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  1. I watched the one last summer. (2002) Ahh, the memories...I really enoyed it.
  2. Actually, I think there is a website. http://www.balletacademy.ru is the russian site of the school - however, I think they will make an english version of it as well after some time passes. It was only created a few months ago - but when I last visited it I found it quite informative - lots of pics and info available.
  3. I saw it when I was in Moscow (July-August) this summer, as originally I come from Russia but live in Cyprus right now. I was hoping to see Tsiskaridze, but enjoyed watching Dmitri B. as well. I found the choreography a lot different from all the other ballets I saw - and even though from my point of view the corps de ballet is still finding it hard to perform in this style which is very new to them (they're used to everything 100 % classical, classical, classical!) I found it interesting and amusing to watch. The corps de ballet played a very important part in the overall performance. ' P.S Note my signature - I watched the musical version of Notre Dame for the second time during that stay and now I'm mad about it. It's taken me over fully!
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