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  1. Will do, dirac. I vividly recall seeing Fiennes play Coriolanus at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in 2000. It was a ferocious, brilliant and multilayered performance. Can't wait to see him bring this very difficult play/role to the big screen in his directorial debut.
  2. Does anyone know when Ralph Fiennes's film Coriolanus goes into wide release and will play in my theatres in New Jersey? Thanks in advance!
  3. And there's more! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAsS4kyPTdU
  4. Here are some excerpts of a 2008 POB performance of Raymonda with a gorgeous Maria Alexandrova in the title role:
  5. Merry Christmas to all my fellow Ballet Alerters!
  6. Despite the lack of authenticity in Baryshnikov's version, I love the film and have since it was first broadcast on CBS in 1977. Much of MB's choreography is lovely and his chemistry with Gelsey Kirkland is exquisite. It's also, to the best of my knowledge, the only complete ballet starring Kirkland and her tremendous talent captured on film. But the film's strongest aspect has to be Kenneth Schermerhorn's interpretation of the score and the inspired playing of the National Philharmonic. There are dozens and dozens of recordings of the complete Nutcracker, but Schermerhorn's is in a class of its own. He captured the magic, darkness, fairy tale and romantic facets of Tchaikovsky's score in all their glory. The Grand PDD (or Pas de Trois in this version) has the perfect tempo and is performed with such romantic fervor and drama that I shed tears every time I hear it. Why this performance isn't on CD is baffling. My copy of the LP set wore out long ago. But I recently bought the LP set in mint condition which is the ultimate Christmas present!
  7. Yes, you are, MakarovaFan. (May I say in passing that I'm happy a Makarova fan can be a Nichols fan, too?) Thank you, Jack! Yes, I certainly am a Nichols fan.
  8. It is a toughie, I'll admit that, but I think it's meant to be a smooth part of a dance phrase, even while it marks a climax in the music. But yes, tough to pull off, and crotchy, especially on film. The traveling arabesque just entails the ballerina pique-ing firmly onto a little square of marley, which is then pulled from the wings. I remember Suzanne Farrell discussing this in her memoirs that she and Mr. B came up with this step. Am I recalling correctly?
  9. This really bothered me too. Why did Chelsea Clinton get this job? Because she's a DOB (Daughter of Bill)? She was dull as dishwater in her 30 Rock segment a few days ago and she was again last night. When the announcer mentioned that a former ballet dancer would be interviewing cast members, I thought it would be a NYCB Alumnus or another dancer of note. Instead we get Chelsea Clinton who didn't pursue a ballet career and is a lousy interviewer. Very disappointing.
  10. I agree with you completely, Jack. Last night's performance was so anemic that I had to watch the 1993 DVD immediately afterwards to get it out of my mind. Fairchild was the worst Sugar Plum I've ever seen, totally lacking the grandeur, magical presence and projection required for the role. And her technique wasn't that impressive either. She was so cautious in the PDD and hardly smiled at all. It doesn't help that the last "Nutcracker" I saw live starred Suzanne Farrell in the mid '80's and her glorious Sugar Plum is burned into my mind. The one highlight of last night was Ashley Bouder's Dewdrop. She really lived the part in her dancing and her fast, clean, high octane technique, charm and joy were captivating. I haven't been to a NYCB performance in over 20 years because I kept reading and hearing criticism of the direction Martins was taking the company. Miscasting, Martins's favoritism of some dancers over others and the Balanchine style and training dying away. Last night's "Nutcracker" was a clear example in my opinion of the terrible impact Martins has had as Artistic Director. It's sad to say this, but I'm glad to have stayed away from NYCB all these years.
  11. If you plan to record NYCB's broadcast of "The Nutcracker" tonight, it can be confusing. I'm in New Jersey and on my DVR the title at 7 PM is PBS NewsHour and at 8 PM the title is Live From Lincoln Center. The ballet starts at 7 PM and will last over 90 minutes so make sure you record both programs.
  12. Definitely, Natalia! I must see the Vishneva-Osipova showdown.
  13. A headache of a name and no mistake. I suppose you could argue that the name applied, at least as Saturday's race was concerned, since he was certainly a headache for Havre de Grace. Excellent point, dirac!
  14. There was also a horse in the race named Headache. What an unfortunate name for an animal, let alone a beautiful thoroughbred.
  15. Was Ms. Farrell at last night's performance? I'm thinking of going to the stage door tonight in hopes of meeting her.
  16. Wow, what a treat! Dance in America back in the good old days. Thanks so much for sharing this prized clip with us. Gelsey was gorgeous.
  17. Very sad. My condolences to her husband Yuri Vladimirov.
  18. Many thanks, Bart and Mme. Hermine, for the wonderful clips. The muppets lining up to hand her bouquets was adorable.
  19. Wow, her Juliet is gorgeous. Thanks, little-junkie, for the great clip!
  20. Nanarina, I'm so envious that you saw AA several times. I knew of her dancing in New York and had chances to see her but never bought tickets. What was I thinking! Last week Marc Haegeman's Facebook page had video clips of AA dancing Aurora I believe with Patrick Dupond at the Kirov. It's not up now but I'll ask him where it can be found.
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