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  1. I had one of the greatest video ballet experiences of my life the other day watching the Bolshoi production of Spartacus starring Vladimir Vasiliev. I knew of him by reputation, but nothing prepared me for his Spartacus. What brilliant technique he had: dazzling speed, high, powerful jumps and beautiful extension. Vasiliev partnering of Bessmertnova was wonderful and the lifts effortless. The strength and control in the one-armed lifts were breathtaking. Vasiliev was also a good actor and had a dynamic stage presence. I may be going out on a limb here, but I think Vasiliev was a better dancer than Nureyev or Baryshnikov. As demonstrated in Spartacus he was a complete package with no weak areas. Melissa
  2. Does anyone know of a reasonably priced source (under $20) for the DVD of Spartacus starring Vladimir Vasiliev and Marius Liepa? Thanks! Melissa
  3. Thanks for the information, rg. Let's hope the ballet is released soon. I vividly recall Farrell's wonderful performance.
  4. In the late 1970's 'Dance in America' broadcast a performance of Allegro Brilliante starring Suzanne Farrell and Peter Martins, but curiously this ballet is not part of The Balanchine Library series. Is this ballet available on video? Thanks, Melissa
  5. I'm thinking of buying Maya Plisetskaya's autobiography. How would you rate it? Thanks, Melissa
  6. I have wonderful memories of watching this performance on Live from Lincoln Center. Makarova and Dowell were heavenly together and I was so upset when the announcement was made that Makarova was unable to continue due to injury. I'd never seen Tcherkassky dance before, but she did very well and Dowell's partnering was impeccable as always. I was an intern at ABT in 1991 and asked if I could watch the tape of Bayadere, but was told no. :angry: Melissa
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