ballet! She will be taking over the new Boston Ballet Ensemble.She also brings with her a close relationship with the George Balanchine Trust. I think the new students will be a boon to the Metrowest studio especially. It sounds like exciting news for Boston Ballet and the Boston Ballet School. Any thoughts?
  5. I had the good fortune to be able to attend Wuthering Heights on Saturday evening. Such beautiful and handsome creatures those pob dancers are! I am not a very experienced ballet fan and I loved the ballet, although I found the story a bit hard to follow. Thank goodness I had the sense to print out the plot summary before I left home....otherwise I would have been REALLY lost. It had been many years since I read the book or had seen the movie. I loved the sets/ scenery. For a scene that took place in a meadow, there were what seemed like hundreds of weighted plastic wildflowers that dropped simotaneously from the rafters.... with an enormous bang! I thought that was fabulous. As the dancers rolled around on the floor (and each other) the flowers just sprang back to life. Pretty cool idea. Has it been done before? Did anybody else see the ballet? What did you think?
  6. From another angle, the students of the Boston Ballet School (including my DD) are soooo disappointed about losing Lamb because they identify with someone who came before them AT THE SAME SCHOOL. Since my daughter started at BB School years ago she always idolized Jennifer Gelfand, another home-grown BB ballerina. When Jennifer left at the beginning of this season, my daughter became a huge fan of Sarah Lamb. Will someone else now replace them in my daughter's young heart?
  7. Did anybody else go to the Boston Ballet Gala Performance last night? The Boston Ballet School's intensive levels 4-7 performed... as well as several alums and current BB dancers. I loved every minute of the dancing by the students and professionals...an interesting and very different night of ballet! I wish there had been a larger audience!
  8. cygne blanc, It keeps saying This menu is disabled. I am at pgratton@comcast.net
  9. Thank you for the correction in location....I had no idea. Thanks for saving me even more public embarrassment! As to the writing in French, my daughter has already been writing (beginner's french) to a penpal in France that has been writing her back in very basic english. But if someone wrote her back in French it would be fine, too. It'll get her to use her dictionary more! The girls were assigned randomly through school. They don't seem to have any interests in common so the letters are pretty dry. My daughter thought that if she had a pal who was also passionate about ballet that they could write about their performances, roles, draw costumes, exchange embarrassing moment stories, etc! I don't think I can email or pm you because I am a new member. Shall I publish my email for all to see? I'm not sure how that works. :mondieu:
  10. How about a POB teacher's name? My almost 13yr old dancer is looking for a 13yr old french penpal from POB school. Ideally, if she could address her request to a teacher of her age group maybe it would get passed into the right hands. I am going to be in Paris this weekend so I could bring it into Garnier if I knew the right door. Or hand it to a guard. But I sort of don't want to just post it for her on a bulletin board (with her photo and address)...that makes me nervous. I am going to take her to Paris with me for her birthday at the end of May and we hope to attend a performance. Thanks for any ideas!
  11. We just returned home after seeing the Sunday performance of Kirov.I am a parent of a DD and we both enjoyed the program. I have no brilliant insights to report other than my DD (age 12) was enthralled with the technical brilliance of it all! Of course I get caught up with her enthusiasm! But...she and I discussed what it would be like if our "home team" Boston Ballet had been presenting the program instead of Kirov. Does anybody out there have a real prejudice in favor of their own company? She and I agreed that Kirov was more talented than BB...but there is something about seeing your hometown stars ....!!! I'm kinda embarrassed about this..... Any thoughts?
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