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  1. Great news from the Royal Danish Ballet...... Nikolai Hansen and Kristoffer Sakurai both in their early tweenties was promoted to soloists on may 22nd. Both have been doing loads of work recently especially in the Bournonville repetoire. The promotions was given on the last day of work before the companys summerbreak. This is all great but what about the girls??? speaking of the last topic with men vs. women.... Yao Wei is really amazing but is her nationality/background and style against her?? :cool2:
  2. hello well about the odysseen production its very much a ballet of symbols - you dont get the story just by watching you have to dig down and translate or view your own version of the actions on stage - and i say actions because its not really ballet its more kindda contemporary kindda ballet kindda nothing.... Ill try and explain: The standing platform "aspirant" is talking about is ment to be a "heaven" were the gods live (pyjamas people) they walk in slow motion because its a different world... again just symbolising like they are "above" the real world watching over the real world on tv. :cool2: and its like that through the hole ballet, you really gotta be in Neumeiers own head to understand it all - About the audience, i think that it was very hard to sell tickets this year... it also seems to me that a number of people choose to leave in the intermission. but it got a nice respond... soo i guess its a ballet that you either hate or somewhat like Though its not a succes in the way that the house is packed every night - i think that the company is very good in it - My personal view is that storyballets main purpose is to explain and show the story... And since odysseen is not doing that - it failed....
  3. Mel - im very well aware that this forum is extremely RDB friendly - and im not saying that you cant critisice (you should) but I think that the role of the RDB is broader then many people see it.... And yes the standard of bournonville hasnt been top noch B) the last couple of years - its a way of doing things that needs to be changest but its very hard to change things overnight "there" (rdb) - it take ages aswell as a good boss that have the power [small snip] and a good way of doing things! Alexandra - i know that extremely few people would want bournonville to be the only context of the rep - ... just trying to make a point about the difference in the way that people see the rdb... Nikolai B)
  4. HEY Just a comment: Living in Copenhagen and following the RDB through some years, I feel that the companys position is viewed differently abroad compared to how i see it... my view: The companys base is Bournonville - its the most important style and identity of the RDB - BUT since we only have about 5 or so bournonville ballets its not enough to make a rep season after season - therefore the company have to and should do other stuff.... also the people in copenhagen have seen bournonville already - and as a government funded institution the rdb role is to be the dance/ballet center in Copenhagen - not just satisfying the 3 old ladies that see Napoli every night but also the new generation wich ofcourse can see la sylphide and get something out of that - but have to see modern ballet and other ways of expression in motion. I mean when La sylphide was made it was not about the past or a fairy tale - it was a new piece educating the audience and telling them something about the life that they live! we should do that today aswell.... SO I think its OK how bournonville is treated now - ballet should not be a museum or a retelling of the past.. ballet is motion and the fascination of control and bodys showing emotions or even saying stuff... but ofcourse as long as la sylphide still "tuch" people it should be alive... and perfectly danced true to the tradition... Another thing is the dancers.... :party: The RDB have a great line of famed male dancers - both due to the many male bournonville parts but also that when the RDB "qonquered" the world it was the "only" company with dancers that were really fit and challenged as dancers.. so ofcourse they hit instant fame because they were on a new high level - but today the same can be said about the hole south american group of dancers - they are reaching new levels of control and bravour that are new to people.... soo the danish dancers are not getting worse and worse they are just somewhat left behind on some issues in ballet (technic) So i think that its always gonna be a problem because we have a audience at home thinking differently of the company then the internatinal dance world - its a balance act thats very hard to keep - even harder then any balance in Don Q Uhh that was kinda long - whats your view???
  5. Hey B) thank you effy.... what about you dancegirlmania - no review from your hand???
  6. hey sorry about the late respons Alexandra but didnt notice your reply until now... And thank you for your welcome - I really think your doing a great job with this forum!!!
  7. I really wanted to see that but I cant... :angry: its seems to be a great program soo if anyone goes please tell about it...
  8. HEY well regarding decor for Etudes I dont think that the current set is that bad... i mean in Etudes I really dont look at anything else but the dancers so... I agree that it should NOT be a studio set - and i also think that statues of some people would only distract.... it should be a perfect frame for the dancers to look their best and nothing more... :cool2: Etudes is about what you see them do - the adagio section is about adagio and the pirouette section is about pirouettes... - therefore if you suddenly put items on stage it doesnt make sence... Thats just my thought regarding a almost hole other thing - how many of you guys are coming for the 2005 festival??? its actually closer then you should think.... tickets are already on sale this spring...
  9. HEY does anybody have a clue what to expect for the met season in NYC?? i know gossip is not allowed in here but i guess a gathering of knowledge is okey??
  10. HEY :cool2: first of all im really amazed on alexandras extensive rdb knowledge - wauw - howcome you know so much?? and i thought I was somewhat knowing... :speechless: I noticed you live in DC - you must be looking forward to the rdb tour then.... regarding the sylph set i think its somewhat crazy to spend soo much money on something that's just that little bit different and you can question if its even any better... i mean i see the sence in investing and showing that its the bournonville rep that counts... but i could imagine that the many money could have been better spend...
  11. B) hey - Leigh well it was not really my view of the story that james and the witch ... you know.. but im just saying that people read the story in so many different ways, therefore when Gudrun Bojesen are doing the sylph as "naiv" it might not be "right" because it doesnt fit with the way effy see the story... but for others its perfect - soo - Alexandra they did change gurns lines and effy did have a solo... :hyper:
  12. hey well I thought that the saturday la sylphide cast was great - though agreeing on the hole Thomas Lund thing, I thought Gudrun Bojesen was absolutely wonderful.... :rolleyes: Though she did the part in both madrid and rome, this was here rdb debut! regarding the naiv thing - i think that the sylph have to be "naiv" (though i dont like that term) She must be sweet, wonderfull, fragile and in her own little fantasy world to justify the hole story... if the sylph was a little calculating bitch the witch could just go home and sleep... but it all depend on how you see the story!!! ;o) is the sylph and the witch the same person?? or is the sylph jamess fantasy creature?? and what about the possible previous love relation between james and the witch?? i mean why is the witch welcomed by everyone except James??? :shrug: And Etudes was really really good!!! :party:
  13. Hey - did anyone see the new triple bill - i would love to get some thoughts on the dancers and ofcourse the ballets!!! :yes:
  14. HEY I saw NYCB in copenhagen both monday, tuesday and sunday, and i must say even though the tivoli venue was NOT perfect (infact terrible for dancing) the company did great!!!!! Though many people didnt find Wheeldons carousel (a dance) that interesting, I LOVED it.... especially the pas de deux wich was just thrilling.... Besides that it was fun to see Bouder and De luz doing symfony in C - he is soo good and sooo small!!!
  15. HEY this will be my first posting since im a brandnew member, so here we go... The group "principals and soloist of the Royal Danish Ballet" will be touring the eastcoast of the united states in january 2004 - until now i discovered that they will be performing: Sunday, jan. 25, 2004 2:00 PM Brooklyn "Walt Whitman Theater" tuesday, jan. 27, 2004 8:00 PM Atlanta "the fox theatre" Wednesday, Jan 28, 2004 8:00 PM New jersey "McCarter Theatre" thursday, jan. 29, 2004 7:30 PM new jersey "NJPAC" Ofcourse this is a extension of the Royal danish ballet tour to the kennedy center in Washington DC from the 13th to the 18th of january 2004... But only this smaller group will continue!!
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