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  1. I recently discovered Eva Evdokimova and am in love with her dancing. This is how I found her (see below). Her Sylphide is so exquisite. Her ballon, entrechats, gorgeous footwork, beautiful fingers, softness and how she skims the surface of the stage. If only there was her full length Sylphide on video. 



  2. Thank you so much for that rehearsal video, MakarovaFan: they broke the mold.

    Natalia Somova and one of my favorite all-time male Pairs skaters, Maxim Marinin, have two children together.

    It's my pleasure, Helene. Bessmertnova and Vasiliev are magical in this ballet. Wish there was a complete film of them dancing it. I know there was a dazzling YT video of Vasiliev doing the solo that leads into the PDD shown in the above video. Is it still viewable or has it been pulled? I love that Goleizovsky showcases Bessmertnova's plasticity and not her famous jump.

  3. Who is the ballerina in this Pas de Deux from Leili & Mejnun? It's beautiful choreography. Such a crime that Grigorovich banned all of Kasian Goleizovsky's works soon after he became Artistic Director of the Bolshoi, but grateful for the revival.

    Mejnun was one of Vladimir Vasileiv's greatest roles and there is YT video to prove it and wonderful rehearsal footage with him and Bessmertnova and commentary by the choreographer.

  4. Sad news, MakarovaFan. Thanks for the post. Just an insanely beautiful woman. She had bad luck in her American movies, which were mostly junk, but the Sixties weren't a great time for female stars generally. I agree, she was fabulous in "Queen Margot."

    More here.

    Though she enjoyed her American experiences and appreciated the professionalism she encountered, Lisi soon tired of the “new Marilyn” image foisted upon her. She accepted becoming a cover girl but refused a lucrative offer to pose for Playboy. Her two other Hollywood films were Assault on a Queen (1966), with Sinatra, and Not With My Wife, You Don’t! (1966), with Curtis and George C Scott.

    dirac. Lisi was so fabulous in "Queen Margot" that I'm popped the dvd in just to watch her in all her evil glory. bow.GIF

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