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  1. Here is my attempt: The first program I saw opened with Scotch Symphony. The dancing was crisp, clean and technically precise by both the corps and the soloists. As the dance progressed and the speed of the footwork increased, there was never any indication of sloppiness that frequently goes along with fast footwork. The only wobble I saw was on the part of Bonnie Pickard while being supported by Momchil Mladenov. Her arm was visibly shaking as if from tension or fatigue. She did also seem to hold tension in her face, but there were fleeting facial displays of sheer joy. If she had been
  2. Oh I will post, just after I return home on Monday! I am flying in on Saturday evening and out very early Monday. I am travelling light and do not want to bring my laptop. Nor do I want to spend time on-line while vistiting in DC. I am so happy with all of the wonderful reviews and am very anxious to see both programs. I will take notes, so I do not forget the highlights. I was unaware that the rehearsal today was open. I hope someone will report on this too! A HUGE thank you to Jack and koshka!
  3. I have tickets for both Sunday performances. I won't be able to post until the 11th though, after I return home.
  4. Anyone watching this run? Round trip airfare on American Airlines from Los Angeles is $220! I finally get to see a live SFB performance!
  5. Looking at the Playbill Article: No mention of Mr. Legate is made in regards to Ballet Pacifica. The OC register article mentions his retirement. No mention is made that he will have anything to do with the school. Again the Los Angeles Times article makes no mention of any connection between Mr. Legate and Ballet Pacifica. As wonderful as it will be for the students to have Ms. Cisneros as academy director, it was also wonderful to have Ms. McKerrow. One can only wonder what is the root cause of having 3 academy directors within a 12 month period. It cannot be a very positive
  6. I will continue with my mantra...West Coast, West Coast, West Coast...
  7. Suzanne Farrell Ballet Performance Noticed this today while making plans to visit D.C. in the near future. Not only Balanchine but Bejart too!
  8. Thank you rkoretzky for such a heartfelt post. Your descriptions made me cry!
  9. I was so saddened to read this news. Not only is Mr. Fayette a wonderful dancer, but a true genleman. I was blessed to have met him and his dear wife a number of years ago, and was impressed by what down to earth people they both are. I am sure he will do a wonderful job as the New York Area Dance Executive for AGMA.
  10. I loved this book! I frequently found my self laughing out loud. My kids always wanted to know what was so funny. Unlike the other posters here, I had a difficult time putting it down. I loved the characters and especially how the female members reacted to the male member of the book club. vagansmom---did you ever read it? What were your thoughts?
  11. What about Allegra Kent? She didn't dance as frequently, sometimes only once a year, but she did perform for a long time. Maybe her longevity is due to the fact that she did not perform more often. It is indeed painful for me to watch a dancer when they are obviously in pain!
  12. Mashinka, Take a look at the sister board "BalletTalk for Dancers." On that board is an entire forum strictly about pointe shoes. There are many requests every day from dancers and parents asking for assistance in the quest for the "perfect" shoe. Feet come in a variety of shapes, structure and strength; just as the rest of the human body. Pointe shoes also come in a variety of shapes, structure and strength. Some dancers feet are amenable to many different shoes, others search for years and end up "making do;" choosing the shoe with the fewest negatives. In my daughter's experience, sh
  13. Here is the current listing for the same auction. The listing company has raised the starting bid by $5000 and added a "buy it now" option. Current Listing of Auction It is an interesring proposition. The article states that the same company has sold a marching band, twice
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