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  1. I thought Ashley gave reasons why Ballade is hard to cast and program generally, but that shouldn't stop the House of Balanchine, particularly since, as abatt notes, the ballet was revived years ago for none other than the company's current Associate Artistic Director. So there are two leading ballerinas around who have danced it, including the one the ballet was made on and as BalanchineFan says, Andersen is still around and about. Croce wrote a long piece pursuing that theme at the time of the premiere, called, if I remember correctly, "Ashley, Balanchine, and Ballade." From the time frame I'm guessing it would be found in Going to the Dance, don't know if it was included in her final collection. Ashley said in her book that Balanchine read the piece and told her he hadn't been trying to push her in a different direction, but Ashley suspected that he was. I think Croce wrote, "Balanchine is not going to let Merrill Ashley carry on as if she were an uninteresting woman," or words to that effect.
  2. I recently acquired a copy of Keith Money’s “Margot Assoluta.” Very good reading as Money always is, especially on his friend and favorite subject, but the chief attraction here is the many color photographs – in his previous books all were reproduced in black-and-white. Lovely book. There are also a number of photographs of Fonteyn as a child, previously unseen by me, which were provided to Money by Fonteyn’s father. There are nice color shots of Fonteyn in Cranko’s Poème de l'Extase, which featured Fonteyn supported by the young bloods of the Stuttgart – Cragun, Madsen, Berg, Stripling, and Clauss. Looks like fun. I didn't realize that Fonteyn had been hoping to film the revival of "Daphnis and Chloe" with her and Christopher Gable, but it never happened. A pity. They look great together.
  3. dirac

    Friday, October 1

    A story on Russian mothers who sell pictures of their daughters performing gymnastic and balletic feats online.
  4. A review of English National Ballet in Akram Khan's "Creature" by Graham Watts for DanceTabs. Photo gallery of the production.
  5. dirac

    Sunday, September 26

    A review of New York City Ballet by Ivy Lin for Bachtrack.
  6. dirac

    Friday, October 1

    A look at the history of Kenneth MacMillan's Romeo and Juliet as the Royal Ballet and the Birmingham Royal Ballet prepare to open their seasons with the production.
  7. dirac

    Monday, September 27

    Playbill interviews Abi Stafford, Lauren Lovette, Ask la Cour, and Maria Kowroski on their departures from New York City Ballet.
  8. A review of Scottish Ballet by Kelly Apter in The Scotsman. Bruce Marriott's review of the company for DanceTabs. A review by Graham Watts for Bachtrack.
  9. A review of Northern Ballet by Lyndsey Winship in The Guardian.
  10. dirac

    Friday, October 1

    A story on the sexual abuse lawsuit against Dusty Button and her husband by Derek Hawkins in The Washington Post.
  11. Updates on the sexual abuse lawsuit involving Taylor and Dusty Button. Related.
  12. dirac

    Friday, October 1

    A review of New York City Ballet by Gia Kourlas in The New York Times. Marina Harss' review of NYCB in DanceTabs.
  13. Here's the trailer. Sounds familiar. Please report back here if you see it!
  14. A new TV series movie with a ballet theme, 'Birds of Paradise,' debuts on Amazon.
  15. Gia Kourlas writes on the new documentary "In Balanchine's Classroom" for the Critic's Notebook in The New York Times. Kourlas reviews NYCB for the Times.
  16. New York City Ballet returns to live performance. (Video)
  17. It would be cool to see Odile in scarlet-lady red, but I guess people would think it was the Firebird gatecrashing the party.
  18. Which could also account for Balanchine's marriages - young ballerinas tend to be accompanied by vigilant ballet mamas. Bette Davis said something similar to Dick Cavett - she and her first husband wanted to sleep together, so they got married. At the time marriage was often the only way many young women could leave their parents' house. It used to be said that Taylor married all her lovers, but that was untrue; it was just something for her PR to provide a semblance of propriety for a love life that would be pretty combustible even today.
  19. Twelve husbands between them! I can't even. At least fifth time was the charm for Powell.
  20. An interview with Chloe Angyal about her book, "Turning Pointe."
  21. dirac

    Monday, September 13

    Syracuse City Ballet presents "Peter and the Wolf."
  22. Nashville Ballet opens its season next month with "Peter Pan."
  23. dirac

    Sunday, September 12

    Gay Morris writes on this year's festival at Jacob's Pillow for DanceTabs.
  24. A list of Best Ballet Movies.
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