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  1. ITM, thanks for the info. i just presumed the Honoraria was a sort of stipend for the artist to do what she/he wants to further her/his career.
  2. Congratulation to C Trenary for her award. Hoping she will use it for coaching/further training for Aurora or Juliet.
  3. In his Facebook, he states " works at ABT Studio Co".
  4. bingham

    Paulina Waski

    ABT corps member, Paulina Waski ( with Cameron Mccune another corp member) danced Giselle for the first time in a " Studio to Stage" production at the Hartt school in Conn. This was staged and coached by Xiomara Reyes and Rinat Imaev. There are clips in Paulina's Facebook which showed a very promising debut. Xiomara did very well in staging and coaching .She should be added to the coaches/teachers at ABT
  5. They have not started rehearsing yet. The stager will probably a say in the casting.
  6. I think, Choriamb was referring to a video of Martine dancing the Balanchine Sylvia pdd with Patrick Bissell. Yes, Martine was gorgeous in that video.
  7. Marianela Nunez, absolutely in the PCB group.
  8. I think, the Ballet of La Scala Opera is doing the ballet in Milan and not ABT.
  9. How about Ashton's Rhapsody for Alban, Herman and Joseph. ABT should ask,/beg Misha to coach them. Just wistful thinking...
  10. Isn't it the responsibility of the stager( usually a PTDC dancer) to correct whatever mistake the dancers are doing? Maybe, the ABT dancers are just following the stager/coach? Just a thought.
  11. Yes to the three of them but i hope joseph will be strong enough for the one arm lifts at the end of the picnic PDD (act 1?).
  12. If Eric decides to come back to dancing, is it still possible for someone who has not dance for several months? Just curious.
  13. Can we her for a few performance a season then? Please...
  14. She had a severe injury/surgery which she never fully recovered. She was wonderful in Giselle(Moyna?) and was scheduled as the Lilac Fairy in the old SB.Good Luck to her. She will be missed.
  15. Any reports on the Abrera-Gorak Cinderella?
  16. She is the 1st Filipina-Americam Principal of ABT. Jeffrey Cirio , now, becomes the 1st Filipino-American soloist of ABT. I think NYCB has 2 Fil- Am dancers as well, Anthony Huxley (principal) and Georgina Pazcoguin( soloist) ?
  17. I loved Sylvia. IMO, the final PDD alone is worth the admission .
  18. Surely that can be corrected / polish...or can it?
  19. Who partnered Veronika in her last Sylvia? T Forster would be a good partner for her if Bolle /or Gomes is not available next time.
  20. It's about time some other news media recognized Stella's achievement of being the Ist Philippine-born principal dancer of a major NYC ballet company.Thanks for the link,"its the mom".
  21. Tall men as partners ? Gray Davis and Daniel Mantei are just waiting for the big break.
  22. When KMc and ABT does something right and exciting, people will be interested and excited.
  23. I must add April Giangeruso to the list of future soloist. She was terrific as one of the fairies in SB.
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