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  1. Amen, amen, amen! I won't name names :shhh: , but there was a certain SF Ballet principal, now departed, thank God, who did all three with regularity, and annoyed the heck out of me because of it. In general, I'm not fond of ballerinas who are thin to the point of looking weak, like the aforementioned example. Also out are dancers, male or female, who feel the need to balance longer or turn more times than the music permits.
  2. I echo Murphy's praise of LeBlanc and Maffre, but I must say I never thought of Kristin Long as hyperextended. I'm glad someone besides me likes Sarah Van Patten. Looking forward to seeing Blanc and Viselli to see if I agree with her assessments of them.
  3. Overall, this was a good performance. Tina LeBlanc was Kitri and Joan Boada was Basilio. LeBlanc is a gifted actress, and she danced a perky, witty Kitri, getting frequenjt laughter from the audience. Boada is, of course, amazing in this role, having originated it. Sarah Van Patten was a sexy Mercedes, and Ruben Martin pulled out all the stops as Espada; every time I see him I like him more and more. Pauli Magierek was a deliciously wild Gypsy woman in act 2, and I liked the gypsy dances there; however I wasn't terribly impressed by the adagio Tomasson inserted for Kitri and Basilio. As Gamache, Peter Brandenhoff was appropriately pompous. Mariellen Olson was sweet as Kitri's mother, but her maroon hair is not very becoming under stage lights. Julie Diana was somewhat aloof as the Dryad Queen and Elizabeth Miner would have been a good Cupid if she'd just wipe that huge grin off her face, which didn't budge the whole time she was onstage. She's a good dancer, but I really don't like when dancers dance with a fixed, unmoving smile. The best way to describe the corps was lively; I particularly noticed Megan Low and Chidozie Nzerem [Note to Tomasson: promote him already!] in Act 1, Courtney Elizabeth in the Gypsy scene, and Dana Genshaft in Act 3. Generally speaking, this is a good solid production of Don Quixote, if not entirely orthodox. Tomasson has made some changes to the traditional choreography: Basilio's traditional act 1 solo has been moved to the tavern in act 2, and inact 1 he dances a variation to music in a minor key, which I actually liked. Then there's the extra adagio in the Gypsy camp, and also some circus-sounding music in act 3 for Kitri's bridesmaids. While I usually like Jens-Jacob Worsaae's costumes and sets for other ballets, the jury's out on his designs for Don Q, with their bright colors, tons of lace, and a consistent motif of vertical stripes of color on the bodices/vests of the costumes, even the tutus. Still, I enjoyed myself immensely. Did anyone else see Don Quixote?
  4. "Smells Like Teen Spirit: A Tribute to Kurt Cobain" "Man In The Box: An Alice In Chains Retrospective" Both danced by the National Ballet of Anywhere.
  5. Ditto here. Sleeping Beauty is a perfect ballet. Jewels is my runner-up, simply for the variety of different styles represented.
  6. How about just showing something that actually has something to do with the production? People going to R&J expecting to see blood and guts are going to be mighty disappointed...
  7. I've seen SFB do act 3 of Nureyev's version, and one thing I noticed is that the Grigorovich production has an extra mazurka [ I think that's what it's called] in the beginning of the third act, which the Nureyev version doesn't have. Also the costumes and sets are very, very different as well.
  8. I saw Tan as Kitri. She did a good job, but I thought she was miscast. I'd rather have seen Feijoo. Just an opinion, of course. I like the videos of Tatiana Terekhova and Nina Ananiashvili. Unfortunately, I'm a bit young to have seen Plisetskaya!
  9. Speaking of ballet being considered a children's art, I remember a certain individual who thought it was "cute" that I "still like ballet," as if I had simply not outgrown that prissy phase associated with little girls playing dress-up in pink tutus and jewelry and prancing around being "ballerinas." I agree that our culture is largely responsible for this, what with those Barbie ballet videos and their dumbed-down versions of ballet stories, and also with another point here, the paradigm of modern dance and fusion ballets being the thinking person's dance form and classical ballet being painted as the realm of the simple-minded, prissy, old-fashioned, and snobbish. I'm with whoever said that as long as ballets are treated with respect for their place in the repertoire it's perfectly fine for them to be marketed to children. The problem seems to be that once a ballet is deemed a "children's ballet," it is somehow considered less than ballets designated as "adult."
  10. BalletNut

    Sue Jin Kang

    Arabesque, SFB dances a version choreographed by Helgi Tomasson.
  11. I'll take Gillian Murphy's physique with Paloma Herrera's feet and Lorena Feijoo's face, with Viviana Durante's acting ability and Muriel Maffre's physical presence. I hope that's not asking too much.
  12. A couple of years ago, at SFB's Stern Grove performance, the weather was cold, foggy, windy, and not summer-like at all. As a result they canceled Symphony in 3 Movements, and performed Solo and Sandpaper Ballet in warmups to prevent injuries caused by cold weather. This was after about an hour of deliberation, and Tomasson himself delivered the news. (As soon as he came out, people applauded). Postscript 7-28: This year's Stern Grove festival saw the cancellation of the final program, Paquita, for the same reason. Maybe they should change venues or something...
  13. According to SFB's website: Pascal Molat has been promoted to principal. Ruben Martin has been promoted to soloist. Nicolas Blanc joins as a soloist. Courtney Elizabeth and Matthew Stewart are new corps members. New apprentices are Guy Fletcher, Martyn Garside, Autumn Graham, Alexandra Lorey, Joseph Phillips, and Garen Scribner. I haven't gotten around to checking who else left the company besides Maynard, Michael Eaton, and Jonathan Shockley.
  14. Has anyone considered the possibilities of Barbie Bayadere? If we're going for celebrity Barbies, what about a Volochkova [sp?] Barbie? Judging by what I've seen, it's not too much of a stretch.
  15. I found a very impressive collection of video clips from the Bolshoi's Don Quixote on the Kennedy center website [click the link, view the video if you have Real Player]. Seems like the audience was impressed too. ;): http://www.kennedy-center.org/calendar/ind...entity_id=4702# So, can anyone tell me who these dancers are?
  16. Yes, Boada had many injuries, not sure about Maynard and the corps dancers. However, the lay-offs are mostly because SFB can't afford to pay these dancers.
  17. SFB has fired principal dancers Joan Boada and Parrish Maynard, and corps members Jonathon Shockley and Michael Eaton. More info: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?...01/BA146621.DTL Apparently, they will not be leaving immediately, but at the end of the season. They will be missed. [we must have been posting at the same time]
  18. Oops...must have gotten it mixed up with the picture on the WEBSITE:o
  19. Ah, yes...Lewitzke in Liebeslider...yummy. What a cast: Berman, Allemann, Diana, too. I like Korbes and Bouder too, even if they ARE about to get promoted [one hopes...]. ;)
  20. You mean the one with the slinky black dress spreading her legs? That'd be Feijoo.
  21. no need to apologize, I was just curious...Lewitzke certainly is a recognizable Bianca, though, isn't she...that hair!
  22. This is a really old thread, we're talking 3-4 years old. I think Durante guested with ABT in 99 or 00, but, alas, that is a thing of the past now. Which would explain why you can't find any info from ABT about it in 2003.;) Whatever became of her, anyway? By the way, I am probably one of the few people on the planet who actually really like Yuan Yuan Tan. I also like Katita Waldo, Sally Ann Isaaks, Lorena Feijoo, and both of the LeBlancs, to say nothing of the dancers I've only seen on video!
  23. That would be Ikolo Griffin. I agree about him, and Eaton. Just curious, why a for Lewitzke? Did you have problems with her?
  24. If you come to SF, check out the Performing Arts Library, next to the Opera House, they have at least one of these, can't remember which. You'd have to become a member first, though, and watch it there.
  25. I absolutely agree about Chidozie Nzerem...when is Tomasson going to promote him? I was quite fond of Lindy Mandradjieff, and am glad she's getting some good roles at NYCB. Also Eliane Munier and Alice LuAn Lewitzke, neither of whom is with the company anymore. Also Blanca Como Rosella, Yolonda Jordan, Marisa Lopez, Justin McMillan and Alex Ketley. Can't forget Amanda Schull, of Center Stage fame, or Dalene Bramer, the cutest White Cat I ever saw.
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