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  1. Some photos from the symposium. http://www.umich.edu/~iinet/crees/stpeters...ium_photos.html
  2. The symposium is recorded and will be shown on UMTV. Last I checked it's not listed yet. Here's the link. http://ipumich.temppublish.com/umtv/pindex.php I was told there'll be videotapes available after the broadcast.
  3. Fascinating, indeed! Thanks, Mel Johnson and Alexandra. I'll link this page to a Chinese Ballet forum to see if someone will recognize the dance.
  4. Excuse me for going off the topic. But why does the index fingers pointing upward mean China? Where does it come from? Being a Chinese, I've been wondering about it for quite some time.
  5. Gee, moths, I know pratically nothing about them! Not a pleasure to the eye, never watched them closely. Let me go grab my encyclopedia first. And please keep those posts coming. It's been a fascinating read. R S Edgecombe, thanks, I'll check the book out.
  6. Giannina, how unfortunate! I hope one day these TV programs will find their way to commercial release. Just to think how many great performances I've missed.
  7. Is this available on videos? I've heard about the performance, but couldn't find it anywhere.
  8. Wow! Mel Johnson and R S Edgecombe, thank you SO much for the replies. There's so much to discover about Giselle. I'll check out the books you mentioned. R S Edgecombe, yes, that's the picture I was talking about. And I agree that Carlotta's wings would be rather inconvenient for partnering. Ferri's would be more practical. It didn't occur to me that this difference in costume may reflect a change in the choreography. Thank you for pointing it out. And Giannina, thank you for the reminder. I'll go over to the Welcome forum to introduce myself.
  9. I just come across this page while surfing on the net. Carlotta Grisi Scroll down and you'll find a picture of Carlotta Grisi dancing Giselle. Click on the picture to see a larger one. I was surprised to see that she had wings on her back. I haven't seen any Giselle with wings except for Ferri in the movie "Dancers" (I haven't seen that many though). Are wilis supposed to have wings? Come to think of it, in "Dancers", only Giselle had wings, not the other wilis, not even Myrtha. Does this mean that Giselle is somehow different from the wilis? Btw, this is my first post on the forum. So hello everyone!
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