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  1. I just got an emal from the 92nd Street Y announcing that Jody Gottfried Arnhold has been nominated to be Board Chair and will assume the role in January 1, 2022.  Outgoing Chair is Laurence Belfer.

    The announcement states, 


    Among Jody's key accomplishments with 92Y was founding the renowned Dance Education Laboratory (DEL), a nationally-recognized program housed at 92Y. DEL promotes dance education for all by providing professional training and support to educators, particularly those in New York City’s public schools, giving them the tools to experiment, create, learn and innovate.

    Congratulations to her and 92Y :flowers:

  2. Lyric Opera of Chicago just sent out its rules to subscribers:  all patrons must be fully vacinnated by the CDC definition.  No negative COVID tests will be accepted for admission, and no children under 12 while they are, as a group, ineligible to be vaccinated.  Masks without valves are required over noses and mouths.  No gaiters or bandanas.

    I don't know if this will apply to any other events in the venue or in other Chicago venues.

    They are offering streaming to subscribers who don't feel comfortable being in the theater. You can fill out a form in advance, or if your tickets aren't scanned, they'll send a link when the stream is available.  :yahoo:.  (I do hope to be in the theater in April for Fire Shut Up in My Bones.)

  3. Tonight is the Met Opera's opening night, and they are currently streaming over their website under "Listen Live."  The opera is Terence Blanchard's "Fire Shut Up in My Bones," based on Charles M. Blow's memoir.  Libretto is by Kasi Lemon, and this production stars Will Liverman as Charles, Latonia Moore as his mother, Billie, and Angel Blue in multiple roles.  

    In the synopsis read before Acts II-III, the commentators, described how Camille A. Brown choreographed multiple dances.  The peoople in the house and in Duffy Square, Marcus Garvey Park, and Broadway Square watching on big screens can see it, as well as people attending at Met Opera for the rest of the run, and as part of the Live in HD series in cinemas on Saturday, October 23.  (And, if makes its way to PBS, whenever local stations broadcast it.) 


  4. 14 minutes ago, Tom47 said:

    I believe that if young men wore the swimsuits that male Olympic divers wear there would be fewer people put off by seeing male ballet dancers in tights

    There are plenty of dance costumes, including in contemporary and modern ballet, where men are dressed in swimsuit-like bottoms and bare legs.  That's what the aesthetic calls for.

    As ballet has evolved, and men's line has become nearly as important and women's line in classical and neoclassical ballet, that is the clothing standard from a technical/aesthetical point of view.  If people are put off by seeing men in tights, then classical and neoclassical ballet danced by contemporary dancers isn't for them, as we are far past the transition.  I don't see why a niche art form should drop one of its unique qualities and standards to make people more comfortable with the uniform.

  5. Meanwhile, back in Seattle, where PNB opened on Friday night for a single weekend of Rep 1, an All-Cerrudo rep, Moira Macdonald wrote in The Seattle Times:


    Attending “Singularly Cerrudo,” of course, felt different from The Before Time. Those attending — subscribers only; individual tickets aren’t available for this or the November rep — had to present ID and vaccine proof before crossing McCaw’s doorway, and masks were worn throughout the evening. (Unfortunately, a few PNB patrons needed to be reminded that a mask must cover both mouth and nose. When you consider that PNB’s dancers took daily class and spent grueling hours of rehearsal in masks, it doesn’t seem that much of a hardship to wear one for a seated 90 minutes.)


  6. 18 minutes ago, BalanchineFan said:

    She IS gorgeous. I think I saw Debra Austin dance in the corps, but I never saw her in Symphony in C. This looks like the 3rd Movt, the jumping girl and boy. Does anyone else have a take on what role this was, or other solos Debra Austin danced with NYCB?


    7 minutes ago, cobweb said:

    If you go to Youtube and type in "ballo della regina ballet," the first listing should be a marvelous performance where Debra Austin is one of the soloists and comes in at 6:01. I just love her in this. 

    This variation, choreographed on and for Austin, is often referred to as the Jumping Variation.

  7. Oh, no -- Emma Love Suddarth is, for another week :( , the reigning senior corps member, and the depth in which she imbued corps and demi-soloist roles was evident, too, in the feature roles we have seen her in over the past 15 years.  The list is at the end of her PNB bio:


    I wish her health and happiness in whatever her future holds. :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:

  8. Maria Tallchief wrote in her memoir that, if she had met husband #2 at the time the book was written, they just would have lived together and the relationship would have flamed out, but, given the times, they had to get married.

    I can't keep track of the number of pairings and unpairings that young celebrities are part of, constant and numerous, just by skimming the Teen Vogue newsletter.  Thankfully, few of them actually marry and have to de-tangle themselves from the legal messes.

  9. Ballet Arizona posted the following news to its Instagram account:



    It's a terrific Tuesday at Ballet Arizona! On behalf of the Ballet Arizona Family, our dancers would like to thank the Virginia G. Charitable Piper Trust for gifting the Company one of their incredible surprise “Now is the Moment” Grants.

    THANK YOU, Piper Trust, for your incredible generosity and support of our community. We are thrilled that this grant will support Ballet Arizona in its ongoing mission: "To teach, create, and perform outstanding classical and contemporary ballet and to serve our communities through superior educational and outreach programs."



  10. Hello Dance, and welcome to Ballet Alert!

    Ballet Alert! is an audience site.  If you want to discuss dancing and dance teaching, you'll want to register at our sister site, Ballet Talk for Dancers:


    We are separate sites, and you'll need to register there as well.  The process is similar, but they have their own rules and policies, which you'll find here:


  11. No organization (so far) is asking for proof of "closely held religious beliefs" or a medical condition that prevents someone from getting one of the offered vaccines.  (HIPAA only applies to hospitals and medical professionals.) It is a performative phrase of assuming good faith on the part of anyone who is eligible for vaccination, but has either not chosen to get the vaccine for any reason, or has been unable get to the vaccine and to whom no one has gotten it.

    Not all people with "closely help religious beliefs" are part of a congregation/are affiliated with clergy, and not all people agree with their clergymen or with the very top of their religious hierarchy.  Some workplaces have asked for a letter from clergy, but it will be interesting to see how many governments could require that letter for government employees and for it to be considered constitutional.

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