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  1. Bummer is right, Cristian. I still haven't recovered from a perfomance of Manon at ABT some years ago where an injured Vishneva was replaced by Kent. 1/3 of the audience actually got up and left when they read the dreaded white insert in the program. But my husband and I stayed and endured. Sure hope Part's Nikiya isn't as lackluster as her Odette-Odile last season. Maybe Gomes's partnering will inspire her?
  2. Okay, I'll meet our group on the Parterre Level by the costume display.
  3. Thanks, Bart. The Grand Tier (level with the reclining nude) over to the right side in Cabro's pic sounds great. I and my husband Ken will be there at first intermission. I'm blonde and will be in a pink and beige dress. Helene, so sorry you won't be there. We'll be thinking of you.
  4. Bart, The top of the main stairs is the Parterre Level.
  5. Are we all meeting at the very top of the stairs at the Grand Tier level or on the Parterre level? I think their are costume cases on both... Hi nysusan, I was going to post today to confirm that there is a BalletAlerters meet-up this Friday night (Vishneva-Osipova Bayadere) during first intermission. Earlier in this thread, the headcount was you, me, Helene, Bart Birdsall and cubanmiamiboy (aka Cristian). I'll definitely be there, but we need to clarify which level we're meeting at. Helene, Bart, Cristian, please help. Thanks!
  6. Here is DFD singing Dichterliebe in the '50's with the marvelous Gerald Moore at the keyboard. However often I hear it, this brings tears to my eyes. Enjoy!
  7. I just read on NYTimes.com that Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau passed away today at the age of 86. My love affair with lieder began with hearing one of my Mom's old LP's with DFD singing Schumann's Dichterliebe. He possessed a glorious voice and an exquisite, one-of-a kind gift for interpreting song poems with haunting eloquence, poignancy and power. He will be greatly missed. Rest in peace, Herr Fischer-Dieskau.
  8. Thanks so much, Rosa, for posting the video! Kudos to Merrill Ashley for prepping the company and the result is a beautiful performance. Smirnova is a new ballerina to me and she is lovely.
  9. Just a heads up that there's a short interview with Natalia Osipova and Ivan Vasiliev in the May issue of Vogue magazine on pages 224-226. A couple of nice photos are included.
  10. Some of my favorites include: 1) Adagio from The Sugar Plum Fairy Grand PDD 2) The "Growing Tree" theme from The Nutcracker Act I 3) Act II Adagio from Swan Lake 4) The Lilac Fairy theme in all its guises in Sleeping Beauty 5) The Pas d'Action with the cello solo from Act II Sleeping Beauty 6) The Panorama from Act II Sleeping Beauty 7) Adagio from Spartacus 8) The first Pas de Six from Act II Raymonda 9) The Overture to Prokofiev's Romeo & Juliet 10) Farewell PDD from Act III Romeo & Juliet 11) Amoroso from Act III Prokofiev's Cinderella
  11. Me too Bart and Cristian! So looking forward to meeting fellow Alerters. Melissa
  12. For those among us who are attending the Vishneva-Gomes-Osipova La Bayadere on Memorial Day Weekend, what are you anticipating most about the performance? To my knowledge this is the first time these 2 ballerinas are dancing together. I'm very excited about this. Hopefully the Act I catfight will be memorable. The gold standard for me is Komleva-Terekhova on the Kirov 1977 dvd. Please share your thoughts!
  13. What a fun topic! Kitri Variation Act III - Maximova circa 1963-64 Raymonda Scarf Variation & Clapping Variation Violette Verdy Emeralds Variation Tchaikovsky PDD Violette Verdy Variation Most of the Paquita Variations Ashton's Cinderella Variations Macmillan's Juliet Variations Aurora Act I and III
  14. I have a question regarding the music for the Act II PDD of Swan Lake. In the Kirov dvd of the Metzenzeva performance there is a harp cadenza that I've never heard on any other recording. I also heard the cadenza in a Swan Lake Kirov performance at the Met in the '90's. Did Tchaikovsky compose it or did someone else did? Thanks in advance!
  15. Oh, I love her in Raymonda. Bessmertnova seemed to move with such lightness and delicacy without looking twiggy as some other modern ballerinas. One can see this quality at its best in her Giselle. Definitely Mme. Bessmertnova. Cristian, we are kindred spirits when it comes to Mme. Bessmertnova's Raymonda. She is quietly stunning and a model Princess Ballerina in that performance. Along with her lightness and delicacy, her footwork and especailly her port de bras are gorgeous. I also love that she brings regality and vulnerability to the role unlike so many other dancers who portray her as haughty and aloof.
  16. Simply glorious! Fonteyn's bouree has always been magical for me. The only ballerina that comes close to the extraordinary quality of Fonteyn's bouree, in my opinion, is Natalia Bessmertnova. Watch her in "Raymonda". Even in the twilight of her career, she has a whispering, feathery bouree which is exquisite. I don't know if she possesses a floating quality, but her bouree is delicate, velvety and I never tire of watching it.
  17. Indeed, Maximova does stand the test of time. And so does her husband, Vladimir Vasiliev. Technically, he was a dancer from another planet. Just watch his Basil, Spartacus and Mejnun for proof of that. But he was also an exceptionally gifted artist. Very musical, great stage presence, marvelous partner and lived his roles. A truly timeless dancer.
  18. The quality of the music is very important to me, be it in live performance or a taped one. For example, in the dvd of the Bolshoi's "Raymonda" starring Natalia Bessmertnova, Algis Zhuriatis's virtuosic and opulent conducting makes Glazunov's score sound fresh and literally glow with beauty. But I went to a ABT "Swan Lake" last Summer and the playing was so sloppy that it wrecked the dancing for me. I don't mind "canned" music as long as it's a good peformance and well recorded.
  19. Thanks, cinnamonswirl! Dorethee Gilbert is lovely.
  20. I'm shocked that "Tree of Life" got nominated. It's one of the worst films I've ever seen. But the great thrill is Gary Oldman's first AA nomination for "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy". Long overdue recognition to a superb actor and a marvelous performance.
  21. I can't wait until April 1st to get my Osipova/Hallberg "R&J" and the Vishneva/Osipova "Bayadere" tix.
  22. I totally agree! Very frustrating! Must be some sort of problem! Maybe they are waiting till 2013 (20 year anniversary of his death) to release it. That's the only thing I can think of why it has not been released yet. I hope you're right. Have any complete performances been filmed? I seem to recall that a year ago Marie Agnes Gillot starred in a tv broadcast of Raymonda in Europe. She's far from my first choice to dance Ray, but I'll take anything at this point.
  23. I'm looking for an excellent recording of the Brahms' Requiem. During my childhood I was raised on the Klemperer recording with Fischer-Dieskau and loved it. But I once I heard Levine's recording with Kathleen Battle. Should I stick with the Klemperer or try something else? Thanks in advance!
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