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  1. Saw the 'Legacy' program last night---can't quite understand the criticism of Hallberg's commentary. His comments on being a dancer were thoughtful and welcome. Such an articulate

    fellow----commentary could be a second career for him. Semyon Chudin was the highlight of the program for me---all I could think was 'WOW'! Kondaurova did not 'pull off' 'Diamonds'--

    too much emoting, girl! She was ever the Russian Prima Ballerina......The surprise was an insert in the program for Veronika Part in a Lubovitch contemporary solo to Scriabin. She

    was sandwiched between Obraztsova and Kondaurova and held her ownflowers.gif Thje Tokyo Ballet in Bhakti while not one of my favorite Bejart's (yes, I do have favorites) had an

    interest the other two ballets lacked. It has been a long time since I went to a program of this kind---and it's bound to be longer still before I go back.

  2. It has been said - nothing is perfect --but some things are. Martins R&J is perfectly awful.......I haven't seen it since it was broadcast in 2007 and I will never understand why it

    is still shown. What an embarassment -- the dancers deserve a lot better. It is hard to truly criticize any performance given what the choreography is. I don't know which upset me more---

    the Kirkeby scenery (and as it has been put, the 'cheesy' costumes of Nielsen) or the empty choreography. I can't believe what Martins did to the Ballroom scene---all those dancers

    just standing around in two long lines---'do something' I felt like shouting.---and the little kiddies with the mandolins would have been more at home in 'The Nutcracker'. I saw Lovette and

    Taylor Stanley (in place of the injured Finlay.) They are both beautiful dancers and I enjoy seeing them, but the emotional content simply is not there. While watching this fiasco, I

    couldn't help thinking that Martin has been in charge of NYCB as long as Balanchine. Go figure!innocent.gif

  3. I agree, 'Boyhood' could have been cut a good 45 minutes. The theme of the growing boy I found secondary. I was dumbstruck by the mother's bad taste in men!---she had three husbands and gave each of them jurisdiction over the upbringing of her children, much to their sorrow. Perhaps this is why I loved 'Budapest Hotel' so much (saw it twice in theatres

    and a couple of times on TV) The droll humor, wonderful sets, and of course, Ralph Fiennes.

  4. I saw Wednesday night's performance and my kudos go to Lauren Lovette in 'The Cage'. It has been many years since I have seen 'The Cage' and my recollection of Nora Kaye's performance still lingers. She was not quite as gut-wrenching as Kaye---but this was her debut performance. Brava, Lauren! The evening got off with Martins' "Symphonic Dances', a ballet with numerous climaxes----surely, it will end here---but No!--it just went on and on--to where I could not fathom. I am still 'on-the-fence' about Sara Mearns. I know she is popular and receives glowing reviews, but stylistically she seems out of place with NYCB---too much facial emoting for me---a bit of cool elegance would be welcome.

  5. Getting back to the Balanchine staging of Act 2 for Ballet Theatre in 1946 (my introduction to 'Giselle') at the point where Giselle throws the Lily over her head in the midst of a grand jete, Albrecht's leaps into the air and catches the flower before it touches the ground---and repeated again...I have often wondered if this was Balanchine's idea...Alonso and Youskevitch were the only pair who did this. It was a beautiful thing to see in the hands of such superb artists.

  6. I seem to be the only one here who admires Liam Scarlett. I saw 'Acheron' earlier this year at NYCB and just basked in his lyricism. I found "With a Chance of Rain" perhaps the

    best new work I have seen these past few years. His relationships between and among the couples reminded me of Tudor.

  7. I have always considered it an Art---but too many (on Ballet Alert, alas) view it as a sport, technique is all that seems to matter. Artistry is out the window if a fumbled turn or wobbly balance is seen. I consider myself to be fortunate to have seen many dance icons, none of them technical wizards (with the possible exception of Alonso in her prime) I have often wondered what today's ballet public

    would think of two of my old favorites--Tatiana Riabouchinska and Hugh Laing with their high degree of artistry and low technical ability.---or Danilova and Markova--no technical wizards. Would their

    artistry be overlooked? I tend to think so.

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