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  1. I saw the Sunday Mat performance of 'Monotones' with Copeland, Kochetkova and Simkin in '#1' and Seo, Hammoudi and Han in #2---the only thing I can say about Copeland is that she should stay far away from white bodysuits :blushing:. The performers were not up to the DVD from the Royal Ballet that includes Nunez and Watson. I really love seeing ballet trained dancers in 'Company B--they move with such glorious freedom. Gomes did 'Death' in the Green Table.....and he was a much more forgiving character---nothing like Maximilian Zomosa of frightening


  2. Having seen the first rendition of this ballet (1947??) with Alonso and Yousekevitch--what I find sorely missing in the subsequent performances is the grandeur of the principals. Yes,

    Kirkland's technique is formidable (I have the recording from Dance in America) but for me, she comes across as an exceptional soloist, as do most of the others especially from NYCB. I am not looking for the old Russian Grand Manner in a ballerina, but the parts (both male and female) demand a touch of it. :innocent:

  3. I am hoping the younger men and women who did not see much of her in her prime---go for it :tiphat: You will be seeing a wonderful artist---something that is seriously lacking in the

    recent female principals. In my younger days I was thrilled to see Danilova, Markova, Riabouchinska and even Dolin near the end of their careers.---just put technique on the 'back burner' and enjoy this artist. (although I really think she will be fine technically, or don't think she would try it) I will in all probability not get tickets for the performance----I am still recovering from

    last season when Semionova and Vishneva were replaced by Hee Seo---I guessg his year it will be Copland.........

  4. I saw 'Age of Anxiety' at the Sat Mat....for me, it was 'Fancy Free' updated for our current times.....it was a joy to see a contemporary ballet with marvelous sets (ah! shades of the glory days of Ballet Theater) The first scene was a bar, the second an apartment living room and the third, a wonderful backdrop curtain of NYC. (John MacFarlane, with lighting by Tipton) There were three main male characters and one girl.....I wondered how they would pair off. I assumed two of the boys would be gay and the other male would pair off with the girl.....but

    the males were all gay....and the girl??? deep anxietyspeechless-smiley-003.gif. I hadn't heard the Bernstein score in a long time and thoroughly enjoyed it........All in all, the Royal Ballet was a great antidote to ABT

  5. Thanks for the clip, Ken, that is the cast I saw last night and they were superb. The very end of the ballet was very moving....the three principals joined hands and walked in slow

    motion downstage and seemed to be walking on clouds.

  6. Last night was a revelation after the disastrous ABT season. This morning I am still in awe of "Song of the Earth". It really hits home for the older generation (Me) It's hard to believe MacMillan was only in his thirties when he composed this. Each of the 'songs' I found riveting---both choreographically and emotionally. Heart wrenching.....is there a recording of this around? I found the ballet superior to his opulent evening long ballets.

    Osipova has a hard time doing Ashton.....she should have looked at some old clips of Fonteyn...it might have helped her. In the final PDD she was ferociously flailing her arms...and frankly. I found her interpretation more 'snooty' than regal.

  7. I saw quite a lot of her performances when she came to New York with Petit's various companies--most memorably in "Le Combat". NYCB performed it as "The Duel". Marchand was a

    hard act to follow for any dancer in that role and no one ever topped her.

    Rest in peace.

  8. I don't have much to say except that I was underwhelmed tonight. The female corps was the star of the show! Good job, ladies.

    Yes, I join you in being underwhelmed. I cannot understand KM's obsession with Hee Seo----and there was Stella Abrera in one of the shades variations when her Nikiya would

    have been welcomed. I am sure she knows the role and would have been a great replacement for Semionova. Well at least there was the Corps, Murphy and Kim to save the

    night. Fortunately I will be seeing a real ballerina as Nikiya on Thursday---Veronika Part.

  9. What I can't understand why Gillian isn't dancing Nikiya, particularly with Seminova's withdrawal. I should probably ask this in the Bayadere thread, but do any of you insiders know if Stella Abrerra has learned Nikiya?

    What I can't understand is why Seo is performing three Bayaderes in one weekicon8.gif I have tickets for that performance and how I wish for any one but! Fortunately I am seeing Part later in the week.

  10. I saw yesterday's rehearsal of 'Giselle' with Abrera and Shkylarov in the 2nd act. As interested as I was in s eeing Abrera---it is Shkylarov's performance that is still dominating my

    thoughts. What a joy it was to see a bona fide premier danseur on the stage. I have gotten so used to seeing the imitations (both male and female) I was forgetting what joy it

    is to see the real thing. Everyone on that stage paled next to him. Good liuck, Stella.

  11. Mimsyb said that "Lilac Garden" and "Pillar" ...."suffers from b eing on a large stage.....the bigness of the stage overwhelms...." I originally saw both these ballets on the stage of

    the old Metropolitan Opera House on 39th St---I don't know the dimensions of the old Met and new Met, but I assume they are pretty close in size. Unfortunately, I do not think it

    is the theater, but the performers. Back at the old opera house the performers were trained by Tudor, and they projected. I have no idea who the present dancers work with since

    we no longer have Sallie Wilson.

    PS---yes, Murphy was great in T&V---what a change from Tuesday's perfformance.......

  12. I just watched it on the computer. This is one ballet documentary I will never own! I thought it would never end. It seems that ABT is in as much disarray (in their current Met season) as this documentary. Far too much slo-mo and Homans and too much of Alonso talking instead of showing more clips of her dancing. McKenzie appears to be hell-bent on promoting Seo,

    Boylston and Copland and barely mentioning Makarova, Fracci or for that mattert Vishneva (forget about Part, he certainly has)

  13. Part is too sophisticated and glam to be Caroline. It's more of a waif part, I think. The designated waifs in the company are Vishneva, Seo and Kent. I would have liked to see Abrera in Part's role in a second cast.

    Caroline a waif?? not likely---the best interpreter of the role in the US was Nora Kaye---hardly a waif,,,

  14. I, too am a bit weary of seeing solosits in ballerina roles when they call for a 'grand manner'. Hee Seo

    in 'Lilac Garden' might as well have been a young girl at her prom. Good grief! Since it is one of the very few roles that Veronika Part dances---she is one of the best interpreters of the role I have seen---I wish she had a chance at Caroline!. Reyes saved the evening with her charming cowgirl. I will be seeing most of this bill again on Friday...the lure of cheap tickets and orchestra seats! The opera house was pretty empty, I can see why there have been many 'good deals'.

  15. Her early ballet career got off to a great start with the Petit company in Paris. We, on the other side of the Atlantic were mesmerized with the wonderful photos of her and Jean

    Babilee in "Oedipus and the Sphinx" in Richard Buckles magazine "Ballet". Well, "she could have been a contender" if she had stayed in France and not gone to MGM.

  16. "the safest way to reset is to click the little little light icon in the upper left corner (over the B button) in the editing controls"

    Ha! you lost me already Helene. what light icon? -- what editing controls? blushing.gifblushing.gif

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