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  1. I just want to add that all the official statements iterate this is her last season with PNB. No mention by any party about it being her last season dancing, or retirement. Leaving a company after a long stay does not require retirement. Frequently dancers do retire at this point, I just noticed there was no official statement about retirement.
  2. I seems to be fashionable to bad mouth Mr. Stiefel. The implication that he is somehow responsible for the demise of Ballet Pacifica is unjust. The board had previously let go Molly Lynch, and long-time AD with a great track history due to disagreements about the programming. The board seemed to believe that having Mr. Stiefel as AD would bring in large amounts of money without any effort on their part. Mr. Stiefel seemed the only party interested in raising money. As to the collapse of the school, one can only blame the board Once again money was unwisely spent to employ approximately
  3. This link is about a Suzanne Farrell Ballet performance that included Bugaku. In the last post is a link to the New York Times on-line edition with photos of the performance. Photographs 6 and 7 are of Bugaku.
  4. Both Skyler Campbell and Karen Johnson competed in the 2009 competition not in the 2010 and are both from Southern California, United States.
  5. If someone I would NOT react kindly!
  6. I saw it once at the Kennedy Center. The usher had the patrons camera in under 30 seconds!
  7. At this point there are conflicting reports as to what her status is. I would hope that no one jumps to conclusions! Conflicting News
  8. Thank you so much ivypink! I will let her know immediately!
  9. ivypink, I am there infrequently, my daughter lives there. I would be grateful if you would!
  10. My daughter has been unable to find a copy in Salt Lake. If you locate any let me know where please!
  11. I cringe when I hear the word "robust" used to describe a machine. I also abhor the use of "shut up" to express disbelief!
  12. Thank you once again Jack for bring Ms. Farrell's company to those who are unable to see it in person! Thank you for also identifying the dancers in the photo. Mr. Prescott was easily identified by his glorious curls, but I had a hard time with the others. Would you be so kind as to describe the costuming detail, and also who gets credit for their construction? I don't mean to be beging for details, but I do love all the details! If not too much trouble, were any of the regular corps members there? Reed? Kurt? Ian? etc.? Thank you soooo much for your incite, opinions and observations...
  13. I am with Memo 100% here! It is indeed sad that the LA Times has decided to eliminate the position of dance critic, but I think it was high time Mr. Segal was replaced. It is just sad that he will not be replaced. I spoke with him on the telephone once, begging him to cover a local dance story that was both disheartening and shocking. He outright refused. He stated that it was too controversial. I was also bewildered by his facination with LA Ballet's Ms. Gill......I just didn't get it. I do not believe he was a strong supporter of dance! Most of his reviews would give one reason not
  14. Here is a link to the slide show Jack was referring to. For the most part I was very impressed by not only the quality of the photographs, but also by the composition. It was nice to have these pictorial reminders of dancers I so enjoyed in June. I was again struck by the eye to eye contact that was such a big part of the pieces that were presented in late spring. Ms. Elisabeth Holochuk and Natalia Magnicaballi, it seems from these photos have gazes that are nothing less than fierce! Costume wise I thought it was quite clever to repeat the look of the skirt of the soloist in "Pithoprakta"
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