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  1. Wow, what incredible luck. I'd just been checking the online the video sites trying to buy a copy and it's not available anywhere. I love Fonteyn, she made me fall in love with ballet (and Swan Lake) instantly the first time I saw her Odette back in the mid sixties. Lately I'd been thinking how nice it would be to have a glimse of her Odette again (besides that Nureyev production). It's been so long since I've seen her dance that I really only remember "impressions of her as Odette - her line in arabesque, the curve of her neck and the tilt of her head. Thanks for the heads up, I will definitely set my VCR! :jump: :jump:
  2. I voted yes because - any publicity is good publicity. I hate the fact that most of the news coverage has focused on the sensational aspects of the story and I think that it not only reinforces a negative stereotype, it actively makes fun of ballet dancers and the general attitude of the ballet going public. Still, if Volochkova tours (and she will!) and 100 people who wouldn't normally go to the ballet go to see her because of all this fuss and 1 of them falls in love with ballet...it's good for ballet!
  3. Hi, Corella/Tuttle and Cojocaru/Kobborg are among the ballet dancers scheduled to perform at City Center in the "Career Transitions for Dancers" Benefit on 10/27. I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place but I haven't seen mention of this elsewhere on the site and I thought some of the NY based members would be interested. It's a gala benefit, so the good seats are really expensive but the seats in the rear mezanine - rear gallery go for $45 - $20. Here are the details from the City Cener site http://www.citycenter.org/events/event_det...vent_code=CTD04 Movado presents Career Transitions for Dancers' 9th Annual Gala Gotta Dance – A Dance Tribute to Hollywood Directed by Randy Skinner Career Transition for Dancers' 9th Annual Gala, "A Dance Tribute to Hollywood," will honor and pay tribute to many of the films and stars that provided those glorious moments of dance on the silver screen from such films as “Singin’ in the Rain,” “The Red Shoes,” “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers,” West Side Story,” “Sweet Charity,” “Saturday Night Fever,” “The Turning Point” and stars such as the Nicholas Brothers, Fred & Ginger and Gene Kelly. . Career Transitions for Dancers' honorees for the evening will be - Cyd Charisse - Fayard Nicholas - Donald O’Connor - Turner Entertainment Co. The Gala will be dedicated in memory of Caroline H. Newhouse Dancers from American Ballet Theatre (Angel Corella & Ashley Tuttle), Les Ballets Grandiva, Lar Lubovitch Dance Company, New York City Ballet, National Dance Institute, The Royal Ballet’s Alina Cojocaru & Johan Kobborg and others will perform. Some of the hosts and performers for the dance event of the year are Leslie Browne, George Chakiris, Marge Champion, Cyd Charisse, Arlene Dahl, Jacques d’Amboise, David Elder, Karen Lynn Gorney, Cynthia Gregory,Maurice Hines, Mary Tyler Moore, Bebe Neuwirth, Fayard Nicholas, Marni Nixon, Donald O’Connor, Robert Osborne, Elizabeth Parkinson, Rosie Perez, Jane Powell, Lynn Redgrave, Ann Reinking, Chita Rivera, Donald Saddler, Russ Tamblyn, Esther Williams, the Williams Brothers and others. The Gala will feature some World Premieres that are especially created for the show.
  4. Could you recommend some of those mom & pop motels in Ft. Lauderdale? I'm a New Yorker who's decided to take a trip down to South Florida to see MCB. I have family near Ft. Lauderdale so I decided to go to Broward instead of South Beach. I have a reservation at the Riverside Hotel for this trip but I'd be interested to see what you recommend for future trips... I have no problem with quiet country motels, but I don't drive so I'm looking for a place to stay where I'd be comfortable walking to the theatre, or where it would be easy to get a cab!
  5. I remember seeing Marianna Tcherkassky often in the early seventies in soloist roles with ABT. Although at that time I didn't really think of her as one my absolute favorites, I always enjoyed her performances. As other posters have said, she was very beautiful and soft, both her looks and her dancing. I remember especially enjoying her in Giselle in the peasant pas de deux and once in 76 in what I think was one of her early performances as Giselle with Ivan Nagy ( a big favorite of mine!). She dances in La Spectre de la Rose in the "Baryshinok at Wolf Trap " video and in Les Sylphides in" ABT at the Met (Mixed Bill)". For me those videos really reflect my memories of her.
  6. Hi Giannina, I saw Dvorovenko/Belosterkovsky in DQ durring ABT's summer season in New York. I read your post about their Costa Mesa performance and wanted to second your opinion. I 'd seen very little of Dvorovenko until this season, and her Kitri really blew me away. I saw three casts in DQ - Herrera/Carreno, Murphy/Stiefel and Dvorovenko/Belosterkovsky. All were wonderful, and each brought something special to their role but IMO Dvorovenko's performance was just amazing. Her technique and characterization both sparkled but to me the most remarkable thing was the conviction, charisma and energy that she brought to the role. Earlier in the season I thought that the audience at the Met seemed pretty reserved and quiet. Not by the end of this evening. It was amazing to watch the way Dvorovenko burst onto that stage in the first act and just took control of the performance, really owned the role and set the tone. As the evening progressed it was almost as if she was able to lift the energy level first of the rest of the cast and then of the audience through the sheer force of her personality. An amazing performance. I also loved Belosterkovsky. He's such a smooth and elegant dancer but it seemed almost like he was overwhelmed by Dvorovenko - confronted by an uncontrollable force of nature - and I felt that his perfomance may have been overshadowed in comparison to hers... Susan
  7. Thanks everyone, for all the info - I've been debating whether to go to one performance or both since I got the flyer yesterday. After reading all this glowing commentary I decided I couldn't order just one! I wasn't able to use the discount code on the website either but you can just call cititix at 212-581-1212.
  8. Thanks for the advice, I got first row mezzanine seats at the Broward. I wish they scheduled different programs over a single weekend so I could see them in a few things and get a sense of their style. I love Giselle though, and I'm looking forward to them.
  9. Hi! I'm new to the boards. I live in NY but I have family in South Florida & visit frequently. I've heard good things about MCB so I'm trying to plan a Feb or March family visit to coincide with their performances of Giselle. Does anyone have any advice for me regarding seating at their venues (I'll probably go to Broward but could go to Miami or Palm Beach) or casting. I really have no familiarity with their dancers or the sight lines of any of their theaters so any & all advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Susan
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