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  1. Not all casting changes are necessarily bad (except those the Russians always surprise us with when we open our programs). For those who enjoyed Lunkina in this winter's Stars gala, she's now with Alexandrova in the first Bright Stream (25th). And Tsiskaridze fans - and those who have been puzzled by the nearly violent web disagreements about him - will get to see him in Pharoah (28th, 30th at 8 PM) as well as in the Bright Stream of the 26th. Latest casting and seating info may be found by clicking the website cited above on April 30th, or the one below (Sat Mats have heavy sales, even in those severly overpriced "low-priced" seats, which doesn't bode well for the future).


  2. Re:

    "The NYCB website has one of the worst professionally created public-facing user interfaces I've ever seen. It's a wonder anyone finds anything there."

    Although ABT's website does seem easier than NYCB's, it has some deeply buried hidden treasures. Four levels deep one will find their ballet dictionary:


    where all those technical terms we non-dancers don't comprehend are nicely explained, often with video illustrations. For example, learn how to pirouette from Jaffe, Carreno, and the Young Angel himself! Much, much more!

  3. I don't think I said it was Gillian Murphy's best Swan Lake, 'though I do feel it was one of her best, but rather that I admire her willingness, and generosity, to vary, and ultimately grow, her Odette/Odile. The partnership chemistry with Carreno is Swan Lake specific, perhaps springing from a Saturday matinee performance a few summers ago when a boy in the audience threw a temper tantrum just after the White Swan adagio began. I thought they'd stop the music and restart when the kid was removed (he did leave, kicking and screaming), but they continued. Carreno seemed to focus so intensely on Odette that they continued and built to an incredibly powerful connection. What "should" have been a memorably bad day at the ballet turned into a transcendent one. I grant that event may have imposed a partnership connection in my mind, but I think I'll keep it since I have been rewarded by seeing that pairing in Swan Lake every performance since! Credit that kid with selling some ABT tickets, I suppose.

    Certainly no knock on Corella was intended. I was lucky enough to see his initiation into a lead role (Don Q!), brillianly partnered by Paloma, who'd been initiated into Kitri by Bocca the season before. Their electricity would have lit the city during a Con Ed blackout! And still will!

  4. I too attended the Friday night Lake, but felt that this was one of Gillian Murphy's greatest performances of Odette/Odile. It had the advantage [over the PBS program] of the great chemistry that she has with Carreno in this role. She seems free to vary each performance with him, in much the same way that Natalya Makarova never did the same thing twice. This time she played Odette as a Strong Woman trapped in the Swan's body. Once this Odette sensed the Prince was her road to freedom, she seemed more overtly seductive during the White Swan PDD than we might expect from the more traditional, relatively helpless/hopeless Odette. I doubt Rothbart restricted his Swan Fetish to just one kind of woman. The Strong Woman Odile [those quads during Black Swan!] would, in this interpretation, really remind me of Odette if I were the Prince!

    I agree that Marcello Gomes is brilliant as Swamp Thing's better half, and look forward to his Siegfried with the sublime Ms. Part on the 4th and 7th. A special word for Zhong-Jing Fang's Hungarian Princess. Everything this flowing young dancer does attracts notice in these pages, and very rightly so. Why are we, and she, having to wait years to see her in something substantial? At least begin the road to the inevitable Juliet and Giselle!

    How fortunate we are to anticipate a decade more of Gillan Murphy's explorations into the depth and variety of Odette/Odile.

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