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  1. Could you post a link to this article?!
  2. Side note,I noticed Texas Ballet Theater,spells it theater,instead of Theatre,wonder why!?!? Maybe cause it's texas? haha :-D
  3. By PAUL HORSLEY The Kansas City Star KC star Full Article
  4. What about April Ball? Did she retire from dance?
  5. I have to agree with Lindy Mandradjieff, she is a fablously talented dancer. Great performer. She was used more last year than now..not sure why!
  6. Well, she tried amazon and not able to find anything. Thanks for the help though. Will try iclassics.
  7. Sorry, this is a questions of a friends and I was just giving the info I know. Im almost 100% sure it's 3 girls though. Where it occurs in the ballet Im not sure!
  8. It's the pas de trios from ABT's version. I know the re-arragned alot of stuff in the version shown on PBS in '99. I was looking for the pas de trios music so as to use it in a show.
  9. Looking for a CD with the music of the Pas de trois from Le corsiare. All searches I have done, like on amazon, they are all out of stock, another words not in print anymore. If you know of anywhere that has this, I would much appreciate the information.
  10. A little late,as I didn't see this thread, but OMG Michelle Kwan, was amazing. I think she is by far one of the most talented skaters around, if not ever. She has so much grace and quality and is so strong and powerful. She really draws you in. She is so, consistent too! I do like Cohen, but for me, she doesn't compare to what Kwan does! :-D
  11. Does anyone know where one could buy a CD with the Pas de Trois on it?!?! Have had no luck! Thanks much!
  12. A Photo gallery was recently put up on KCB's website of Giselle,some very good pictures! Look here: Giselle Photo Album
  13. haha,I would go to all of them! LOL, Only if, hu? I would be tempted to go see Wiles/Hallberg. But I love Stiefel. Such a hard hard decsion!
  14. By PAUL HORSLEY The Kansas City Star Kansas City Star-Full Reveiw
  15. Would love to hear how the performances went!
  16. Review of opening night,Giselle,October 9th. By PAUL HORSLEY The Kansas City Star KC Star Full Article
  17. I am very much a fan of Julie Kent. She moves beautifully and makes me sit on the edge of my seat when I watch her. Well,the one time i've seen her live!
  18. That is really scary. I couldn't imagine dancing 2 full ballets like that in One day,especially if I don't have alot of experince doing it. Like you said,many experinced dancers don't do that. There are many others they could use,Manderjeff,Bouder..tons...I really wonder what Directors are thinking sometimes!
  19. Sadly,all I was able to see was Swan Lake,but that was also my first live performance of ABT. I saw Julie Kent and thought she was utterly breath taking I do agree that are technique was slightly off,but as a fellow poster said you just can't take your eyes off her. She is one of the most gorgeous dancers out there today! Really wish I would be able to see more of ABT,but seeing as I don't live in NYC,but dancing for them would be nice too....
  20. Julie Kent is one of the most gorgeous dancers I have ever seen. I also love,Yaun Yuan Tan and Ying Li.
  21. I have a question about Sylvie Guillem. I heared she is slowly edging out of performing and becoming director of La Scalla(sp?) Ballet,is this true?
  22. I think the main problem with this,is that some PBT dancers where let go to save money and then they are going to use students in giselle,swan lake ect. to fill in their spots. This is what I have been told. I also must say that you CAN tell when they use students in parts that are for professionals.
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