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  1. Oh, no -- Emma Love Suddarth is, for another week :( , the reigning senior corps member, and the depth in which she imbued corps and demi-soloist roles was evident, too, in the feature roles we have seen her in over the past 15 years.  The list is at the end of her PNB bio:


    I wish her health and happiness in whatever her future holds. :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:

  2. Maria Tallchief wrote in her memoir that, if she had met husband #2 at the time the book was written, they just would have lived together and the relationship would have flamed out, but, given the times, they had to get married.

    I can't keep track of the number of pairings and unpairings that young celebrities are part of, constant and numerous, just by skimming the Teen Vogue newsletter.  Thankfully, few of them actually marry and have to de-tangle themselves from the legal messes.

  3. Ballet Arizona posted the following news to its Instagram account:



    It's a terrific Tuesday at Ballet Arizona! On behalf of the Ballet Arizona Family, our dancers would like to thank the Virginia G. Charitable Piper Trust for gifting the Company one of their incredible surprise “Now is the Moment” Grants.

    THANK YOU, Piper Trust, for your incredible generosity and support of our community. We are thrilled that this grant will support Ballet Arizona in its ongoing mission: "To teach, create, and perform outstanding classical and contemporary ballet and to serve our communities through superior educational and outreach programs."



  4. Hello Dance, and welcome to Ballet Alert!

    Ballet Alert! is an audience site.  If you want to discuss dancing and dance teaching, you'll want to register at our sister site, Ballet Talk for Dancers:


    We are separate sites, and you'll need to register there as well.  The process is similar, but they have their own rules and policies, which you'll find here:


  5. No organization (so far) is asking for proof of "closely held religious beliefs" or a medical condition that prevents someone from getting one of the offered vaccines.  (HIPAA only applies to hospitals and medical professionals.) It is a performative phrase of assuming good faith on the part of anyone who is eligible for vaccination, but has either not chosen to get the vaccine for any reason, or has been unable get to the vaccine and to whom no one has gotten it.

    Not all people with "closely help religious beliefs" are part of a congregation/are affiliated with clergy, and not all people agree with their clergymen or with the very top of their religious hierarchy.  Some workplaces have asked for a letter from clergy, but it will be interesting to see how many governments could require that letter for government employees and for it to be considered constitutional.

  6. PNB is joining a number of other arts organizations in Seattle in requiring full vaccination and (mostly) masks in the theater for Fall 2021.  According to their press release, they will announce Nutcracker precautions closer to actual performances.  The requirements in the press release, email, and website are:

    * Proof of vaccination, a negative PCR test with 48 hours, or a negative antigen test within 24 hours

    * ID

    * Valid ticket

    Masks are required except when eating or drinking.



    “PNB’s upcoming 2021-22 season, launching September 24, will be our first in-person season since the beginning of the pandemic,” said Executive Director Ellen Walker. “The safety of PNB’s artists, staff, and audiences continues to be our first priority. PNB’s artists and crew have been filming safely in-person since March 2020, and we are thrilled to evolve our safety plans to include in-person audiences. Multiple surveys confirm that our ticket-buyers overwhelmingly want to return to McCaw Hall, but with as many health and safety protocols in place as possible.”                                                           

    PNB’s mask and vaccination mandates will be in place for its return to performances in McCaw Hall during its upcoming Rep 1 (September 24 – 26) and Rep 2 (November 5 – 7). Additional safety features at McCaw Hall include top-of-the-line MERV 13 filters and running 100% fresh air circulation for all events. Attendance numbers will follow State and CDC guidelines for large indoor events. Capacity will be limited and social distancing measures will be taken in seating. Safety precautions for George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker and performances in 2022 will be announced soon and will continue to evolve over time in direct response to the pandemic.


    I'm trying to remember which organization specified that masks must cover both nose and mouth.

  7. As Australia emerges from winter and grapples with Covid-19, Australian Ballet has postponed its upcoming season in Melbourne until 2022.  (The headline says cancelled, but the subhead and article talk about the postponement.)


    (Thanks to Dance Edit for the heads up.)

    Alexei Ratmansky posted about this a few days ago to Instagram:


    The photos in the post are wonderful.

  8. I didn't get to see much of Abi Stafford's career at NYCB, but I remember one of the videos NYCB showed online in the last year, and I loved her in what I saw.  Having seen the part that was made for her by Ratmansky in Pictures at an Exhibition, I'm glad she is retiring in one of his works.

    And best wishes to her in her future career :flowers:

  9. This is such sad news for me as audience, but I am so thrilled for Seth Orza that he has come so far to make this long-term and very dear-to-his-heart project so close to launch.  

    Orza was such a strong presence onstage.  His dancing was muscular and plush and his energy palpable.  Dramatically, he was equally convincing as Romeo and as Tybalt,  in the Maillot Romeo et Juliette. He was not afraid to be dark and damaged like the Father in Maillot's Cendrillon,while showing the warmth and whimsy of Herr Drosselmeier in the Balanchine Nutcracker.  He was stellar in the Robbins rep, from his authentic sailor in  Fancy Free to the Husband in The Concert to Dances at a Gathering to West Side Story Suite.  But it's often in smaller, more concentrated spaces that a true gift of a dramatic dancer come out, and I won't forget his proud exit as the Husband/Warrior off to war in RAkU.

    We were so lucky to see him paired with his wife, Sarah Ricard Orza.  There was a performance of Nutcracker where they pushed it to the very edge in the Act II Pas de Deux that still makes me squeee thinking about it, and there was a playful simpatico when they danced DAAG together.  It was in two ballets that their connection was so strong but nuanced that made the performances among the most moving I've seen:  in Carousel (A Dance) and in Benjamin Millepied's Appassionata.

    My all-time favorite Orza performance was in Giselle, with Rachel Foster.  Neither dancer would have been typecast in those roles; Orza would have been as Hilarion.  But to see two dancers drawing deep and putting everything that had to make those characters their own, not as archetypes, but as vivid, living people as if the dancers were creating them in the moment is one of my favorite dance memories.

    Here is the direct link to "Celebrating Seth Orza," in which Daniel Ulbricht, Jonathan Stafford, and Kathryn Morgan from his NYCB days and Noelani Pantastico and Sarah Ricard Orza spoke about him.  It was so Orza of him to thank the doctors and physical therapists as well as the people backstage, and his acknowledgement of Wheeldon spanned Orza's career from SAB to NYCB to PNB.  He also got to speak about his new project/product from about the 15-minute mark.

    May ORZA be a great success, and I wish the Orza family health and happiness in their new future :flowers:

  10. Will any acceleration cause opponents to claim that the resulting full authorization is not really full authorization?

    I think the number of people for whom the difference between emergency and full approval and who don't have to give up their school or job is relatively small, even adding in the people who can use the distinction to save face, compared to the number of people for whom the vaccine will be mandated to attend school and/or keep their jobs once there is full approval.

    In France the government decided to impose resrictions barring entry to cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, and train for the unvaccinated starting next months, and appointments for vaccines soared.  It will be interesting to see if people want to see "Hamilton" or go to the ballet enough for the new restrictions to be an incentive, with or without full approval.

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