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  1. Went tonight. It's obviously not the best production, but I must say, It's better than Peter Martin's version. I actually enjoyed most of the costumes, especially the wedding pas costumes. I was sad not to see Julie Kent, but overjoyed to see Ethan!! He looks fabulous. Gillian, while I still didn't LOVE HER, she impressed me. Her upper body has gotten so much better. She did a much better job than I had expected. Michelle Wiles was quite nice as Lilac. I enjoyed all of her variations and her upper body had something so nice about it...made me wish she had been given an Aurora...Sarah Lane was AMAZING as Princess Florine..again made me wish she had been given an Aurora...Lopez was just plain awful as Blue Bird..I'm sorry but he was. Nothing about him was pleasing, nothing. Over all the dancing was nice. My biggest annoyance was the Shower Curtian and the random flying of Lilac and Caraboose. But over all, I was entertained and I thought the dancing was at a good level, so I enjoyed it. I would see it again just to see Ethan back on stage....
  2. I hope she is ok. But i'm very upset she isn't performing that night. That's the only night I can attened and I very much wanted to see her. Even if she performs another night, there's no way I can go.
  3. I did not see VP's performance in the gala, but i would just like to point out, that the majority(if not all) corps males know how to partner, especially when it comes to a promenade or a balance. That is basic partnering 101. So, I wouldn't base her faults on that...sometimes people have off nights! It happens, c'est la vie!
  4. Ok, so I have some time to say what I thought. I had never seen La Bayadere live(though I've performed parts of it) and had only see the POB dvd before this. I was a little hesitant because the 3 leads, Gillian, Paloma and Angel are not my favorites. BUT, Gillian and Paloma actually impressed me a lot! I really enjoyed their interpretations of the roles. And Paloma was a lot less wobbly then usual. Gillian has obviously kept working on her upper body, thankfully, and it shows. She's much more lyrical. It's nice. For me, this is not Angel's best role, nor is he dancing to his best. I felt he was too wild and sloppy. Calm down and give us some breathe. He did however give a lot of emotion and convey his feelings well, which is a huge plus. Paloma and he had a great chemistry, as did Gillilan and He, though I guess you would call it a lack of chemsitry, but it read very well. The corps, was fabulous. I was nerveous, though whenever I see ABT(which has been often in the past year) I find the corps to be quite well together. In the first part they were a little out of sync, but it's hard to get those developes and sautes all at the same time and legs at the same height. The vision scene with all of the arabesques!! GROGEOUS!! I was very very impressed. There was only one girl that wobbled and she did it often. The 3 soloist, Sarah Lane, Stella Abrea and Maria Riccetto. Very good. Sarah Lane has always impressed me and continues too. She did the first variation, which I believe is the hardest and she did it very well. Both Stella and Maria were top notch too, I was just very impressed with Sarah. Over all the dancing was top notch. Cornejo, he is amazing and very much an idol. He has such a jump and such a line! It's great to see. I wish I could see more cast(I really want to see David and Ethan as Solar and Michelle wiles in either role..), but I have to work! I wish they did this every year. It's my new favorite ballet! The sets and the costumes are just so gorgeous and the story really flows, and you are never bored!! Bravo!
  5. I did, over all very good!! The corps impressed me very much. I will comment more later!
  6. Me too! Especially after last nights performance....
  7. I've been reading all of this and while i'm not an expert on anything to do with the BNP I say it has nothing to do with her job as a Ballerina. I would go see her. I would judge her on how well she dances, not if our political views are the same or not. Isn't that what Ballet is about? Expressing yourself through movement? ...
  8. I also believe that James Jordon(Ballet Master at Kansas City Ballet) is Tudor Stager.
  9. Anything with Julie Kent really. She needs to be preserved on film before she retires!(which let us hope is still a few years away!)
  10. Why? I'd think ABT has enough guys. I know they do. I understand Richardson, but Thomas? I just don't see the need, but maybe that's just me!
  11. One Swan Lake per couple and Julie Kent is a matinee and Murphy is an evening? *hmmph*
  12. Symphonie Concertante- I think it was a little big for the CC stage, but I enjoyed it. I was dissapointed that V. Part was not dancing. Wiles was quite beautiful, she was very clean and sharp. Paloma was ok, her legs and feet were beautiful as always and her arms were a little sloppy,as always. The demi soloist and the corps also danced very nicely. Glow-Stop-.......WOW...that is an AMAZING piece. I love every second of it. The dancers were amazing. Julie Kent always blows me away and really shows what a Ballerina is! Sarah Lane she always catches my eye and danced at such a top level last night. Now, I had never really seen Kristi Boone in much until last night and can I just say, she is amazing. She is such a beautiful dancer. Marcelo was his usual amazing self and I really enjoyed Cornejo. Sascha Radetsky was a little...stiff? I felt like he didn't really commit to the movement like the others did. But still this is such an amazing piece and I would love to see it many more times! Bravo to ABT and Elo! The Green Table- This was the first time I had seen this piece. I like it. I think it was performed very well and has a lot of meaning behind it, even if it didn't really move me that much. The dancers did a great job with it. David Hallberg was very creepy as Death. This was my frist viewing of ABT @ City Center and I quite enjoyed it. I like being at closer range so that I can see the pieces better and see more detail than I can at The Met.
  13. He's a great chiropractor too!!
  14. I'm jealous!! I was going to go today, but then I was too lazy..had I KNOWN Hallberg was going to be dancing I would have MADE myself go!! Oh well, it sounds like a wonderful performance! Bravo to them all!!
  15. I'm going to see Wiles & Hallberg wednesday @ 2pm. I've never seen it and I'm excited. If I like the production, then I will go see Kent on Thursday. I'm excited!! :-D
  16. I too would love to hear about Kent and Gomes! I have seen her perform twice and it was the best Swan Lake I've ever seen, but I was unable to attend this year, which saddens me since she is getting older and who knows when will be her last! So impressions please!!
  17. 7/1/06-Matinee; David Hallberg & Michelle Wiles- I saw them in their debut, what about 2 years ago? I thought it was breath taking then. This time around, was gorgeously done. More maturity was shown, but along with that came some unneeded caution. I'm not sure my review can do the performance justisce as have the reviews before me, even if I don't fully agree, but I shall give it a go! The corps was very lively as the performance started and in walks David.*loud applause*!! His first little interaction with all the dancers was nice, shyly flirting. His little variations he did were superb! The pas de trios, was nice. I had never seen Carlos Lopez dance and he's very nice. His lines could use a little work and his pirouettes were at times a little unnerving, but he has great stage presence! Misty Copeland, while she was nice in this I did not love her. She has a very nice jump and gorgeous six, but I felt her port de bras lacked some classical quality. A little too far behind her and never really finishing the line. Renata Pavam, The first time I saw her was in Coraisre back in June and she really impressed me then, as she did now! She has a beautiful quality to her dancing. She just shines and has very nice use of port de bras. In corsiare I felt her foot work was lacking, but this time I feel she was very clean and just lovely to watch. Let's start with David. Everytime I see him, he amazes me. It's impossible that he is human. I truly believe his performance. His unbelieveable technique, along with his glowing presence, breath taking!! Besides his natural attributes with thise feet and legs, he has the most amazing grand jete known to man!! In the coda he just came SOARING out and did he come down like a normal human dancer would? No, he went HIGHER before he decided he should come down!! Now, I guess I shouldn't say he's not human, as he wasn't perfect. He had a few bobbles in some of hir varaition, nothing bad just not getting around on all of his turns some times and landing a little ackward once in a while. But still! I feel he partnered Michelle wonderfully. They had such a connection and I could feel as if they were one. I felt his heartache to be betrayed, and his horror in trying to find his TRUE Swan Queen. OH! The Ending!! I have NEVER seen someone jump off the cliff so! He FLEW in the air! I gasped! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Here's to a 100 more 'Swan Lakes'! Michelle, I have always loved her. I know she has been said to have gotten worse since she was promoted, but I've not seen her enough to know if that's true or not. I feel she was gorgeous, she had a few faults and some hesitations, but she still pulled off what I think was a fine performance. I felt she was more more expressive this time, not just with her face but with her body too. Her arms, while different than last time, were very nice. She added alot more sharpness this time, but I don't think it was over the top. She still had a nice smooth quality when needed. I also feel that the sharpness works with the way her arms seem to be angled. She wasn't the top she usually is. She did as stated have some very impressive turns, and bassicly stopping on pointe before going on to the next thing. I don't think turning makes a dancer, but when one is known for it, one might expect more. Her fouettes were good, she did Single, Double, the first 16 and then 16 singles, but she lost control and pulled in to only a single. Now, that's not such a horrible thing, but the last time she did fouette, fouette, triple the whole time and pulled into 4. Now we all have our off nights, and this did NOT ruin her performance. My biggest pet peeve with her was her arabesque. Now I know she was injured with her back for 4 months, and she's never had an extremely high arabesque, BUT it was always well placed and gorgeous line. This time around I felt it tended to turn in and not really finish the line. The thing that bugged me the most was her balance. It was a very impressive balance, BUT, the leg was turned in and just hanging there. I saw Irina do this in the gala and it bothered me just as much. At the end of the balance, she looked to the audience with this look of *MUAHAHA* and lifted her leg to a gorgeous line, all the while still balancing by her self! I just hope someone tells her, or she can see the lack of line that was there. The Corps- *standing ovation* I was impressed to say the least! It was not perfect, but almost! The patterns were just spot on. Only once or twice did I see someone out of line or fumble a bit. The Cygnettes, where the BEST I have ever seen. The litteraly moved as ONE. Bravo, Bravo to Caity Seither, Carrie Jensen, Maria Riccetto and Anne Milewski! Gorgeous job! The Two Swans as ABT calls them were Kristi Boone and Simone Messmer, they were good, but a few times were not together. The performance over all I feel was fantastic. The feeling was there, the talent was there and the hard work paid off! Bravo ABT on a wonderful performance of Swan Lake!!!
  18. Just a quick note until I have enough free time to properly review this afternoons performance!! Over all, it was quite gorgeous. There were a few moments of hesitation, but very nice. The corps as a whole, was right on. I truely enjoyed it! More to come later!!
  19. Erica is leaving? I did not notice a press release about this! Thats sad, she's amazing! *edited to add- I just saw the post down below! sorry*
  20. Did anyone see Romeo and Juliet with Zungre? I didn't seem to read any reviews! Was just curious to read about such a debut!
  21. How was Francis Veyette in the lead of Theme and Variations?
  22. Could anyone give some thought to why Peter would be bringing in guest artist to such a hugely talented company?(though I don't see them perform..)
  23. Oh I wish I could be there to see some of these performances!! Too bad all Ballet isn't televised on like a Pay Per View basis! That would be amazing!!
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