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  1. I'd have to agree that Sqaure Dance as a whole is very very hard for everyone. Very taxing and he saves the hardest for the end!!
  2. Julie Kent From what i've seen, Michelle Wiles and also David Hallberg
  3. While he is not my favorite dancer, Vladamir Malakhov has an amazing jump! It's so high and like a cat. He has the quietest landings ever, and they melt like butter.
  4. I too, think it's premature to assume this. Wiles is a very beautiful odette/odile and I do hope you enjoy her. I had the pleasure of seeing her and David Hallberg's debut at the met in Swan Lake and while it was not perfect in all aspects, it was most enjoyable and very memorable! She is my new favorite dancer at ABT!(after Julie Kent)
  5. Maybe meaning that they travel all over the nation. I'm sure having "American" in the title of the company doesn't hurt it's cause for wanting to say they are the National ballet company. Which, I see no problem in them doing!
  6. Arabian is a dance for a single female in Balanchines Nutcracker.....or so I thought....
  7. Well it may not be press, but you could call the school and find out that she is teaching there. Sorry if that was *rumors* !
  8. She is back home in Pittsburgh, teaching at Pittsburgh Youth Ballet, her old school and I'm pretty sure going back to College.
  9. Scroll down to Nutcracker Time Again Click on that and there will be pictures of rehearsal at KCB Studios! Link to KCStar Community Faces
  10. Two Claras & two Princes ‘Nutcracker' performers spend most of their time rehearsing for the Christmas show By TONI CARDARELLA Special to the Star KCStar Full Article and Pictures
  11. Royal Ballet's Nutcracker has an adult Clara and Prince and also kept Drosslmyer through out the second act, Clara also danced with the diffrent diverts.
  12. Nutcracker 101 Six things you should know about the Christmas classic before seeing it By PAUL HORSLEY The Kansas City Star Full Story and Pictures
  13. I actually must dissagree with you, though I have not seen her perform a whole lot, when I saw her Swan Lake, yes her turns amazed me, but the thing I noticed most, was her softness, regealness and they way she presented her her feet and legs so well. Quite a few ballerina's, wont name any names, do not have that quality, they forget about the small things. *Example of what im talking about is when Michelle would go up to do a pique arabesque, her foot was so precise and elegant and then such a strong gorgeous, but soft, arabesque* I will add, that I do thing she has alot of growing to do as an artisit and her being tall could be a problem, but if Hallberg stays around, all will be well.
  14. This is still exciting news. I personally, at this point, would rather see her as Myrtha, I think she would make a fabulous Mrytha and Im sure one day, she will make a fabulous Giselle. Myrtha to me, is a character that most people do not fully develop, they do the steps wonderfully, but the evilness, the coldness is not always there, so hopefully she will be able to produce that feeling into the house, to make it a great performance!!!
  15. Murphy is a good turner, but I can't say I enjoy her beyond that. I saw Wiles/Hallberg debut at the Met. Both of them were very amazing. In my opinion, her turns were more mesmorizing than Murphy's, but I guess I should just be happy there will be more Ballet, especially ABT, on PBS. I will just have to find a PBS that will be airing it and have a friend tape it!
  16. Oh how sad . Im very happy it's going to be televised, as it's nice to get Ballet out there to "normal" people! hehe, But Murphy? *sigh* Not that it'll probably show ever on the PBS here, as The Dream never did, I had to buy it.
  17. I hope you enjoy it!! I perosnally enjoyed it very much!! It may not be a master piece to be in the rep. forver, but for now I think it's good!
  18. I really hope that people who enjoy KCB and go to the shows will Post their thoughts about the company!
  19. Stepping up to the barre Kansas City Ballet stretches its limits with program By PAUL HORSLEY The Kansas City Star Full Review KCStar *I must say I dissagree with him about stepping stones looking ragged. I also don't think he gave enough review to Paquita and focused too much on 'The Concert', not to say it didn't deserve it, but I felt it was more of a description than a review...just MHOP*
  20. Kansas City Ballet Opening Night Performance Photos
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