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  1. 11 hours ago, California said:

    Wow! 42 years since they showed that. What have they been waiting for! Can you imagine going to ABT now with such a line-up of amazing talent? So sad that several of them are no longer with us -- Bujones, Nagy, Wright, among others.

    I noted that Makarova didn't try the fouettes, but had a very nice substitute.  It was always reported that she hated those. Perhaps a word to a certain someone else who has problems with them?

    I've seen Makarova's DQ PDD many times back in the 70's and she almost always did the fouettes (even though she hated them). Ditto with her Swan Lake. This performance was one of her first after returning from maternity leave and she was not 100% back in shape so I can forgive her substituting the fouettes here. Its very different from a ballerina who is at full strength and simply can't execute the steps.

    Agree that it was a wonderful video and hope that its available for awhile longer. That T&V is legendary and the Sylphides was gorgeous!

  2. 9 hours ago, Helene said:

    Who is the corps women in Phlegmatic who settles to the far left of the screen when they all dance in a line?

    Hmm, I see a line forming and dissolving several times, and their positioning changes. Towards the end the line up is Anderson, Hod, LaCour, Kretschmar (blond) and Kitka (super tall).

  3. 5 hours ago, canbelto said:

    Thought Nadon was fantastic although Tess Reichlrn will always be the alpha and omega of Tall Girls. 

    Hyltin is actually not much taller than Fairchild but her proportions are leggier. Nevertheless really enjoyed this offering.

    Reichlin and Kondaurova are my two co-favorite Tall Girls, though I enjoyed Nadon and especially Kitka.

    Hyltin is my favorite of all the current NYCB ballerinas in the pas de deux

  4. 24 minutes ago, abatt said:


    I happened to stumble on this free opportunity to watch the Mariinsky Ballet in Jewels. Not sure when it was recorded, but Lopatkina and Zelensky appear in Jewels.

    If you are in NY and have Spectrum, it will be on channel 1276 at 5:23 PM this afternoon.  Enjoy.


    Thanks abatt! I just set it up to DVR it. Zelensky retired maybe 10-15 years ago so it will be interesting to see when this was recorded and who dances the other roles.

  5. 8 hours ago, Barbara said:

    They actually sent my tickets to my daughter by mistake even though my address is on record as the primary one. I was going by what I was told on the phone re exchange week when I purchased the subscription. One mistake after another. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

    Barbara, if you didn't receive the letter that came with your subscription you may not know that you can't exchange into the Osipova/Hallberg performances or the Smirnova/Kim Bayadere, as well as the Gala. I expected the Gala to be excluded but was surprised and disappointed at the others.

  6. 12 minutes ago, California said:

    Last year, friends above a certain level (can't remember what that was) could buy singles a week earlier with seat selection. I haven't seen an announcement about that.

    I got that one. If you join at the supporter level or above ($750 per year or $62.50 per month) you can buy single tickets starting 3/15.

    3/15 is also when subscriber exchange week starts. It runs from 3/15 - 3/21 and then single tickets go on sale on 3/22.


  7. I saw it on Friday night. There were a lot of things I liked about the staging and the performance. Aside from the 48 swans it was a pretty traditional production with a full 16-17 minute last lakeside scene and tragic ending.
    The sight of the 48 swans was gorgeous and the swan corps was beautiful, very well synchronized, lovely positions and fluid in their movements. The corps scenes may have been my favorite part of the ballet. All of the dancers were good, particularly their O/O, Qi Bingxue. She had beautiful epaulment, strong balances and strong technique. I was less impressed by her Siegfried, Wu Husheng. He had elegant bearing but his arabesque wasn't great and nothing about his dancing was really outstanding.
    The downside was that  I didn't find it very dramatic or emotionally engaging - not sure if that was due to the staging or the performances.

  8. She is dancing in Swan Lake at BAM on February 16 & 16 and I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to go. I haven't been able to find much online - just that their Swan Lake is a standard Russian version though with somewhat reduced sets and scenery.

    Has anybody seen her O/O and this production? Is she an O/O not to be missed, or just average?

    Any info would be appreciated as I debate whether to trek out to Brooklyn on a Sunday afternoon...


  9. I did not see problems with Lane's performance last night, except for poor partnering from Gorak. She seemed relaxed and danced well. There were a few areas where she could have done better - I thought her phrasing was a little brittle at the beginning of the pdd and she did not radiate the joy that you see from Peck or Bouder - but I don't know that a performance like that is even possible with ABT's staging. 
    Was the music slower last night than on opening night? I wasn't at opening night so I don't know, but ABT has always taken the music at a funereal pace and the orchestra just stops and waits for the dancers to position themselves for each new movement - which sucks all the life out of T&V.

    The real disappointment for me was Gorak. He is such a beautiful dancer, my eye is always drawn to him but he did not make a good case for himself last night. You'd think by this time he would have taken the initiative to build some upper body strength but he is still unable to partner even tiny dancers like Lane. And his solo variation was shockingly bad. Its a real disgrace for ABT to put a dancer who can't do the steps onstage in this iconic ballet. Especially when there are so many others who can.
    I liked the new Tharp - didn't love it but I found it interesting and am looking forward to seeing it again.
    The Seasons was the hit of the evening for me. I still find the costumes incohesive, but I just love everything else about the ballet and all of the dancers looked great in it.

  10. Mira Nadon's Rubies debut was a smashing success. She is not the tallest tall girl, her 6 o'clock penchee doesn't really hit 6 o'clock, and her plie in 2nd isn't the juiciest around, but all of those elements were still good enough. So while there is room for improvement, everything else about her tall girl was great. Her musicality and phrasing, the way she articulated those angular body positions and the way she wielded those legs as weapons, mon Dieu!
    As for the rest - Bouder/Stanley were a HUGE improvement over Stafford/Ramasar in Emeralds and while LeCrone is not a great fit for the walking ballerina she wasn't bad. So all in all I liked last night's Emeralds much better than opening night.
    Mearns & Janzen were beautiful in Diamonds, though I thought I saw a couple of very uncharacteristic small stumbles from her in the coda. Nothing major and Janzen gave her all the support she needed to prevent any mishaps. Still, even while watching them I couldn't get the memory of the Kowroski/Angle opening night performance out of my mind, I longed for their elegance and slow unspooling of the pdd

  11. 44 minutes ago, nysusan said:

    Oh no, I just looked at the calendar and Murphy's Albrecht is now TBA. Say it ain't so 😢😭


    1 minute ago, nanushka said:

    That's not how it appears to me. On March 29? It's listed as Murphy/Forster/Teuscher as of now.

    I'm so sorry, I was looking at the February DC Giselles.  VERY glad to know that I was mistaken. Now here's to hoping that he gets the open DC slot!

  12. On 9/9/2019 at 10:34 AM, ABT Fan said:


    Tommy Forster gets his Albrecht debut in N.C. opposite Murphy on 3/29!

    He hasn't been cast with her in DC though, but perhaps that will be updated shortly.

    So, we should get to see Forster's Albrecht at the Met next summer!!

    (Side note - disappointingly, Lane hasn't been cast as Giselle in N.C., but I have a feeling that may have to do with Simkin's availability.)


    Oh no, I just looked at the calendar and Murphy's Albrecht is now TBA. Say it ain't so 😢😭

  13. 3 minutes ago, abatt said:

    I was disappointed that they took Bouder out of Rubies this week (Saturday evening).  That is a role that suits her well.


    I agree, I was very much looking forward to seeing Bouder & Huxley in Rubies. But I can't complain too much since we're getting to see Hyltin in the role again!

  14. 10 hours ago, CTballetfan said:

    For me the highlight of the evening was Sterling Hyltin in Rubies. The quintessential ballerina, from her interpretation of the role to her musicality, playfulness, quick and perfect movements—I was in awe, as I usually am when I see her dance. She ate up the stage and thrilled the audience. Andrew  Veyette worked hard at his role but he was not in Hyltin’s league. I thoroughly enjoyed Kikta as the tall girl, a wonderful dancer who dances “big” and can command the stage. She was a lovely counterpoint to Hyltin.

    What will linger with me is Rubies, one of the great NYCB ballets, for its music, movement, modern choreography, and verve—and Sterling Hyltin, no better interpreter of the role. Seeing her in this was worth all the trouble and expense I had to go through to be there.


    3 hours ago, cobweb said:

    Rubies - Emily Kikta again blazed through the Tall Girl role with commitment and ferocity. Kikta Kikta Kikta. Sterling Hyltin was on fire, but I'm having trouble warming up to Andrew Veyette lately.  

    I'm just noticing the Sterling Hyltin-Amar Ramasar casting in upcoming Symphony in C, second movement. Hmmmmmm to that. Here's where I really miss Ashley Laracey. This should be her opportunity. 

    And as to Unity Phelan upcoming debut in MacDonald of Sleat, she seems too flimsy for this role, I'd rather see someone with a more grounded and dynamic presence, like Emilie Gerrity or Georgina Pazcoguin. However, I do love Phelan, so hoping for the best.

    I absolutely LOVED Hyltin In Rubies last night and I love her in many roles. But not Symphony in C. She hasn't been cast in the 2nd movement since she made her debut in it back in 2016. I was hoping that meant that management realized that she was totally miscast in it.
    I remember at the time that although she, of course, has no problem executing the steps she didn't convey the mystery, or spirituality or transcendence that the best interpreters bring to the role. Hyltin was just pretty, she didn't really project any inner life and for me that is a killer in this role. 
    I have tickets for her performance so I can only hope Whelan is spending lots of time coaching her in this.
    Another 3rd week casting disappointment - it looks like Bouder is cast in Wrens. I saw her last time she did this and here is another example of a great dancer cast in a role she is totally unsuited for. She has none of the glamour or sly humor the role calls for.  I think she'd be fierce in MacDonald of Sleat, but not Wrens. I also second cobweb's vote for Georgina Pazcoguin in MoS. 

  15. On 8/9/2019 at 11:03 AM, Ashton Fan said:

    I find nysusan's comments about the Five Brahm's Waltzes to the effect that if Rojo could not convince her about the piece no one could, rather odd. Rojo was undoubtedly a talented dancer but I have never thought of her as providing a  benchmark against which to assess other dancers' performances in any Ashton ballet for the simple reason she seemed unable or unwilling to dance his choreography idiomatically. I thought  her totally miscast in Five Brahms Waltzes. She was  a fine interpreter of dramatic roles created by other choreographers  but her performance of Ashton's evocation of Isadora Duncan was far from being her finest hour artistically. I thought that she had only been cast in it in 2004 to give her something to do during the Ashton centenary celebrations. She had not improved when I saw her dance it again some years later. The main problem for me was that I was never really convinced that she could dance Ashton idiomatically and in Five Brahm's Waltzes  lnstead of just getting on and dancing the choreography she seemed intent on trying to act being Isadora. The ballet created on Lynn Seymour was devised as an evocation of Duncan's dancing and first danced in full at a celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the foundation of the Rambert Company. Both Ashton and Rambert had seen  Duncan dance indeed Rambert had been such a great Duncan enthusiast that when she was a medical student in Paris she had given Duncan style dance recitals. Ashton gave her a preview of the work and Rambert is reported to have burst into tears saying "That's exactly what it was like".


    Ashton Fan, thank you for your insights on Rojo's inability to dance Ashton idiomatically. Unfortunately the RB has been here so infrequently recently, and my long ago memories of the RB in the late 60's/early 70s are fuzzy enough that I doubt I could distinguish between idiomatic or unidiomatic Ashton. I considered Rojo to be a great dancer the few times I've seen her and so since I disliked her in the Brahms Waltzes, I assumed I wouldn't like anyone else in it either.

  16. On 8/8/2019 at 1:04 PM, sandik said:

    Did you see Lamb in the cinema broadcast of Age of Anxiety?  She was very affective in an edgy, tension filled part.

    I will take all of your Brahms Waltzes and trade you Within the Golden Hour.  I have loved it for years.

    Sandik, I will gladly make that trade!
    And, by the way, having thought about it a bit, I dont' think I've seen Lamb at all between the DC Beauties and these performances at  the Joyce.

  17. I found Program A's collection of solos and duets to be somewhat of a mixed bag. First and foremost, all of the dancers were fabulous. Calvin Richardson & Joseph Sissens were new to me and I'd be happy to see much, much more of them. It was great to see Lauren Cuthbertson, Edward Watson and Marcelino Sambe again but my favorite of the night was Sarah Lamb.
    I first saw Lamb almost 15 years ago when the Royal brought their Sleeping Beauty to DC. She danced Florine at one performance and Aurora at another. To say that I saw a very different side of her in the Wheeldon and especially McGregor's Qualia pdd would be a huge understatement. She was fierce and thoroughly modern. The best I can describe her is as a combination of Ferri - like physique with Whelan - like sensibility and plastique.
    The inconsistency was in the choreography. I loved Dance of the Blessed Spirits, Concerto & Within the Golden Hour. I liked Qualia and found Obsidian Tear somewhat interesting. For me Asphodal Meadows was less interesting and I never need to see jojo or Five Brahms Waltzes in the Manor of Isadora again ( If Rojo couldn't make me like it when she did Waltzes her 10 or so years ago I doubt that I will ever like it). 

  18. 8 hours ago, DPell said:

    Unsurprisingly, no fouettés from Misty tonight. David was spectacular.

    Last night Misty didn't even attempt the fouettes, she just did a menage. I found last night boring, boring, boring. David still has beautiful line and while he did impress in his second 3rd act solo, watching him through most of the ballet I thought he's really lost a step. And he no longer finishes his jumps in a clean, tight fifth.

    I saw nothing to recommend in Misty's Odette. Her arabesques were low and not held long, her back was inflexible. She barely used her arms, let alone her head & neck. And there was no chemistry between her & Hallberg. Except for the lack of fouettes, her black swan was better but still nothing to write home about.

    Gorak, Brandt & Trenary did the pdt again, and they were wonderful.

  19. What a ray of sunshine Aran Bell is! He was absolutely fabulous in every regard tonight. Beautiful line. High, fully stretched, beautiful jetes. Perfectly executed, precisely landed double tours. And what command of the stage - his Siegfried was a young, excitable prince, but every inch the prince. His acting was natural and very effective, he was completely engaged with everyone he interacted with on the stage. 

    He had great chemistry with Teuscher, and that made a world of difference in her performance. I still had problems with some of her choices (or limitations) as Odette - the stiff back and torso and low, unstretched, barely held arabesques. But lots of her positions were lovely and she made great, expressive use of her head, neck and arms. It seemed that Bell brought her out of her shell, there was a palpable connection between them as opposed to the distant, bloodless performance she turned in with Stearns last season.
    Her Odile was great. In fact, the whole black swan pdd was great. Her fouettés were fast & crisp with the first half performed sur la place. She started traveling forward with the second half but forward only, not to the side. And in the pdd after the fouettés she held some practically Cynthia Gregory-like balances.
    Calvin Royal was Benno and did the pdt with Hamrick & S. Williams. K.Williams & Hurlin were the big swans - all did well.  Jose Sebastian looked great as purple VR (unfortunately I was distracted right as he took the arabesque but I caught the end and it looked like he held it).
    All in all it was a very satisfying performance and even though I much preferred Shevchenko to Teuscher, I preferred the combination of Teuscher/Bell to Shevchenko/Whiteside. I still have issues with her plastique, but Teuscher & Bell made me believe.

  20. Minority report here. Corsaire is far from my favorite Petipa, but I'd been anticipating it with such excitement  it almost felt like I was waiting for ABT opening night - finally classical ballet!
    I have to say that (with a few exceptions) I found it to be rather dull, even the music lacked propulsion and I wondered if they'd revised the score.

    First the good - great, really. Simkin was just amazing last night. His pas de trois solo was jaw dropping and definitely the highlight of the evening. He was also one of the few dancers who really acted the part - he was Conrad's devoted slave from his first entrance to his last.
    I thought Brooklyn Mack was ok, good even - but not great. He was a swashbuckling Conrad, his acting was very dynamic but I was less impressed with his dancing. He had great elevation but his positions in the air weren't well articulated and overall he looked a bit sloppy to me. His partnering was solid, though and I'd certainly rather see him than Whiteside or Stearns so I wouldn't be upset if they signed him. I wouldn't avoid him like I do them, I just wouldn't go out of my way to see him.
    Lane was lovely, though the role is small. Brandt has beautiful arms, lovely line and is quite a turner, but to me she doesn't yet have the ability to command the stage. There are some dancers you just can't take your eyes off and I don't see that in her. Still, she is very talented and young, perhaps she will develop that quality.
    I found Hoven disappointing as Lankedem. His dancing was adequate, but no more that that. Anyone who saw Malakhov's Lankedem back in the day wouldn't even recognize the role. There was no bite - not in his characterization and not in his dancing. Sometimes it looked like he was just focused on getting through the steps.
    I'm going to see this again on Saturday with Simkin and Mack again, this time with Shevchenko and Trenary. Perhaps it will have settled in by then.
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