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  1. I enjoyed this movie also. The actress who played the queen, Alicia Vikander, also plays Kitty in the 2012 Anna Karenina.
  2. I've seen the Sophie Marceau version. I can't comment on casting, acting, etc., but I loved it as a costume drama. Beautiful scenery and soundtrack. A little ballet at the theater scene, and some nice scenes of singing peasants.
  3. It's interesting sometimes, the things that we find beautiful. I saw Firebird twice in California. The first time, I thought it was okay, but I spent most of my time trying to understand the sets, the costumes and the choreography. The second time I saw it (with Misty Copeland), I absolutely fell in love with it, and it surprised me. I am a costume designer who loves traditional story ballets. I have many books on Russian clothing, Russian royalty, Faberge eggs, fairy tales and the beautiful book of Firebird illustrated by Boris Zvorykin. So I went to Firebird hoping to see some of that
  4. What beautiful photographs. How could anyone choose which one to buy? I wish a book of them were available for purchase.
  5. I think the problem of finding ballet is a real one. I remember years ago (before the internet made everything easy), some relatives were visiting from out of town and wanted to see a baseball game when they were here. I had never been to one. I had no idea when baseball season was, or where one actually went to find tickets. Back then, one searched for things in the phone book. Should I look up baseball, the team name, the stadium name or maybe call Ticketron? Should I drive all the way to the baseball stadium and see if the box office was open? I was really clueless. I think I ended
  6. Students from the JKO school received scholarships from the foundation that the show is involved with (Dizzy Feet Foundation) so it is also possible that it may be students who are dancing instead of company dancers. I'm looking forward to seeing it either way.
  7. Thank you for the review. I thought that OCPAC had a strict rule about seating latecomers, but I think about 100 people were seated in front of me in the orchestra section during the first number. Either hold the curtain or make them wait. It was very distracting and rude to both the performers and the audience. I enjoyed the performances. Some more than others. I was surprised to find I had goose bumps while watching Flames of Paris. There was no orchestra. We've all been hearing that many companies are foregoing live music in order to save money which is understandable in this ti
  8. Sounds like I would enjoy that as much as I enjoyed the tv movie, Anne of Green Gables, The Continuing Story, that takes place on the battlefields of Europe. Hmmm, indeed.
  9. Although this is not what you are looking for, you might find it of interest: Ballets Russes Costumes
  10. Per the OC Register in Figurante's link, above: "Herman Cornejo, as the loyal lieutenant Cassio, went too far and hurt his ankle. Cornejo was there for the opening scene in act two, and then, after exiting as he was supposed to, was not seen again. A new Cassio came on as Cornejo's replacement."
  11. No, Sascha Radetsky danced Bluebird. Hopefully, he is playing it safe so he can dance on Sunday .
  12. I use Safari on a Mac. I know very little about computers, so I hope my explanation was clear as I had to guess at some of the terminology. I can see BT Amazon Mini-Store now.
  13. Look on the light blue bar at the top of your screen where it says Rules and Policies, Calendar, Blogs, etc. On my screen, I could just see the tail end of BT Amazon Mini-Store peeking out from under the Search Amazon box. By making the size of my window larger or smaller, the words moved out from under the box. If this is a problem for a lot of people, maybe Mini-Store could be moved over next to Rules and Policies.
  14. Well, let's not go overboard with historical accuracy. "Historically", I have yet to see a real swan in tights (or a tutu, for that matter), but I like my dancing swans in tights .
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